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Enemy of the State: Free Speech Does Not Exist in England, Here’s the Proof!

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Published on: September 10, 2016

The British police are harassing the former English Defense League leader, Tommy Robinson, even when he is watching a soccer game with his three children under 10 years old.

He cannot state the truth about Islam. He cannot state the truth about pedophile rings that the British government has covered up for decades.

This short video briefly, and articulately explains how the governments of England, Germany, and Sweden are harming their own citizens for expressing patriotism.

Tommy Robinson’s book: Enemy of the State, is a poignant reminder that what he is experiencing in the U.K., can happen to anyone.

Robinson became internationally known after he filmed a documentary about his hometown of Luton. His conversation with a well known Muslim leader, Sayful Islam, can be viewed on YouTube Of his experience he writes:

“Sayful noticed us, noticed me, and started shouting. Traffic is always slow through Bury Park and he walked into the road, demanding to know what was happening. Look it up, see for yourself. Google it on Youtube. You’ll see him smack me in the face, completely unprovoked.

“I got assaulted by an off-duty copper, retaliated and was given 12 months in prison. This bloke who preaches hatred and murder of British people walked up and belted me in the chops, on camera, and the police were not remotely interested. Not for one second.”

But the book and the videos highlight that Tommy Robinson is being persecuted by his own government as an individual. As Breitbart London points out, Robinson’s situation

is a horrifying picture of the entire apparatus of State power being directed at shutting down political speech and basic rights like free assembly and peaceful protest.:

Here’s another excerpt from Robinson’s book, explaining his shock by the media’s response to his efforts. He writes:

“I went to the meeting at a time when no one yet really knew who I was. So I turned up with my three pals – and they were three black lads. Now you couldn’t miss these boys, especially Dorsett, who’s about 6ft 5ins. He’s younger than me, but growing up in Luton he was probably one of the handiest blokes around town.

“I didn’t know who or what the Guardian was about, so I was talking about everything that was going on in Luton, just blabbing it all out, all the social problems, all the street radicalisation, everything – the reasons why we were doing what we were doing. And then the newspaper article came out and I was looking at it, thinking, ‘What the fuck, what’s this geezer on about?’

“And he basically, again, called me, called us, racists. He completely did not mention the fact that I’d turned up with three black men who were clearly my close friends. These blokes weren’t my minders, they were my mates.”

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