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Exposing the Lies and Deception that have been Foisted Upon the Black Community by Democrats

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Published on: August 1, 2016

A black mother from Georgia viciously beat her 16-year-old daughter and aired it on Facebook Live as “punishment.”

Shanavia Miller cussed and punched her daughter Nia Green in the face and body for four minutes and then told viewers: “Now I’m gonna need y’all to send this viral. Please share this because I’m not done. More to come.”

What brought on this beating? The daughter had allegedly posted pictures of her boyfriend in a towel on Facebook. The mother later posted a message on Facebook saying what she did to her daughter was an act of love.

This mother has no love for her daughter, and she needs to go to jail. Unfortunately, this level of violence is commonplace in many single black female-headed households. The anger and violence displayed by black youth in the streets of Chicago and in inner cities across America isn’t caused by poverty, “racism” or white police officers – out-of-control black mothers like this woman create it.

Yet, instead of offering real solutions for the madness and violence in the black community, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Democratic Party leadership spread lies and deceive blacks by blaming “racism,” police and guns during their party’s convention last week in Philadelphia.

The Democrats are swimming in scandals. A major one blew up in their faces and forced DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign following the release of hacked emails that suggested the corrupt DNC was helping Hillary Clinton in the primary fight against Bernie Sanders.

So what did Democrats do to divert attention from their scandals? They trotted out liberal black Democrats and brainwashed black followers to talk about fabricated “racism” and “police brutality.”

Last week, Democrats appointed Donna Brazile (a black woman) as the new head of the DNC. And they placed Michelle Obama and disgraced Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on center stage.

But that wasn’t enough. They also featured the nine “Mothers of the Movement” – whose black children were killed while fighting with police or were killed by “gun violence.”

The “Mothers of the Movement” spoke glowingly about Hillary Clinton. They said Hillary met with them in private, and as a mother “she feels our pain” and “she’s not afraid to say ‘Black Lives Matter.’”

One of the “Mothers of the Movement” who received the most attention was Sandra Bland’s mother. Bland was the belligerent black woman captured on video last July cussing out a Texas state trooper and resisting arrest. She hanged herself in her cell three days after she was arrested. Despite claims of foul play, an autopsy ruled Bland’s death a suicide and found no evidence of a violent struggle. There’s new video showing Bland alive and well inside the jail. It’s also been reported that Bland had attempted suicide in the past.

The “Mothers of the Movement” also includes Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown’s mothers. We all know both of their sons were thugs who were shot and killed in self-defense. These women couldn’t even raise their own kids, let alone lead a positive movement to end violence in the black community.

Yet Sabrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, had the nerve to say, “Hillary Clinton has the courage to lead the fight for common sense gun legislation.”

The “Mothers of the Movement” are a bunch of angry, dysfunctional women in denial, and they’re blaming everyone else except themselves and their children for what happened to their families.

The Democratic Party doesn’t care about the black community. It’s using these women and the deaths of their children to distract from their scandals, to get votes and to advance the left-wing political agenda, including its desire to pass anti-gun legislation.

The Democratic National Convention was a shameful display of political pandering and black exploitation. Hillary Clinton is not the solution; she’s the problem. Hillary, Obama and DNC leaders are experts at keeping black people emotional and angry. They know how to make them feel good with lies, and they know how to use race to keep them down and angry.

Hillary will continue what Obama has started. She’s an evil woman and only cares about her own power and wealth. As a former union organizer, I’ve sat in meetings with Democrats, and I know the disdain they have for blacks. They laugh at black people behind their backs and think they’re fools. Blacks are being played, yet they get upset at those of us who tell the truth and expose the evil plot of the Democrats. Blacks should be glad to hear the truth so they can wake up and take charge of their lives.

We need a movement to shame black parents to get them to love and be responsible for their kids, and to stop blindly following liberal Democrats. We also need to encourage black boys and girls to forgive their angry mothers and grandmothers, and to forgive their fathers for not being there for them.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Article posted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson

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