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Editorial From Combat Veterans For Congress PAC Members Supports Unconstitutional Measure While PAC Claims To Support Constitution

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Published on: October 6, 2020

There should be no doubt that I have a genuine affection for combat veterans, no matter the area these brave men and women have served. My Dad served during the Korean War as a member of the Air Force; two uncles served in the Army during the same time; and, two of my Dad’s uncles served in World War II – one the Navy, the other the Marines. My daughter served in the Navy while my son-in-law served in the Air Force. My sister was an Air Force member while her husband served in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and now public health – he has retired from his military service. I thank them and all others who have served our country.

It is with much hesitation that I now find myself correcting a retired member of the Navy whose editorial appeared in Red State, posted by Stu Cvrk, with the headline, “Refuting the Lie That There Is No Plan to Defeat the Chinese Communist COVID-19 Virus”. However, it is out of love that I convey the truth to those who are engaging in Trump idolatry.

From Stu Cvrk:

From time to time, I like to promote the Combat Veterans for Congress (CVFC) political action committee because their cause is righteous. CVFC PAC is dedicated to supporting the election of fiscally conservative Combat Veterans For Congress. The PAC seeks to elect combat veterans to Congress who believe in limited government, will rein in the out of control spending of Congress, are committed to preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution, and will support the independence and freedom of the individual as outlined in the Bill of Rights.

From this statement, one would suspect the editorial in reference would be filled with commentary based on the Constitution that would challenge some of the “measures” the united States citizens have endured. Not so. As you will see, praise upon President Trump’s actions, despite the unconstitutionality, are praised to refute the narrative of Trump’s opposition that a plan to defeat CON-VID-19 is non-existent. It’s a left/right, Democrat/Republican paradigm attitude that prevails throughout the entire editorial. Keep that in mind as you read.

Here is a recent timely editorial by the PAC chairman, CAPT Joe John, USN (Ret’d), provided here with permission, that puts the lie to Democrat-media complex claims that there is no plan to defeat the ChiCom virus:

In the first Presidential debate, Joe Biden continued to repeat the lie that President Trump did not have a plan to defeat the Communist Chinese COVID-19 Virus. That lie has been another attempt by Biden, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, and the left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment to mislead the American voters about President Trump’s many successes on multiple fronts.

Over the last 9 months, President Trump took the COVID-19 threat very seriously and developed a very aggressive plan of action to assemble the most knowledgeable scientists and doctors in infectious diseases in the United States, in order to develop measures to protect America’s population from infection, to develop therapeutic medical treatments for COVID-19, and to develop a vaccine to protect the American population from the Communist Chinese pandemic.

Prior to and during the second Presidential debate, President Trump should outline the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force’s successes in protecting the American people from COVID-19. For the last 9 months, President Trump listened to and followed the ever-changing advice of the most experienced and knowledgeable scientists and medical doctors in infectious disease in the United States who are members of the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force.

During that period, the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force had been involved in the standard scientific trial and error research procedures that all scientists involved in research must do on a regular basis in order to learn thru trial and error about how to combat the Chinese Communist COVID-19 virus and develop treatments for infected patients.

Let’s take a look at these statements. The “most knowledgeable scientists and doctors in infectious diseases in the United States” was NOT assembled for any taskforce. In fact, those who were part of the task force have been exposed as being liars, squelching factual information that could have actually saved jobs and the economy, scrubbed long time published information from government websites once that information was published in the alternative media, and engaged in gross inflation of numbers of individuals sick from an unidentified, non-isolated microorganism. Moreover, these “experts” promoted scientific quackery that did not meet Koch’s or Rivers’ postulates while advocated use of an RT-PCR test that was never meant for diagnostic purposes and couldn’t tell the difference between the cold, flu or exosome.

There should be no “trial and error” research when there are gold standards concerning identification of new or existing microorganisms. The reality is the standards were not followed.

Communist China would not allow US scientists and doctors to travel to the location where the COVID-19 pandemic was first detected.  US researchers were prevented from meeting with the scientists and doctors at the Wuhan Lab in Wuhan, China, so they could to investigate specific details about the Communist Chinese COVID-19 virus. The goal of having the meeting in Wuhan, China, was to be able to benefit from the knowledge the Chinese Communist scientists had in order to speed up the treatment of infected patients and how to better develop a vaccine to protect the population of the United States from COVID-19. The Chinese Communist prevented that from happening.

The World Health Organization (WHO) was conveniently left out here. It was the WHO that sounded an alarm based only on what “Communist China” said. There is no proof this is anything but a type of influenza. But, Capt. John buys the narrative of the lamestream government-controlled propaganda entertainment enemedia that this is something new. Continuing on, Capt. John outlines 10 actions President Trump initiated to stem the threat of CON-VID-19, while still calling Fauci, Birx, Redfield, and Adams the “most knowledgeable US scientists and doctors in infectious disease research”. Surely, there is no need to debunk that claim since it has been done in article after article on The Sons of Liberty Media and The Sons of Liberty Radio Shows.

Not all of Capt. John’s 10 actions will be covered. Readers can look at those at their convenience. The focus will be on the unconstitutional actions by the government based upon recommendations by liars and fabricators the likes of Fauci, Birx, and Redfield.

Number six focused on “shutting down the economy” by Trump. Yet, Trump did not shut down the economy; it was left to the governors of the various States. And, don’t get me wrong, this is NOT defending Trump. HIS taskforce made recommendations that many governors pounced upon. Remember, South Dakota never issued economical shutdowns because no governor, the President or federal government or any entity of government has constitutional authority to close any business whatsoever or close the economy. Millions were left unemployed and now, 55% of small businesses will never reopen, meaning the livelihoods of countless Americans were lost with no hope of returning to work at their previous employer or business owners reopening their establishments.

He went on to praise a “$2 billion-dollar stimulus package in order to save thousands of businesses and provide continued income for millions of families.” That bailout turned out to be a total of $6 trillion dollars with the majority of money going to “big business” not the small “mom and pop” ones as was touted. The American taxpayer has been put on the hook for that “stimulus”, which is outrageous.

Capt. John’s editorial continues with number seven:

On 27 March 2020, the need became apparent for respirators, and because the Obama Administration left the cupboards bare with no respirators available, President Trump activated and instituted the Defense Production Act followed by an immediate order to General Motors to start producing respirators. Now the US has such an excess of respirators that it is now supplying the world with respirators. President Trump went on to use the Defense Production Act to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the US since Communist China was the primary supplier of PPE and made a veiled threat to cut back supplies. At the same time, therapeutics were being developed to treat infected patients, and the Task Force warned all Americans to keep safe distances from each other, to wear masks, and often wash hands with warm soapy water.

Again, we have all heard the ventilator story – it’s ventilators, not respirators. There was not the demand that was being “projected”. In fact, all the projectors the “most knowledgeable scientists and doctors in infectious diseases” relied upon were wrong. Yet, these individuals have continued to propagate fear and spread false information. Remember, the CDC has come clean, but medical professionals and public health officials continue using the CDC’s original false numbers as does the “most knowledgeable scientists and doctors in infectious diseases” and both political party members. The therapeutics being developed to treat CON-VID-19 individuals is referring to Remdesivir. In fact, a therapeutic already existed to treat individuals with this illness – Hydroxychloroquine. Yet, the “most knowledgeable scientists and doctors in infectious disease” fabricated information which was printed in the Lancet maligning Hydroxychloroquine. In some areas, the medication was banned and pharmacists refused to fill prescriptions for the drug. As it turns out, the Lancet had to retract that piece of false information. But, the damage was done with the sheeple buying it.

Doctors who had treated numerous individuals successfully with Hydroxychloroquine were fired after standing on the steps outside the Supreme Court building advocating for the medication, going so far as to indicate the appropriate dosages combined with Zinc and Zithromax for individuals who could obtain it. Other doctors abroad have had their licenses revoked by their countries for disseminating truth to the masses.

And, these social distancing orders, mask recommendations and “house arrest” advisories have not been proven to be effective, period. Yet, what did many governors and local government officials do? Implement unproven measures and then exact punishment against those who knew the truth and refused to play along with the con. Handwashing is always advisable period under all circumstances. If anyone hasn’t discovered it by now, masks don’t work and there are a multitude of studies that indicate as much.

In number eight, Capt. John cites, “[Trump] also mobilized the US military to erect US Army Field Hospitals to multiple sites around the US to ensure that there were plenty of beds for COVID-19 cases.” In reality, private establishments were commandeered to house the “projected” number of pandemic victims, which never emerged, without providing any due process or compensation for those establishments. This is in direct violation of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution.

Capt. John praises the establishment of testing sites and speed of testing results returns, citing the return on a test result is now down to 15 minutes. Never does he indicate the RT-PCR test was not developed for diagnostic purposes, has an 80% false positive rate, and the rapidity with which “scientists” are developing tests and other avenues has sidestepped the gold standards established for research and development.

In his last praise Trump’s actions, he states, “During the last 9 months, the President gave the US pharmaceutical industry and research labs financial incentives to develop a COVID-19 vaccine in order to protect Americans from the Communist Chinese COVID-19 virus. Investors contributed $100 billion to research companies to develop the COVID-19 vaccine. Five companies are in the final stages of developing a COVID-19 vaccine. This has been the fastest development of a vaccine in medical history because President Trump removed many administrative roadblocks to developing a vaccine. The companies making excellent progress in developing the vaccine are Moderna (MRNA), Pfizer (PFE), and BioNTech (BNTX), Novavax (NVAX), and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).”

Wasn’t there an executive from Pfizer who just spoke up? And, where in the Constitution does the President or the Congress, including any federal agency, provide the authority to award any industry, research lab, or pharmaceutical company a “financial incentive” for anything, including a vaccine for a nonproven microorganism claimed to cause CON-VID-19? Article, Section, and Clause, please. Let me save you the trouble – there isn’t a provision in the Constitution that gives any branch or federal agency that authority.

Moreover, Capt. John praises the involvement of the military at all levels. But, why is the military involved in what is nothing more than an out of season influenza outbreak? And, President Trump indicates the military will be used to “dispense” this “vaccine” under Operation Warp Speed. Why does the military need to be involved when medication dispensation has always been done by the private sector? It’s because the attempt will be made to make this “vaccine” for a nothing-burger mandatory in violation of an individual’s God-given unalienable right protected by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and an individual’s right to self-determine his or her own health care needs and treatment.

For a PAC that claims to preserve and defend the Constitution, one of its own members is actually praising unconstitutional measures taken by this President and all levels of government, while uplifting known liars and fabricators of information. Capt. John still quotes the CDC false narrative that 205,000 individuals have died from CON-VID-19, when the CDC updated its site to say that only 6% have died from CON-VID-19 alone, which that number is bogus as Dr. Ron Paul reported and was aired by The Sons of Liberty Radio Show host Bradlee Dean. In fact, CON-VID-19 has a 99.94% survival rate. Do the math.

There is no need for a vaccine for an illness that has a 99.94% survival rate. People are getting sick, but it isn’t from what they claim is a coronavirus from China. No proof is given this came from China. No proof is available indicating a new microorganism is making individuals sick – it has not been isolated nor met Koch’s or Rivers’ postulates. Scientific malpractice is occurring as scientists reject the gold standards established to determine if a new microorganism exists and that new microorganism is making individuals sick. Medical malpractice is also occurring when doctors are relying on false information published by the CDC, the WHO, and supposedly “reputable” medical journals without taking the time to verify the information. The genetic material touted as from COVID-19 microorganism is actually human genome 8: primary assemble and has been patented. Nature cannot be patented so this was done unlawfully. And, vaccines cannot be mandated when another treatment exists for the illness.

So, exactly what are these Combat Veterans for Congress supporting while claiming to be on the side of the Constitution. From this editorial, it appears it is anything and everything that Trump and his merry band of “most knowledgeable scientists and doctors in infectious diseases”, aka clowns, promote with all disregard for the Constitution and factual information. Here’s a question for them: Why has your PAC not reviewed any of the information from Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Kevin Corbett, and a host of alternative media journalists who have taken the time to research extensively the hoax of COVID-19, exposing it for what it is – a way to usher in global government through control of the people by instilling fear? A good piece of advice is always do your own research to determine if what is being told to you is factual before blindly supporting anyone or anything. The hoax of the CON-VID-19 is to use the farce of a pandemic, aka scam-demic plan-demic, to destroy the united States and western civilization on every level to usher in global governance and subjugate the people. The true tragedies are there are ignorant individuals who are going along with this because they refuse to believe the government would do this and those who know better, know the truth, and have access to the information, looking at you all still in the medical profession, but continue to follow false narratives and unlawful, illegal mandates to avoid consequences.

Shame on you all!!

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