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England & EU Climate Laws See Family Farms Threatened

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Published on: April 11, 2022

At one time, “going green” meant someone was about to regurgitate the contents of their stomach because of illness or consuming material volatile to the body. Now, it means off-setting “carbon emissions” to an imagined “net zero”, which not one individual can explain how that works, exactly. Plenty of theories abound but not one person who backs this “net-zero carbon emissions” can say with certainty how much “green space” a company would need to offset their “carbon emissions” to get to a “net zero”. But, it doesn’t matter since governments and companies are hades bent and determined to implement theories in the name of the hoax of “climate change” in order to destroy the people of earth.

In the United Kingdom’s country of Wales, the future existence of family farms is under threat because of Britain’s climate laws, as Breitbart reported.

Climate laws are having a negative knock-on effect on farming as businesses outbid locals for land in hopes of generating carbon credits.

The future existence of family farms in Wales is under threat as a result of Britain’s climate laws, which are seeing big businesses outbid locals for land.

Companies have bought up more and more land in the British Home Nation in hopes of obtaining so-called carbon credits, which can be used to offset company emissions elsewhere.

According to a report by The Telegraph, a number of companies have reportedly purchased Welsh land formerly used for farming to grow trees — at a time of rising food insecurity — with one investment firm buying up at least six former farms for the apparent purpose of afforestation.

Priorities are definitely askew here. At a time when government policies surrounding the CONvids devastated food supply chains resulting in rising food insecurity, land purchases for “off setting carbon emissions” is more important than using local farms to feed local populations. Companies may not need food; but, people who work for those companies, along with their families, certainly do.

It doesn’t make sense until the realization hits that none of this is about “anthropogenic climate change” or the CONvids but is all about depopulation and people control. Those who control the food and utilities can control the people – at least control those they don’t murder through the injection, medical and scientific malpractice and fraud, and starvation.

A number of MPs in Britain have now warned that the mass sales to big business could damage local communities and erode the inherited knowledge of Welsh customs and the Welsh language.

We heard that a significant amount of farming land is being lost to carbon offset projects, which is being sold at such a high price to wealthy companies that farmers, many of whom are already struggling financially, cannot compete,” said Stephen Crabb MP, the Conservative chairman of Parliament’s Welsh Affairs Select Committee.

While offsets could be a useful tool in meeting net-zero, there must be adequate safeguards to avoid greenwashing by companies,” he added.

One Welsh farmer, 36-year old Ian O’Connor, expressed concern regarding the buying up of land by big businesses, saying he feared his three sons may not get the opportunity to follow him into sheep farming.

Our communities are only going to get smaller and for every farm that goes, we are losing our heritage, Welsh language, and tradition,” the farmer is reported as saying.

Not only is the “green agenda” a threat to small farms and businesses, it appears to be a threat to national heritage, language, and traditions.

Wales is not the only area to be affected. Other European Union member states are as well.

Those looking to preserve Welsh heritage are far from the only ones impacted by climate legislation, with other groups across Europe suffering under the weight of Green agendas.

For example, those struggling to pay to heat their homes in Ireland are imminently set to experience even more financial hardship, with the country’s climate minister, Eamon Ryan, refusing point-blank to postpone a planned carbon tax hike.

Instead, the Green Party politician is set to suggest that Irish people take shorter showers and fewer car rides if they want to save money on their energy bill — despite another government TD (Teachta Dála, i.e. a member of the Irish parliament) emphasising that people on the island “are not able to afford it”.

In order to pay another tax, which is based on a hoax and fraud, this Irish politician suggests people take shorter showers and fewer car rides. That is not a solution. The solution is to get rid of the tax based on fraud. It doesn’t matter that people cannot afford the tax. The government stooges just want the money, which will do nothing but pad the coffers and be awarded to the thieves pushing this garbage. Does anyone really believe if there were a climate issue that paying more money because of it would solve it? It wouldn’t. In truth, there is no climate change; but, this issue is being used to control the people and usher in the global agenda.

Mainland Europe isn’t fairing much better.

Things are reportedly not that much better at the European Union level either, with one Member of the European Parliament (MEP) on Wednesday lambasting the bloc’s elites for their Green New Deal-style energy policy and saying that experts had warned that such policies would only serve to make “poor people poorer”.

They all said that if this law is implemented the way it is proposed, it will make poor people poorer, and it will undermine the European economy,” Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes said.

And what do we see [in 2022]?” he demanded. “We see higher energy prices everywhere… that are hitting right now the most vulnerable Europeans, but this was something that was raised since 2019-2020.”

The united States isn’t faring any better either as Bill Gates has become the largest farmland owner in the US. China now owns over 200,000 acres of farmland in the united States. Ted Turner owns over 2 million acres while Jeff Bezos is increasing his farmland holdings. The “policies” coming out of the Biden regime are devastating to the US as well. Not surprisingly this is becoming a world wide situation.

Increasing energy prices, carbon tax initiatives, food shortages, diminishing farmland for food, governments paying farmers to leave land unplanted, and the cost to the taxpayer to implement a “net zero green policy” which it seems no one can reliably estimate is all coming together by design at a global level by the World Economic Forum, the Church of Al Gore’s Climate Change, the World Health Organization’s CONvid scam, Bill Gates, and the United Nations through the buying of government officials and supposed representatives of the people. What other explanation could it be? All of these organizations and Bill Gates are proponents of eugenics, democide, genocide, and other means of mass murder of populations based on their opinions of overpopulation, not facts.

Notice that Boris and Biden have the same slogan – Build Back Better? It’s not coincidence; it is planned. Their actual slogan is “decidedly destroying demographics”. The truth is these nefarious agents want to rid the earth of what they term “useless eaters”, devastate the middle working class to serfdom, lower the standard of living for the marginally wealthy, while increasing their wealth and power to be able to “rule” the unwashed masses. At the same time, these people are destroying sovereign states through illegal alien invasion, establishment of a world government, and one size fits all “policies”. It is evil to the core. And, it is coming faster than you can imagine.

It’s time to wake up and see the actual enemy. It is past time to prepare. In fact, it is time for people to regain control of their current governments under the constitutions which established those sovereign state governments, casting out the corrupt, criminal, bought and paid for charlatans and instill godly men to uphold the law. Look at where appeasing the crocodile has brought us. We’re going to be eaten, unless we deal with the crocodile.

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