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Ex-Special Forces Physicist Reveals Greatest Danger From WiFi, Cell Towers & Phones, & Other EMF (Video)

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Published on: October 18, 2022

In a recent interview I conducted with EMF Solutions‘ Cory Hillis, electromagnetic frequencies that come from appliancesceiling fans, cell towers, smart meters, laptops and cell phones, along with other electronic devices were discussed and their impact upon our bodies.  A retired special forces physicist from England has also spoken out on the dangers of these EMFs on the body.

Barrie Trower is a former microwave weapons expert for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service.  He has a deep knowledge of the many harmful effects that microwaves can cause in the human body and psyche.

Take a listen.

Trower warns that these frequenciess are “incredibly dangerous” to young children.  In fact, he believes that those who authorize its use for children “should be locked away for the rest of their lives.”

He warns that a young girls’ and young teachers’ eggs are effected and that the EMF radiation is ten times more dangerous to them than any other DNA in the body.  He also goes on to point out how this may defect children that they eventually have, even down to their grandchildren.

Industry Aware Of “Known RF Challenges” With 5G – Only Started To Realize & Test For In Last 6 To 12 Months (Video)

All of this EMF radiation is constantly around us at home now, and has been installed in the public indoctrination centers we call public schools.

For more on the subject and a real solution you can use that actually works to prevent EMF damage to your body, check out this link, and watch the interview below with Cory Hillis of EMF Solutions.

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