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Epstein Victims Should Be Wary Of Gloria Allred & Here’s Why

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Published on: August 30, 2019

We have been told billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, despite the clear indication that either he was murdered or that he made an elaborate escape.  However, his victims still are pursuing justice, but those being represented by Gloria Allred should be put on notice and made aware of what Ms. Allred has put another crime victim through.  I have been reporting on the Deanna Williams story for several months this year and I would never have known about it, if it were not for the violation of her retainer agreement by attorney Gloria Allred.  However, being in possession of that knowledge, I believe I am duty-bound to present some facts in case any of Ms. Allred’s current clients want to rethink their representation by her.

Here’s a few items from recent news involving Gloria Allred and Epstein’s victims.

On August 26, 2019, The New York Post reported:

More accusers will bring lawsuits against the estate of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on Tuesday, at the same time a judge is expected to close the criminal case against him, their lawyer said Monday.

Manhattan federal Judge Richard Berman ordered a hearing Tuesday in response to prosecutors’ request that he dismiss a sex-trafficking case against Epstein, who died Aug. 10.

The city medical examiner has ruled that Epstein hung himself in his jail cell.

Berman’s letter indicated he wanted to give a chance for prosecutors, defense attorneys and accusers’ lawyers to address the court before he formally closes the case.

Gloria Allred told The Post she’ll appear at the courthouse Tuesday with women who plan to file suits against Epstein’s estate. She declined to elaborate.

Now, consider that Ms. Allred represented Deanna Williams in a civil case, which Williams accused Major League Baseball pitcher Johann Santana of rape.  Though Ms. Allred and her attorneys got a settlement for Ms. Williams, according to Ms. Williams retainer agreement, Allred failed to pay her previous attorneys which not only opened Ms. Williams up to a lawsuit, but also grand theft to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, an attorney pursuing her for more than $1 million who didn’t provide one service to her as well as her arrest, and apursuit of a police impersonator pursuing her for sex when she reported the crime against her.

Rape Victim Claims Gloria Allred Failed To Honor Agreement – Now She Faces Threats Of Arrest & Judgments Of Over $1 Million

What Do Gloria Allred & A Florida Judge Busted In A Prostitution Sting Have In Common?

Is “Women’s Rights” Attorney Gloria Allred Responsible For Leaving This Woman To Face Over A $1 Million Judgment?

According to Ms. Allred’s retainer agreement with Ms. Williams:“As for attorneys fees, you agree to pay us a fee equal to forty (40%) percent of the gross amount recovered.  This percentage constitutes the entire amount of fees you will be responsible to pay us, as well as all your prior counsel.  Towards that end, we will take all reasonable steps to negotiate prior counsels’ undetermined fees which they may claim by way of their respectively filed charging liens.  This includes the claim of your first layer, Peter Itzler.”

Allred and company failed to pay those fees or else the lawsuit would not have been filed.

When The Washington Standard reached out to attorney Allred regarding the payment of previous attorneys, she responded directly in an email stating,

We represented Ms. Williams approximately 7 years ago.  She has had a number of lawyers since then.

Any legal problems that Ms. Williams faces has nothing to do with our representation of her and there is no factual basis for the assertions set forth in your email.

We suggest that you review the public documents in the case of Victim Justice, P.C., et al v. v. Deanna Williams, Case number 13-CA-003181 pending in Lee County, Florida, prior to making any further false statements.

Also, you do not appear to have possession of all the relevant confidential documents. Your statements are based on incomplete information which has led you to a false and misleading conclusion. Ethical rules which prohibit disclosure of attorney client communications preclude us from providing additional documents to you or commenting further.

The media has been in a blackout regarding Allred’s treatment of Ms. Williams while it put out the story of a washed up porn star named Stormy Daniels being ripped off of less money by attorney Michael Avenatti.

Why is Michael Avenatti’s Indictment For Ripping Off A Porn Star National News, But This Story Involving Gloria Allred Faces Blackout?

Mainstream Media Covers Michael Avenatti “Not Guilty” Plea – Blackout Gloria Allred’s Dumping On Rape Victim

Gloria Allred Leaves Florida Woman Hanging Out To Dry While Greedy, Money Hungry Attorneys & Enabling, Corrupt Judges Pursue Her For Over $1 Million (Video)

Gloria Allred has demonstrated in the case of Deanna Williams that she is not about helping women, but about helping herself, and as long as she is taken care of, women are not her priority.

So, victims of Jeffrey Epstein who have acquired the services of Gloria Allred, you have been warned.  You just may be the next victim not just of Jeffrey Epstein, but of the “most famous female attorney in the country.”

If you wish to help Ms. Williams in her ongoing struggle for justice and survival, please consider donating to her GoFundMe account.

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