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Elimination Of The Caliphate & Rise Of Jihad Movements

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Published on: December 11, 2019

On November 1, 1922, the Turkish Assembly abolished the sultanate, but just 17 days later chose Abdulmecid II to be the caliph. It was declared that the caliph had no power or position except as a nominal figurehead. It was even stated by Atatürk ( the founder of secular Turkey), that the caliph has no justification for its existence. He also stated, “this theology of an immoral Arab is a dead thing.” This did not go over well, but for a period of time sharia was not implemented in many places. Almost immediately, Muslims began working to take it back. (Today, Turkey is back in the limelight pushing devout Islam.)

Saudi Arabia was one of main forces to make sure it did not return – it would foil their kingdom.

In 1914, the British and the Ottomans agreed to partition the Arabian Peninsula.

Bitter infighting occurred for control among the Muslims, but in 1932, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was proclaimed and immediately King Ibn Saud declared all laws “should correspond to Allah’s book, the Sunna of his prophet (Mohammad) and the rules to which the prophet’s companions and the first pious generation adhered.”

This was devout Islam – Wahhabism.

The discovery of oil in 1938 gave the Saudis the money to spread Wahhabi Islam.

Between 1979 and 2017 the Saudis spent $70 billion building mosques all over the world, including over 2,000 in the US with the literature to spread Islam. This was particularly evident in Kosovo where Wahhabism caused great division among the people, converting many and wars began. In 1913 the European Parliament identified the Saudi’s Wahhabism as a principle source of terrorism worldwide- yet they are America’s friend!

Hasan al-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928. His goal was to destroy the influence of the West and all terrorist organizations today have their roots in the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood invoked the Quran 2:193 and Quran 2:191 to take back all countries in the last 1400 years where the Muslim flag had once flown.

Their organizations grew to include many like CAIR, ISNA, MSA etc and were ordered to disperse around the world and al-Banna called them to “prepare for jihad and be lovers of death.”

He also stated: “No justice will be dealt and no peace maintained on earth until the rule of the Koran and the bloc of Islam are established.”

He also stated: “It is the Quran and the sword.”

And also stated: “…there is no law higher than Koranic law. We seek to fulfill the lofty, human message of Islam which has brought happiness and fulfillment to mankind in centuries past.”

What an egotistical liar.

Islam had brought rape, killing, destruction and slavery to hundreds of millions.

That’s not happiness, except for this who were the salve masters and those that took from another’s possessions.

Even an American journalist in 1948 who interviewed al-Banna in Egypt said: “ I disliked him instantly and thoroughly. He was the most loathsome man I met…”

Al-Banna said that America would never have contributed anything to the world in its history.

So began the desire to destroy America which we are still dealing with to this day.

Lone wolves, immigration of Muslims and thousands of mosques of which many convert believers to devout Islam are now everywhere in America subsidized by many countries including Saudi Arabia.

Our politicians are ignorant of history and play chess with a deceptive enemy who desire Islam and sharia to our Constitution and culture.

One of the Muslim Brotherhood’s great theorist, Sayyid Qubt, spent time in the USA between 1948-1950.

He concluded:” It is essential for mankind to have new leadership! That new leadership would come from Islam.”

What a joke.

Islam comes to kill, steal and destroy everything in its path.

That’s the exact opposite of Christianity – Read John 10:10 & John 10:1 and see who that is.

So, now we see jihad everywhere, but especially in Israel and Iran, but that’s another story.

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