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Ex-CIA Agent: Shariah Constitutions in Iraq and Afghanistan Written to Prepare for Physical Domination

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Published on: September 2, 2014

In a recent interview with WND, former Central Intelligence Agency Middle East expert Clare Lopez not only said that Barack Obama had switched sides in the war on terror, but she stated openly that the US were the ones who helped establish Shariah law in the Iraq and Afghanistan constitutions.

As we have reported before, this goes back further than just an issue with ISIS or Al-Qaeda. As Pamela Geller pointed out in March 2010, he has always been a pro-jihad, usurper of the office of the presidency.

“In a stunning and historic reversal of American foreign policy, the United States is now backing one of the same horses it fought during World War II.” She wrote. “Instead of fighting against Nazism and racism, Obama has effectively joined the jihad waged during World War II by the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini.”

While Clare Lopez told WND, “the global war on terror had been an effort to ‘stay free of Shariah,’ or repressive Islamic law, until the Obama administration began siding with such jihadist groups as the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates,” she would later point the finger back at the Bush administration without realizing it.

In response to Barack Obama’s hasty retreat from Afghanistan and Iraq, knowing that Islam would dominate those cultures, she said, “But we’d already written their Shariah constitutions, so the actual ultimate physical domination was already prepared with the legal precedent and foundation.”

So, when were these Shariah constitutions established? They weren’t established under Obama, but under Bush.

Afghanistan’s constitution was approved in January 2004 and signed on January 26, 2004 by current President Hamid Karzai. It clearly contains Shariah compliant rulings, when the Constitution doesn’t speak to a particular issue. These rulings can then appeal to Hanafi jurisprudence.

As for Iraq, the current constitution was approved in October of 2005. Though the Iraq constitution contains a section in it which says there is the right to freedom of religion, it also says that Islam is the state religion and that it is the foundation for the country’s laws. Additionally, it states:

  • No law may be enacted that contradicts the established provisions of Islam
  • No law may be enacted that contradicts the principles of democracy.
  • No law may be enacted that contradicts the rights and basic freedoms stipulated in this Constitution.

Hopefully, you see the obvious problem here. Since Muhammad taught his followers to kill the infidels (all non-Muslims, specifically Christians and Jews), then how does one not contradict themselves by stating that one has freedom of religion and yet, the law cannot contradict the Constitution? The fact is that is not the case.

I’m not here to defend the Bush administration at all in any of this, but they were the forerunners for what we see coming out of the Obama administration. Barack Obama has just stepped it up. He hasn’t switched sides. He’s always been on the side of Islam, period.

While Lopez told WND that the goal of the War on Terror after September 11, 2001 was to defeat jihadism in the Middle East and globally, the fact remains that Bush would never call the enemy out. He would never say we were at war with Islam. He said we were at war with those that “hijacked Islam.” These are similar words to the capitulations we saw of Lt. Col. Allen West in a letter shortly before he left office.

WND reported that Lopez affirmed my claims that there is no “radical” Islam, only Islam.

“Above all, we must acknowledge that the enemy is supremacist forces of Islamic jihad,” Lopez told WND. “We must name, acknowledge, confront the enemy as he is – not as we wish him to be.”

She scoffed at the notion that what others call radical Islam was a “defeated ideology.”

“Oh? What ideology is that? The 1,400-year-old one that’s already made mincemeat out of six or seven major world empires? That one?”

The making “mincemeat out of six or seven major world empires,” is exactly what Walid Phares was pointing to in his book, Future Jihad. America is doing the exact same thing, empires of the past have done in fighting against Mohammedans. Ultimately, they go bankrupt and the Islamists overrun them. Does this ring a bell with anyone as to what is going on today?

She added, “Everybody waits for the U.S. to stumble into the scene once again like some deus ex machine, so the whole charade can begin all over again. American blood and treasure spent, amidst clamor for infidels to exit Muslim lands, boiling Muslim rage about the imperative to strike ‘the far enemy’ again, hit the kuffar (non-Muslim) in his homeland, even while the Caliphate consolidates its rule, begins to govern as the Islamic State it claims to be, and, all the while, the wealthy-beyond-imagination sheikhdoms supposedly most threatened by this ‘un-Islamic’ horde – and the emerging Shi’ite hegemon of the Persian Gulf – respond lackadaisically, if at all. What is wrong with this picture?”

Understanding the difference between Sunni or Shiite, doesn’t really matter. The issue is always Islam.

Ms. Lopez also went on to say exactly how Obama was picking up from Bush and now implementing the “physical domination” side of things.

“In many ways, al-Qaida prepared the ground for the Islamic State,” she said. “Al-Qaida, which means, ‘the base,’ did its job, which was to awaken the Muslim masses, to prod the ummah to action against the infidel after a long hiatus. It spawned off-shoot franchises across the globe, not to mention in the virtual spaces of the Internet. It did its job and may now be superseded by [ISIS]. We shall see about that.”

The infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into key positions in our federal government has also been a serious problem. From Hillary Clinton’s chief deputy Huma Abedin to the many people in high security who advise Barack Obama, such as Mohammad Elibiary, these people do not have America’s best interests at heart. They have her destruction in mind.

Lopez found it impossible to understand the current administration’s consistent apologizing for Islam, “even in the face of such atrocities as the Foley beheading,” adding, they “take pains to assure the world they don’t think IS, (or the Islamic State, also called ISIS) or whichever perpetrator it was, has anything to do with Islam. How can they possibly believe that genuinely when everything these jihadis do tracks directly to the literal text of Quran, hadiths and Shariah?”

It’s not hard to understand. They are Islamists and they are Islamic supporters. This is what the Muslim Brotherhood has advanced from the beginning. Read their own handwriting!

Though I discount her claims that former Egyptian President Morsi was not involved in the attacks in Benghazi, I do like her perspective on dealing with the Islamic threat though, and hold this view as my own.

“If [ISIS] makes one move against our regional partners – Israel, Jordan, the Kurds – we clobber them, then leave,” she said. “If we determine that [ISIS] is plotting by itself or in conjunction with a nation-state, or other sub-national terror organization like Hezbollah, again – like Iran did with al-Qaida and Hezbollah – we clobber both of them, all of them, then leave. No nation building. They pick up the pieces, not us.”

Ultimately, our nation building in Afghanistan and Iraq was doomed from the start because we left the root of the evil intact. If you want real justice, real law, real peace and prosperity, in a land, then uproot the Quran and install the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. General Douglas MacArthur, following World War II, called on Christian missionaries to come and aid Japan and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians largely ignored the call. In what is taking place now, America is afraid to call Islam the enemy and as such she is unwilling to uproot it from the culture and has allowed the seeds to be planted in our own back yard. It’s high time we started confronting the Islamists here before worrying about those 8,000 miles away.

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