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Dr. “I Am Science” Fauci Has All The Answers On CONvid-1984 Containment Until It Involves Illegal Alien Invaders At US Border (Video)

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Published on: December 6, 2021

Dr. Anthony “I am Science” Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), always has the answers when it comes to the CONvid-1984. To prevent transmission, “I am Science” Fauci declares everyone should wear a breathing barrier, aka a face mask, a face diaper, or ritualistic shame muzzle. To stop the CONvid-1984 dead in its tracks, “I am Science” Fauci declares everyone should get an experimental mRNA gene therapy human DNA altering bioweapon injection, aka as what is being fraudulently called a “vaccine”. But, when asked about what to do about the thousands of illegal alien invaders crossing the united States Southern border, “I am Science” Fauci has no clue.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted during an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that he has no clue what to do about the thousands of migrants who have entered the US with COVID.

Cavuto confronted Fauci about how 18 percent of the migrant families coming in are testing positive for the virus.

We have about 18 percent of the migrant families here, 20 percent of the unaccompanied minors, testing positive for covid,” Cavuto noted. “If you use the figure [of] 20,000, and that’s a loose figure … who have been apprehended, that could be up to 4,000 individuals who have covid. What do we do about that?”

Fauci asserted that he doesn’t have an “easy answer” and danced around the question.

You know, Neil, I — I don’t have an easy answer for that,” Fauci replied. “I mean, obviously, Title 42 is still operable at the border trying to keep people who should not come in into the country. There is testing that is done. I’m certain it’s not as extensive as we would like to see, but I have to admit, Neil, I don’t have an easy answer. That — that’s a very difficult problem.”

Cavuto asked, “I’m just wondering, though, if those numbers are indeed the case, it would dwarf whatever good we’re trying to do at airports, right? Just looking at the sheer numbers.”

Fauci, bizarelly [sic], went on to claim that omicron is going to spread no matter what measures are taken.

You know what I think is going to happen that is possibly going to make this a moot point?” he said. “I think, give what we know about the transmissibility and likely transmissibility of Omicron … once it gets in there, it will likely, under the radar, be spreading no matter what you do to keep people out or not.”

His reaction implies that the whole mask and vaccine mandate charade would also be useless.

Neil Cavuto at Fox News appeared to provide Fauci support. Watch the clip.

Notice how “Mr. Science” went on to push the bioweapon injection by touting it as the best way to prevent death and hospitalization. This just days after the release of the first 500 pages of the 329,000 pages of Pfizer documents by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicating over 1,000 deaths and ten of thousands of adverse events in the first three months of injection administration. Moreover, “Mr. Science” used the opportunity to tout the effectiveness of breathing barriers claiming there were numerous studies proving these breathing barriers “effective” at preventing infection and transmission. Interesting though, “Mr. Science” never once provided the names of the studies, the authors of those studies or the findings; And, Neil Cavuto never asked for that information. Why? Simple. The norm has become “whatever Fauci says is science”. After all, he is notorious for equating himself with science, being science, and almost saying criticism of him is criticism of science.

But, Dr. “I am Science” Fauci, who has had an answer for everything related to CONvid-1984, has no answer or solution for the supposedly thousands of illegal alien invaders entering the united States via the Southern border who are CONvid-1984 positive. Mr. Science promotes house arrests, damaging the economy, putting individuals out of work, devastating supply chain logistics, wearing breathing barriers, taking a fraudulent test, taking an injectable bioweapon, mandating medical tyranny, eradicating liberties, expanding a police state, trampling God-given individual unalienable rights and other atrocities, including animal torture. Yet, once the status of the individual changes from citizen or animal to illegal alien invader, Mr. Science is as clueless as a doorknob.

Wasn’t it Dr. “I am Science” Fauci who criticized former president Donald J. Trump on NOT ceasing entry into the united States via air travel early enough in the “planned scamdemic”? Now, that the office holder is no longer Trump, illegal alien invaders supposedly infected with the CONvid-1984 and those arriving by air to the united States is of no consequence as “Omicron”, the moronic variant, will spread no matter what you do. As The Gateway Pundit author Cassandra Fairbanks pointed out, “the whole mask and vaccine mandate charade would also be useless”.

In his confusion, Dr. “I am Science” Fauci blurts out the truth; but, it takes those with ears to hear to catch it.

As you watch the interview on Fox News by Neil Cavuto, catch what Mr. Science says at about the 5:45 mark. Mr. Science talks generically about “vaccines” being beneficial to preventing infections, severe disease, hospitalizations, and death. He did not indicate the CONvid-1984 injection would do that. However, using generic statements in an interview specifically about CONvid-1984, Mr. Science is counting on the population to equate a general generic statement with the bioweapon injection. It’s subterfuge and gaslighting at its finest.

Also, watch closely at the subtitles being presented during the interview. Several are quite telling. Here’s a couple. “We are not yet seeing signal of severe disease with Omicron variant”. “The extraordinary benefit of the vaccine is very clear”. The clear winner of the subtitles is “PCR tests very effective for detecting Omicron variant”.

This is classic “Faucian” language. Mr. Science is leaving room for him to declare “omicron” a severe disease variant. He’s already declaring the fraudulent PCR test “very effective” in detecting the omicron variant, opening the door for endless testing. The PCR test can be declared to “find” anything because it is NOT a diagnostic test, but a manufacturing tool per its inventor, Kary Mullis, who died several months before the start of the “planned-demic”. Mr. Science is setting the people up to expect a planned-demic of the omicron variant by stating there is no way to prevent it from getting into the united States and spreading. And, he is staging the narrative the “vaccine” provides “extraordinary benefit” if taken.

Remember, Mr. Science is operating on “germ theory”, a promotion of the Rockefeller system of medicine in order to prop up Big Pharma. The supposed virus that causes the CONvid-1984 has not been purified, isolated or proven to cause illness. Isolate used here refers to the medical scientific definition to “obtain a substance in pure form from the mixture or solution that contains it”. There will not be a detailed discussion on “isolate” due to people getting bogged down in terminology. Simply put, if a body fluid supposedly contains a specific “virus”, isolate would mean to take that specific “virus” out of whatever medium it is in, without having any other contaminants surrounding it. In other words, you separate it from everything else floating around in the fluids. Then, that particular entity is placed in a medium containing it and nothing else. Moreover, proof of the isolate is confirmed by electron microscopy.

In fact, several prominent researchers and physicians, Drs. Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan, among others, indicate there is not one scientist who has ever seen a “virus” in action in a human cell. Other physicians and researchers have indicated there has not been any isolation of any virus, such as measles, mumps, etc. Structures being seen in the cell, identified by Dr. Kaufman as exosomes, are “assumed” to be viruses that cause illness. Yet, studies done during the Spanish influenza outbreak could not produce transmission or illness when “infected” individuals were placed in close contact with uninfected individuals. Using current methods that do not meet Koch’s or Rivers’ postulates, the gold standard of isolation of bacteria and “viruses”, scientists declare presence of a “virus” when Vero cells die in a petri dish being inundated with potent antibiotics, starved of nutrition, and other adjuvants present in the media. The presence is “assumed”, not confirmed.

You can’t have a “variant” if the original microorganism has not been isolated then confirmed to exist by electron microscopy. And, if relying on “germ theory” and virology science, “viruses”, which are not living entities, mutate or variate with every multiplication based upon the host because each hosts’ DNA is different and “viruses” cannot replicate without a host – theoretically.

Pardon the digression. Back to Mr. Science. Another subtitle indicated Dr. “I am Science” Fauci stated to Cavuto, “Can’t deny that people who recover from COVID have a certain amount of immunity”. This subtitle only appeared for one second, at the 2:48 mark. When freezing the video, the subtitle was already fading, but still readable. One has to ponder if that little subtitle was a mistake because of the extreme short moment it appeared. Dr. “I am Science” Fauci has been downplaying natural immunity for quite some time now. We all know that certain “illnesses” afford humans natural immunity – measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, etc. – some for a lifetime. But, Mr. Science has denied natural immunity to combat illness in the past. Why? Simple; it keeps this scam-demic going, keeps Fauci in the limelight, and enriches Big Pharma and Fauci himself.

Open US borders are of no consequence because this is not about science – it is about politics and the destruction of the united States and its people. Ask yourself this question – “if this CONvid-1984 existed and proven, was as ‘deadly’ as claimed, and ‘variants’ presented a problem, why would the government need to conflate death tolls; downplay the 99.9% survival rate (touted by Fauci himself in the New England Journal of Medicine); care not about illegal alien invaders pouring over the borders; have no qualm importing tens of thousands of non-vetted Afghans; use a non-diagnostic tool as a diagnostic measure; conflate ‘cases’ with ‘infections’; and use unproven measures (breathing barriers, house arrest, social distancing, injections) to prevent something no one would even know was around if the Operation Mockingbird, bought off physicians, and Fauci didn’t tell you so?”

According to Dr. “I am Science” Fauci, his main job is to “look out for the health of the American public.” He does this by promoting medical tyranny, which was used for Hansen’s Disease, also known as leprosy. As it turned out, a majority of the population has natural immunity to leprosy and it was not as “infectious” as “medical science” thought. But, in the name of “public health and safety”, along with the fear the disease produced, the medical community engaged in egregious atrocities, which included denying sufferers their God-given individual unalienable rights and treating sufferers as convicted felons. After all these years, “medical science” hasn’t learned a thing. It just expanded the medical tyranny to everyone, not just sufferers of illness.

What damage has a medical tyranny police state done? The people may not know the extent of the damage for years to come. Yet, we can see glimpses of the damage now, which is devastating for the majority. One can look to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the increase in suicide rates, the lack of appropriate health care, inflation rates, standard of living effects, supply chain issues, increase in drug usage, and increase in homelessness to see the damage.

There is time to turn the tide. To do that, the people must repent of their sins and transgression, turn to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, put on the total armor of God, join His army, and stand against the forces seeking to destroy the people. Those responsible for this atrocity have to be arrested, charged and held accountable for their crimes against humanity, with just punishment enacted swiftly. If you are relying on “science” to straighten out this mess, you misplaced your “trust”.

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