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Everyone Is Guilty As Charged Except The Guilty Who Orchestrated It – Even When FBI Informant Ray Epps Admits To Being The Orchestrator

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Published on: December 31, 2022

“The orchestrated events of January 6 (FBI informant Ray Epps admits to it): 725 arrested, 165 plead guilty, 145 misdemeanors and Donald Trump, the leader of the “coup” is running for president.”

Friends, I honestly can say, with every fiber of my being, that I do not understand the American people when it comes to this orchestrated event from January 6, 2021.  To give a pass to corruption in continuing to create domestic terrorists to drive a narrative that we all know is not true is simply the creed of slaves, as does it add strength to tyranny (Psalm 94:20).  Even when it is all on video, such as when Gateway Pundit did an excellent job exposing this all below (Luke 12:2).

If Donald Trump, who was declared to be the “leader of the coup” by the mainstream media, is now running for the presidency of the United States while everyone is charged and or imprisoned, I ask, what sort of truth will awaken you to the reality which is before you?

Let’s think about what I just wrote.  Donald Trump is running to be president for another term and yet, the blind patriots (Jeremiah 5:21) that went to Washington DC in support of exercising their First Amendment protected rights are arrested and imprisoned.  As for Donald, he’s only been declared the “leader of the coup.

Websters 1828 does not define the modern word “coup” but is related to insurrection.

This was the same guy that promised to prosecute the very people that allegedly committed massive voter fraud and treason.  Yet, he did just the opposite (Proverbs 17:15)

Don’t forget that there were also 1,162 different presidential contenders in the last presidential election and the only ones that were offered to the American people by the powers that are tolerated were Donald Trump and Joe Biden (2 Chronicles 19:2).

What’s worse than all of this you may ask yourselves?  The FBI informant Ray Epps even admits that he was the responsible one in orchestrating the January 6 events.  However, American patriots are behind bars.  Once again, Donald Trump, the “leader of the coup,” is running for office (Amos 3:3).

You cannot make this up!

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