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Exposing the Sewage that Political Garbage Men Are Leaking on American Liberty

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Published on: November 14, 2014

So-called “small-government” conservatives are failing to stand up to the ambitious gray suits in government who castrate, castigate, and compromise away our liberties. Apparently, the new America calls for negotiations as to our freedom despite the words “no” and “shall not” found time and time again in our Constitution. Suddenly, it is en vogue to frolic on freedom’s deathbed.

The examples of unmitigated attacks on our liberties by the anti-rights crowd are countless.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

The First Amendment and the attack on those who refuse to provide services to potential customers. Call these business owners bigots if you will, but they don’t leave their religious liberties at the door once they start a business.

The Second Amendment and the incessant push towards more extensive background checks, limitations on magazine capacity, and elimination of more and more weapons from the marketplace. People have a right to defend themselves against the bad guys, but those seeking reelection want us to believe that these increased measures will stop the criminal.

The Fourth Amendment and the incredible urge to implement more cameras on the streets, drones in the skies, and more telephonic surveillance while sidestepping the right to some semblance of anonymity.

The Fifth Amendment and government’s non-compliance with the right of silence when it comes to so-called enemy combatants. He that is unwilling to protect the due process rights of others deserves them not for himself.

The Sixth Amendment and many criminal defendants waiting years for their “speedy” and “fair” trial.

The Tenth Amendment and the outright theft of the states’ authority, which has resulted in the creation of hundreds of bureaucracies and thousands upon thousands of unconstitutional regulations.

The Fourteenth Amendment and the government’s disregard of the equal protection principle, as they pick who they will protect and who they will harass in the midst of scandals such as the IRS, NSA, and the AP.

America’s runaway train is gaining speed, and so many are jumping on board. President Obama, of course, tells us that some will “warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner,” but we “should reject these voices.”

And so we’ve been lulled to sleep, believing that our politicians care about something other than elections and reelections. And for those who are awake, we are lambasted every time we engage in some sort of political discussion.

Do the following accusations sound familiar?

Why aren’t you for amnesty or open borders? Because you’re a racist.

Why aren’t you for increased gun control measures? Because you just don’t care about the massacres on our schoolyards.

Why aren’t you for a reduction in defense spending? Because you want an all-out nuclear war.

Why don’t you support welfare programs? Because you are indifferent to the poor.

Why don’t you support affirmative action policies? Because you’re a bigot.

And what about equal pay for equal work? Oh, never mind, you’re just a misogynist.

These planned engagements and fights that revolve around the deprivation of liberty and a disregard of the rule of law include the tactic of name calling, which allows the big government faction to throw the opposition on their heels.

Here is what needs to happen unequivocally to stop the sewage leak into our culture.

Those in conservative circles must not be swayed by the dirty politics and mudslinging. Instead, we must compel a discussion at the “table of compromise” to eliminate bureaucracies like the ATF, BLM, DOE, EPA, IRS, NEA, and OSHA. Force these unconstitutional provisions on to the chopping block and, along the way, start challenging the opposition as to who the real racists, misogynists, and bigots are. Stop backing off, stop bargaining on issues that are non-negotiable, start reestablishing the principles of federalism, and start demanding, instead of requesting, the return of your liberties. Reverse the trend, pound away, and focus on real American restoration.

Part of America’s answer in reining in government is to stop pretending that our liberties are for sale and get the other side to negotiate on things that should have never been bargained away in the first place. After all, most of us are tired of seeing our liberties and our charters of freedom lying in the midst of gray sewage surrounded by political garbage men who are just as dirty as the anti-freedom rhetoric that they spew from the beltway. Our liberty is not for sale.


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