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Dystopian Horror In Australia Released While Lt. General Promises To Put A Needle In EVERY Arm By Christmas (Video)

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Published on: October 3, 2021

The people in Australia have had it with the tyranny that is for sure.  As horse mounted agents of the state terrorize the people of a non-proven “virus,” a Lt. General, who looks more like a Communist, declares that every, single person will be given the deadly COVID experimental shot before Christmas.  I’m guessing they will be hunting everyone down like they are doing in this video.

Lieutenant General Frewen is a senior officer in the Australian Defence Force.

He is currently seconded to Operation ‘COVID Shield’ as Coordinator General and remains an Officer of the Australian Defence Force, according to Tommy Robinson News.

Frewen has declared that everyone in Australia will be given their first dose of this deadly poison by Christmas.

It’s been clear from the past the People far outnumber the cops and at this stage, a peaceful solution is not going to be attained.  Aussies need to get their rakes, shovels, guns, if they have them, and other instruments that can be used as weapons to deal with the criminal element in their government disguised as police officers and military.

They’ve already shown they know how to protest and resist.  It’s time they demonstrated they know how to fight back.

See more videos documenting the tyranny and the uprising against it on my Rumble Channel.

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