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How to End the Race War

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Published on: January 9, 2017

There is a race war against white people – a cultural, physical and spiritual war.

We saw it very clearly this week in Chicago. Four young blacks kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled young white man for hours, and they shared video of their cruelty on Facebook Live. They repeatedly shouted, “F— Donald Trump! F— white people!” and made the white victim repeat the same. They forced him to drink toilet water, cut his hair with a knife, even cutting his scalp so it bled, and threatened him physically.

 Many pinned this on Black Lives Matter with the hashtag #BLMKidnapping, because it promoted the lie that Donald Trump and white people are “racist” – a lie also pushed by mainstream media, politicians, educators and even preachers. Misled young blacks believe the lie and, due to anger that started in their homes, go into a rage toward white people.

One black woman tweeted, “White people want BLM to be the KKK so they can justify their racism. You don’t care about that white boy. You care about being racist.”

But Black Lives Matter does not care about that “white boy,” nor does it care about Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown or any of its beloved thug “victims.” It uses dead black people’s names to accuse, hate and usurp power over white people.

The black police superintendent at first claimed authorities had “no concrete evidence” of a so-called “hate crime.” Blacks and liberals hated to admit it was a black-on-white “hate crime.” Dishonest media falsely presented it as hatred toward people with “special needs,” not “white people.”

Any honest expert will tell you that blacks are the primary perpetrators of interracial violence (despite so-called “hate crimes” numbers), and that the phony Black Lives Matter movement has no leg to stand on in its false cries of “injustice.”

Colin Flaherty’s books and YouTube channel document black mob violence, black-on-white crime and hosts of other shocking attacks, with politicized media cover-up and denial. Heather Mac Donald researches and writes extensively on the Ferguson effect, rising murder rates and “The War on Cops.” Jared Taylor’s organization published a report, “The Color of Crime,” calling out wildly different crime rates among the races. For example, blacks are up to nine times more likely than whites to resist arrest.

I have warned for 26 years that most blacks hate white people – not just black liberals, but many “black conservatives” and black “Christians.”

Blacks hate whites because they have no love in their hearts. They don’t love their fathers, and they don’t know God.

Blacks hate whites because from a young age they’re taught a lie that “racism” exists and that only whites are “racist.”

Blacks attack, abuse and accuse whites because that’s how their mothers and grandmothers treated them. They’re only “nice” to you when you agree with them.

Blacks hate because they are angry.

You have no right to be angry. Anger is evil: It spreads and escalates; it causes fear and confusion. Anger is the root of depression and of the wicked Black Lives Matter movement.

Blacks’ anger made them the cold, evil, shallow people they imagine whites to be. They identify with “blackness” instead of God, and presume whites guilty until “proven” innocent – and in their darkened minds whites can never prove themselves not “racist.”

In “The Antidote,” I talk about a road rage incident before I overcame my anger. I honked at a white woman who stopped in front of me at a yellow light, and she flipped me off. I got out of my car, cursed and spit on her through her driver window. In my blind anger, I thought she was “racist.”

For generations, whites failed to tell the honest truth to blacks, fearing blacks’ poor reaction, catering to black anger, only making blacks worse. Some young whites face assaults and false accusations from blacks, and, without a good example from their parents, turn angry. Seeing that anger, blacks in their delusion feel validated passing judgment on whites.

For eight years, Barack Obama escalated the race war, attacking decent white people while pretending violent blacks were innocent victims. He persecuted and reviled good men like Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump.

Thankfully, whites and other Americans finally stood up and elected Donald Trump, who exemplifies the good-natured honesty and forcefulness that has all but disappeared in men.

Trump holds no grudges, but he speaks out and fights effectively; he does not back down and does not apologize for being right. He sets a good example that will improve race relations, despite the worst intentions of the Democrats and media.

The evil people opposing Trump, including the media who never questioned Obama but fed hatred and suspicion between the races, show us that we’re on the right track in putting down this race war.

More important than restoring sanity in our politics is restoring the moral character of the individual. Toronto professor Jordan B. Peterson, in his  New Year’s greeting, said that groups do not suffer, but the individual suffers. Similarly, the individual must deal with his own character flaws.

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