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Obama Immigration Error Led to Three Deaths in North Carolina, Including Former “America’s Top Model” Contestant

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Published on: April 22, 2015

So, Obama’s US Citizenship and Immigration Services has admitted that they made a terrible error. I know this comes as no surprise to anyone, but this error has now cost the lives of three people in the United States, including former “America’s Top Model” contestant Mirjana Puhar.

Failing to deport a known gang member, Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez (For the love of God this man needs to change his name), apparently resulted in the murder of three individuals from North Carolina.  Rangel-Hernandez was placed in the removal process in March 2012, following drug charges, but was shielded from removal by USCIS, even though, the agency knew of his gang membership.  

In a letter on Friday to Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez admitted that his agency had not followed the process for checking Rangel-Hernandez’s criminal background application for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).

“While records indicate that, pursuant to standard protocols as stated above, the case was appropriately sent to the BCU based upon the derogatory information in the background check, the outcome of the resolution process and final decision did not comply with USCIS policy, ” wrote Rodriguez. “Given the fact that the individual was identified as a known gang member, his request should have been denied by the adjudicator. Even if the adjudicator believed there were mitigating facts sufficient to justify a positive exercise of discretion despite the TECS record, the case should have been elevated to USCIS Service Center Operations Headquarters (HQSCOPS) for review prior to a final decision being made.”

While Rodriguez went on to say that things were being put into place to prevent such an occurrence in the future, the problem is that the usurper-in-chief has ignored immigration laws and failed to enforce them. This results in a top-down approach to policy over the law, which we saw so aptly demonstrated in DEA chief Michele Leonhart recently. Policy is to follow law, not the other way around. However, in the criminal Obama administration, the law is not even in the mix.

Chuck Ross also uncovered the fact that Rangel-Hernandez is one of many of those “dreamers” that Obama (and Rubio and others) are promoting for amnesty and citizenship.

Grassley has responded to Rodriguez’s letter. In a statement, Grassley said, “This statement by USCIS confirms what we have feared – that USCIS is not doing a thorough job reviewing the individuals who it allows to stay in this country under the President’s deferred action program.  It’s no secret that USCIS staff is under intense pressure to approve every DACA application that comes across their desk, and based on this information, it’s clear that adequate protocols are not in place to protect public safety. The fact is that this tragedy could have been avoided if the agency had a zero tolerance policy with regard to criminal aliens and gang members.”

Other Senators agree with Grassley.

“The flawed implementation of the President’s blanket deferred action program has created a loophole that allows dangerous criminals who came here illegally – even known gang members – to stay in the country. The USCIS needs to start immediately performing detailed criminal background checks to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future,” said member the Senate Judiciary Committee Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC).

“This agency’s admission is chilling. For some time, the administration has promised Americans that those who qualify for their executive order would fully meet a set of guidelines meant to keep criminals out of our country. We now know that isn’t true and that the agency tasked with implementing the President’s edict cannot effectively carry out the rule without compromising the safety of Americans. This is one more reason why the President’s habit of governing by proclamation is a poor replacement for actual law making,” said Senator Richard Burr (R-NC).

According to Grassley, “USCIS’ confirmation of the error follows inquiries in February and March asking for details on the case as well as statistics on the number of DACA recipients with gang ties and other criminal records. In its response, USCIS failed to clearly explain where the breakdown occurred.”

“According to USCIS, records of Rangel-Hernandez’s gang affiliation in TECS, a federal crime database, should have been reviewed by USCIS’ Background Check Unit prior to being sent to an adjudicator for a decision on his DACA application,” said the statement by Grassley. “The adjudicator would only be able to approve such an application after signoff from USCIS headquarters.  It remains unclear whether the Background Check Unit failed to discover the TECS record or whether the adjudicator approved the application despite knowledge of the gang ties and without consulting headquarters.”

Other incidents could be cited for why Barack Obama’s immigration policies are dangerous to Americans and why they have resulted in untold numbers of crimes carried out against the American people. However, while Obama has advanced such things as unconstitutional executive orders regarding guns and ammunition, as well as an unconstitutional health care tyranny against the people of America, he has failed to do the one thing that is to be his supreme job, defend the Constitution and provide a national defense for the united States. In that, he has failed miserably.

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