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Extortion 17 Parent: “The Greatest Security Threat the US faces Resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”

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Published on: September 2, 2014

Last week, Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of fallen Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, who lost his life aboard Extortion 17, blasted Barack Obama, claiming that his “JV performance” damaged global security and cost lives. On Tuesday, the Vaughns appeared on Fox News to bolster their claims of Obama’s lack of strategy against ISIS and called for his resignation.

Billy Vaughn told his Fox News, “Ever since Obama has been in office, our national security has gotten worse and worse and worse. Our allies are not contacting us anymore. They are doing attacks on their own… operations on their own. Nobody respects us.”

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“The president’s not home,” he continued. “I think it’s simple for all the world to see.”

While the host said that other people look at it differently saying, “Would it keep people like Aaron safe, because the president is not putting them into war, he’s not putting them into battle?”

Karen Vaughn answered, “The thing we’ve always believed as Americans is if you take our sons and daughters to war, your ultimate goal should be victory and that has never been the goal of this administration.”

“Billy and I are fed up with watching families suffer the same thing we’ve suffered, losing our only son at the hands of an administration and, frankly, senior military leaders who do not care about the boots on the ground, who care more about political positioning than the human cost of our sons and daughters being slaughtered on the battlefield with rules of engagement that favor their enemy,” she said.

Billy Vaughn said the response to what they have written has been very positive so far. “There have been tons and tons of comments back and forth on the internet and on Facebook and stuff. We have to do this. Aaron’s family has paid too big a price for Karen and me to sit back and be silent and watch what is going on in our republic.”

“Right now, today, ISIS is a threat, Russia is a threat, China is a threat, but I will tell you today that the greatest security threat the United States faces resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC,” Vaughn declared.

Karen Vaughn then chimed in that what is being spoken about is not a Democrat or Republican issue, but an American issue.

“Billy and I would not care what party occupied the White House,” she said. “We have to start behaving like a nation, and our leaders have to start behaving in a way that they prove to us the next election cycle is not their only goal…winning the next election cycle, staying in power. We are looking for leaders who care about the security and prosperity of this country.”

“Stop playing political games with our nation,” she concluded.

Billy Vaughn told Sons of Liberty Media, “Right before we went on (with Fox News), we found out twenty minutes earlier that Obama has known about ISIS for years and… we know he’s being briefed on it, but he always wants to blame somebody else…he wants to blame the Pentagon, you know, they don’t have a plan.”

“He held off on finding and going in for Foley. That guy may have been still alive,” Vaughn said. “That’s what we meant in the op-ed… that his indecisions and inactions have cost lives in the job he has.”

“It’s really clear, we’re less secure than we have been in my lifetime,” Vaughn concluded. “It’s unreal. The guy either does not care or he’s complicit, and he is the only one who knows.”

When I told him of my earlier article about the statements of former CIA agent Clare Lopez, and that I believe he is complicit, Vaughn agreed. We both believe Obama is on the side of the Muslims and that is exactly what Obama stated in his book Audacity of Hope (pg. 261). Of course, in the context, Obama spoke of injustices against Muslims in the US. However, there can be absolutely no doubt that his man loves Islamists far more than he loves America or her sons and daughters.

While the Vaughns stand behind their claims that Obama should resign, our Congress seeks only to file a lawsuit, which will do absolutely nothing. When are Americans going to stand and demand that justice run down like water upon this criminal administration and catch all of them in the snare they have laid for us, even as God used Esther to bring about justice against the wicked Haman, capturing him and hanging him on the very gallows that he constructed for the people of God? May God grant it soon and may He do it swiftly. But rest assured, it will not come without the means of the people of the United States demanding it in unison.

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