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Dr. Peter McCullough Cites Whistleblowers Inside CDC Who Claim 50,000 Americans Dead From Experimental COVID Injection

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Published on: June 26, 2021

Dr. Peter McCullough has been speaking out against the experimental COVID injections and has already been at the forefront of treating those that are alleged to have “COVID,” despite the fact that Dr. Andreas Kalcker treats people with a simple, natural compound, non-drug called Chlorine Dioxide.  Dr. McCullough has come out and cited whistleblowers inside the Center for Disease Control who claim that at least 50,000 Americans have died following taking the experimental gene-altering jab.

Leo Hohmann has the story.

Dr. Peter McCullough said these deaths have been facilitated by a false narrative bent on pushing an all-new, unproven vaccine for a disease that was highly treatable.

He said COVID was a bioweapon and the vaccines represent “phase two” of that bioweapon.

“As this, in a sense, bioterrorism phase one was rolled out, it was really all about keeping the population in fear and in isolation and preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be phase two of a bioterrorism operation,” McCullough said in a June 11 webinar with German attorney Reiner Fuellmich and several other doctors.

He noted:

“Both the respiratory virus and the vaccine delivered to the human body the spike protein, the gain of function target of this bioterrorism research.”

Most of McCullough’s comments come in the first 10 minutes of the below video.

“Now I can’t come out and say all this on national TV today or at any time,” he continued. “But, what we had learned over time is that we could no longer communicate with government agencies. We actually couldn’t even communicate with our propagandized colleagues in major medical centers, all of which appear to be under a spell, almost as if they are hypnotized right now.”

He did not hold back in his criticism of his colleagues in the medical community.

“And doctors, good doctors, are doing unthinkable things, like injecting biologically active messenger RNA that produces this pathological spike protein into pregnant women. I think when the doctors wake up from their trance they’re going to be shocked to think what they’ve done to people.”

McCullough stated:

‘Good doctors are doing unthinkable things’ …They ‘appear to be under a spell.’

They are not good doctors if they are doing unthinkable things.  They are acting criminally.

As shocking as the CDC’s VAERS numbers of deaths and adverse effects are, which were at 5,993 deaths between December 2020 and June 11, 2021, the fact is that those numbers reflect about 1% of the reality, according to a 2010 Harvard study and those reports are about 3 months behind, but we’ve pointed out that reality is a lot more dead and injured from this poison they are pumping into people’s bodies.

“We have now a whistleblower inside the CMS, and we have two whistleblowers in the CDC,” McCullough said.  “We think we have 50,000 dead Americans. Fifty thousand deaths. So we actually have more deaths due to the vaccine per day than certainly the viral illness by far. It’s basically propagandized bioterrorism by injection.”

McCullough added that “every single thing that was done in public health in response to the pandemic made it worse.”

Dr. McCullough also pointed out the criminal element in the government to push this fear on people and the injections.

Again, from Leo Hohmann:

Without the suppression of the already-available treatments, the government would not have been able to legally grant Emergency Use Authorization to the three vaccines rushed to market by Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson.

In the case of Moderna, the U.S. government is co-patent holder through the National Institutes of Health, a clear conflict of interest.

“I published basically the only two papers that teach doctors how to treat COVID-19 at home to prevent hospitalization and death…If treated early, it results in an 85 percent reduction in hospitalizations and death,” McCullough said.

So not only were the vaccines rolled out unnecessarily by suppressing already available, effective treatments, but the FDA and CDC are now covering up tragic numbers of deaths caused by their experimental mRNA injections.

McCullough said he has organized groups around the world that emphasize early treatment.

“Governments have actually tried to block early treatment of COVID patients, so we created a home patient guide,” he said.

“We broke through to the people, and the people who got sick with COVID called in to get medications from mail-order distribution pharmacies. So without the government even knowing what went on, we crushed the epidemic here in the United States towards the end of December and January. We basically took care of the pandemic with about 500 doctors and telemedicine services. And to this day we treat about 25 percent of the US COVID-19 population that actually are at high risk, over age 50 with medical problems or present with severe symptoms. And we basically handled the pandemic, and at the same time we’ve tried to keep ourselves above the political fray.”

Well, I’m glad he sees the problem, but Dr. Kalcker’s numbers are far better without the use of drugs of any kind, and while I’m glad that Dr. McCullough is calling out the crimes being committed here, I would suggest people listen to my interviews with Dr. Kalcker and Kerri Rivera on Chlorine Dioxide and read the scientific study that was just published on the use of CD to treat patients with the alleged “COVID,” as well as hear testimony for its use in autistic children and treatment of other diseases, including cancer.

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