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Exposed: Hillary Clinton Foundation’s Muslim Brotherhood Connections

When it comes to Middle East coverage, the western media is plagued with incompetent journalists (if in doubt, read here) who rarely do their homework. Today, there is no such thing as “professional journalism”. There are supposedly professional journalists who are simply cynics and agenda driven. So the story is, especially when it comes to Middle East coverage. This time the story links to Hillary Clinton’s The Clinton Foundation and its ties with some nefarious Muslim Brotherhood connections, court documents and “top secret” documents that link Hillary with some shoddy Islamists which did its homework in revealing the case. And now with court records coming out of Egypt, the case gets to smell till high heaven.

A reader recently informed us that “several US media outlets (are) publishing articles… stating Obama and Hillary have now had criminal charges levied against them by the Egyptian government” and wanted to know if there was any information to that effect. Short of a confirmed complaint filed against Hillary Clinton concerning her alleged relationship with Naglaa Mahmoud, the wife of former Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, on which reported, we had absolutely no knowledge of – nor did we report – that Egypt filed any criminal charges against either Hillary or Obama.

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That didn’t stop Washington Post writer Caitlin Dewey from publishing a hit piece in which she blamed Shoebat for starting the spread of the rumor. The best part? The article she linked to had nothing to do with Egypt charging either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama with anything.

Wrote Dewey:

…(the rumors) seem to have originated from a year-old post on the blog of Walid Shoebat, a conservative author and blogger who claims to have converted to Christianity after spending several years as a terrorist in the Middle East. The “sources” Shoebat refers to in his report are no longer online, and the conclusions he draws about Obama and Clinton are just that — his conclusions, based on convoluted conspiracy theories with no basis in the text he quotes from. For what it’s worth, Shoebat’s critics have long accused him of inventing his conversion back story to sell books and “spew … prejudice and bigotry.”

Note the portion in bold above. Caitlin says “sources”. For the article in question, we linked to several Arabic sources. As of this writing, there is only one that is “no longer online”. It is an Al-Masry Network page that published two documents reported to have been sensitive Egyptian intelligence documents at one time.

There are plenty of Arabic sites that carried the story, Al-Bawabh News and Al-Wafd are among them, if Dewey was interested in doing her job. The problem is that the documents originally published by Al-Masry are no longer available. They are, however, published at the bottom of the article Dewey referenced.

Interestingly, Dewey’s baseless smear came two days after another Washington Post article – this one on donations the Clinton Foundation accepted from foreign governments during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State – was published. According to the Post, there was at least one donation that violated the terms of an ethics agreement with the Obama administration:

…foundation officials acknowledged they should have sought approval in 2010 from the State Department ethics office, as required by the agreement for new government donors, before accepting a $500,000 donation from the Algerian government.

Qatar was another country that donated to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary’s time as Secretary of State. Speaking of Qatar, it was who reported on a Qatari document that appeared to show bribes to Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt in U.S. dollars:

Qatar Document indicates Bribes in U.S. Dollars
Qatar Document indicates Bribes in U.S. Dollars

As we mentioned, the content of the article Dewey linked to had nothing to do with Egypt filing charges against Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. What it did include were the nefarious dealings of close Mursi advisor Essam el-Haddad and his son Gehad el-Haddad.

Screenshot from Gehad el-Haddad’s LinkedIn
Screenshot from Gehad el-Haddad’s LinkedIn

Prior to taking a role as chief of staff to Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Supreme Guide Khairat el-Shater in 2012, Gehad had worked for the Clinton Foundation for five years. The working relationship between Gehad and his father was close as well. Both men were politically active and were later arrested in their capacities as Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

In the article Dewey referred to, reported on two documents published by Al-Masry that were identified as having been at one time “top secret” Egyptian intelligence documents. Those documents implicate the elder Haddad in dealings with the Sudanese branch of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), the same IDO that the President’s brother Malik Obama has been linked to.

Essam el-Haddad is named specifically in the document (circled). You can read the full translations of both documents in the article Dewey attempted to debunk:

Circled portion refers to Essam el-Haddad.
Circled portion refers to Essam el-Haddad.

At about the time that document was released, several pieces of evidence introduced into an Egyptian court were published as well. Among them were several pages of documents rife with references to both Essam and Gehad el-Haddad. This document talks of a request from the U.S. Embassy for then Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson to meet with Gehad el-Haddad and Khairat el-Shater:

Mursi trial Document naming former Clinton Foundation employee Gehad el-Haddad.
Mursi trial Document naming former Clinton Foundation employee Gehad el-Haddad.

As for the complaint against Mursi’s wife Naglaa Mahmoud, it alleges that she collaborated with Hillary Clinton and planned to help lead domestic insurrections in Egypt after her husband was removed from power. Notwithstanding the validity of the complaint, what cannot be denied is that Saleha Abedin, the mother of Hillary’s very close adviser Huma Abedin, is a close colleague of Naglaa. Together, both women constitute two of the 63 Muslim Sisterhood leaders first revealed by

Also in 2014, reported on additional evidence introduced into Egyptian courts. One article had to do with the dealings of Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) and the other surrounding a $750 million deal between Blumberg Grain and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Both involved dealings with Gehad el-Haddad.

*Ben Barrack contributed to this article

Walid Shoebat

Walid Shoebat is a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was converted to Christianity, and author of the book, God's War on Terror.

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