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Exclusive: School System Tries to Shut Down Pro-Family, Pro-Christian Event – But Fails

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Published on: June 1, 2015

Brian Klawiter, the owner of Dieseltec in Michigan, came under fire for his biblical views concerning sin, specifically he was targeted for speaking out against the sin (and crime) of sodomy. As a result, Klawiter’s business was vandalized. However, he was undeterred. In fact, Bradlee Dean of The Sons of Liberty reached out to Klawiter, having been a victim of the radical sodomite community and their supporters. They determined to host an event in Michigan to speak the truth to those who would attend, but political correctness got in the way.

Klawiter says the system backed out earlier for their event, placing it on a 3-4 day hold as they claimed to have other events scheduled. Tom Tenbrink was the one that made the decision. However, a view of their event calendar render zero events occurring during the month of June.

Brian received a confirmation on Wednesday that his date was set for the event at Jenison Center for the Arts, a building that is paid for with his tax dollars and is part of the Jenison County Schools. As a result, he created a Facebook event page. However, on Friday morning, he received a call from the school demanding that he remove the schools address and link from the event page because they were receiving threatening emails and phone calls. The problem is that Brian cannot tell people about an event and then not direct them to the place where it is being held. Consequently, Google determined to provide a link and map to the facility based on Klawiter’s address information that he provided.

Doesn’t that tell you all you need to know about the sodomites and their supporters? Instead of the school dealing with those making threats, they decided to postpone Klawiter’s event. So much for being just!

The event’s costs are being covered by Dieseltec, Inc. and others that are contributing. Bradlee Dean and Coach Dave Daubenmire will be featured speakers at the event.

The school system apparently felt more threatened by Klawiter’s event than they did the criminal sodomites and their supporters to the point that they issued a statement on the JPS Arts website:

As you know, we are blessed to have been gifted an amazing Performing Arts Center by our community.  Part of the function of that facility is outside use.  You may be aware of, or soon become aware of, a potentially controversial event that will be hosted following the conclusion of the school year by Dieseltec of Grandville at the JCA on June 11.  The First Amendment and Board Policy prevent the District from restricting this group or other community groups from using our facility based on the content of the views to be expressed.  In short, we cannot by law suppress their free speech.  However, the district does not endorse the views of Dieseltec or any other community group that rents our facility.  As a school district, we work to assure that any controversial event in one of our facilities be scheduled so that there is no disruption to our main mission, which is serving the educational needs of our students.

We would request that if you, as a member of the public, wish to express concern about the time, energy and financial obligation JPS is undertaking to mitigate the negative publicity toward the District associated with this event that you direct your concern directly to Dieseltec.  Dieseltec is the sole sponsor of the event.  JPS in no way endorses this event, but does respect the rule of law and the expression of divergent views consistent with the First Amendment. On the advice of legal counsel, we have no statement other than that we are allowing facility use under obligation of law.

JPS official statement on event:

“Diverse groups which express diverse political and religious views utilize District facilities.  This District, however, does not endorse nor necessarily agree with all views expressed.  Permitted use of a District facility should not be misinterpreted as the District’s endorsement of views expressed by the users.  Upon advice from the District’s legal counsel, and consistent with the First Amendment, the District does not (and can not lawfully) censor use based on the views expected to be expressed even if offensive to members in our community. We respect free speech and the rule of law even when we object to the content of that speech.”

Clearly, it reads as though the center would shut down the event if it only could, but it can’t. By the way, the center would do well to understand where rights come from. They come from the same God that condemns the crime of sodomy with the death penalty.

Not only that, but the school system decided to use their emergency broadcast email service to send out the same message to all the parents in the school system. They are petrified of standing against the evil that is pervading their community and calling out practicing sodomites for what they are doing to protect the children of the area. In the end, I’m glad the center acknowledges that they have no lawful authority to stop the event.

Calls to Brian Bennik, Managing Director at the Jenison Center for the Arts, and Jared Guiles, Marketing Coordinator, have been unreturned for an interview.

Klawiter’s church has also abandoned him in his time of need. “They have ostracized me,” Klawiter told Sons of Liberty Media. So, not only is Klawiter getting a beating in the media, his business vandalized, sodomites and their supporters terrorizing him, but he is also being abandoned by the professed church.

I did take the time to speak with Klawiter’s pastor who has a past filled with controversy (and who I would think would be sympathetic towards Brian in this regard). However, neither the pastor nor his church stands behind Brian’s statements nor his event. According to Klawiter, he was told by the pastor to apologize simply and stop speaking out. Sounds like many pastors in our day.

Friends, this will not cut it from the professed Church. The Church must come alongside the message of truth. While there are things that Klawitter says he is working on concerning his own life, the reality is that the sodomite agenda is advancing whether we like it or not and it must be confronted.

The event has now been scheduled after legal advice was given, for June 11, 2015. If you are in the area, or even outside the area, and you wish to attend and show your support for the Christian message that Brian has put forth, then make your plans to attend.

While the center can hassle Klawiter over the map location for his event, we will not be bullied in such a manner; and don’t waste your time writing me to ask me to pull it down either. I won’t. If you are interested in showing you support for Kalwiter and taking a stand with like-minded individuals against the homofacsist movement in this country, then here are the directions. Show your support for a message that shines a light on the darkness and points people to the true light, Jesus, the Christ.

As an end note. Understand that this school district seems to be opposed to the laws of Michigan against sodomy. What does that tell you about Jenison County School parents?

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