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Eating Today Does Not Prove You Will Eat Tomorrow

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Published on: February 13, 2019

One of the things troubling the country these days is people do not understand money, economics, government, and the effect they are having on their life. The future other voters are attempting to force on us will not be a good one if we do not change things soon. Currently, there are politicians promising to do many things and unfortunately, there are a lot of people that believe them and this can lead to a lot of problems.

I am going to simplify things to a very basic form to make it more understandable. If you do not understand the true cause of a problem, you cannot solve a problem. A person is hungry. People think there are many ways to solve hunger however if we want to solve hunger for a long period of time that is not true.

The only thing that will stop a person from being hungry is food. A banker will claim that money can end hunger because it can buy food. Money at times may buy food, but only if there is food to buy. I said we need to examine this closely so we can understand the problem that is being caused. There are many countries throughout history, and currently, that had large amounts of money and they could not buy any food with it. The only way to have food regularly is if people regularly produce it. If no one produces food no one can buy it. If we all started hunting and fishing, we would soon run out of food.  This has happened many times throughout history.

Producing money does not produce food. Just because the Federal Reserve puts money into circulation does not guarantee a farmer is going to go out into his field and produce some food for people to buy with the money. This is true even if we have a gold and silver monetary system. All the money in the world will not buy what does not exist.

Some of you may be wondering why I am saying this and why you should care. Look at Venezuela, people are suffering and starving. Many of the things their government did there, our politicians want to do here. If people do not start caring about what is going on and soon we may end up like Venezuela. They were once a wealthy country. They assumed that if they had money somebody would produce food for them to buy with it. Obviously, that is not true because the proof is in the starvation. People make too many assumptions just because people want something does not guarantee someone is going to produce it.

Many people think our government is so great that our government can prevent hunger. If Congress passed a law saying you are not hungry do you think you could skip dinner? This is why I am making such a basic explanation. Congress is passing laws as if they think they can. The Soviet Union had government farms and people starved. The Soviet Union brutalized its people to such an extent that eventually they produced extreme amounts of alcoholism and poverty. Their people stopped having children and their population declined.

If you think it cannot happen here, ask yourself if being called a deplorable and being blamed for every problem there is, would make you want to get up a produce something of value. Having people from other countries move here does not guarantee they will want to produce anything anyone needs. If they could produce a good way of life they would have done it in the country they came from. The reason our government wants them here is they will tolerate bad government. Bad governments have always destroyed themselves the only question was how long did it take.

If there is a person who is raising chickens so they can eat the eggs and the government takes the chickens and cooks a meal for the government and their friends, all they have done is transferred the hunger from themselves to the person who grew the chickens. They also only delayed their hunger. If the government killed the chickens, they stop the egg production. We need to realize this because bad governments kill the desire to produce. Look at our government: they reward Planned Parenthood for killing babies. Our government takes the money (through taxes) from the people who produce children, and they give to Planned Parenthood. This cannot continue without bad results. A government cannot commit atrocities without their chickens coming home to roost.

If we examine every economy that has failed, or is failing, every one of them will have had a situation where they failed to produce what they needed to in order to thrive and eventually, could not produce what was needed to survive. Even though people may be productive today does not guarantee they will be productive tomorrow.

It is a fact of life as you grow old you eventually need more help. I think of this a lot when I remember the things my parents did for me when I was a child.  Eventually, I did those things for my children. Now what shocks me is that I am now doing those things for my parents. Sooner than any of us will like, our children will be doing those things for us.

Think of the cycle of life, once in your life you fell and your parent picked you up and comforted you. Then our parents get old and we may have to pick them up because they fell. When we get old our children will need to be there for us. Our government has allowed Planned Parenthood to kill 60 million babies. They seem to think they can kill the future and the children that escaped will grow up and still be willing to care for them when they get old. The problem is our government taught the children that human beings are an inconvenience that it is ok to kill.

That is the point of my article. We need to stop making assumptions. We need to stop believing nonsense. Just because someone is a college professor or government official does not guarantee they are smart. For most people, their only source of food is a store. Those stores will only have food if people produce it and bring it there. Those stores can be empty in hours given the right conditions. We cannot continue to believe the government, and the many people who want to become government, the promises they are making will only bring disaster. A government that allows their future to be killed before they are even born is an extreme danger, our country had better figure that out soon or you better get ready to be hungry.

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