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Extremists Wanted: Dead or Alive!

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Published on: May 28, 2015

One by one they are being systematically recruited by the world’s #1 extremist, an avowed, relentless revolutionary, reputedly unstoppable in his radical agenda. At the time of this writing, his hardcore followers are multiplying and infiltrating strategic locations all over the globe. They are the undeclared and, in many instances, the officially declared enemies of the state. They are considered an ever-present danger to governmental, social, educational and religious business as usual.

One of the past heroes of these extremists was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who at the age of 39, was hanged and died on the gallows in Hitler’s Germany. Bonhoeffer had become a powerful and uncompromising spokesman for the right to live out his extremist principles free from state interference. At great personal cost, he raised a flag that relatively few paused to salute. Because of his courageous influence, hundreds of leaders ended up in concentration camps willing to suffer and die for their beliefs.

Another modern day radical is reportedly regarded as Islam’s public enemy number one. Jihadist groups have reportedly posted a death threat of $50 million on his head. He says his leader will take care of him until it’s his time to go. His brother, also an extreme devotee to the cause, had his tongue cut out and a stake driven through his head for spreading their views in Egypt.

These one-minded extremists are showing up nearly everywhere these days. They can be found in big cities and small towns, classrooms, hospitals, neighborhoods, rural areas, corporate offices, legislatures, sporting events and pagan music festivals. Some are even reported to be in churches. There may even by one of these individuals very close to you right now. Or you may be one of them yourself.

WARNING: These people will stop at nothing to further their cause and recruit more followers. Threats of censorship, intense opposition, ridicule, intimidation, physical harm and even death cannot deter them from pursuing their radical agenda. When opposed, even to the point of great suffering and death, the cadence of their advance only gets stronger.

They thrive best in hostile environments. Thoughts of compromising their principles and efforts are not entertained. They refuse to be silent about the major personal and societal issues of the day. They will not retreat at the fear of reprisals, or be dissuaded by a deluge of injustices, but are zealously motivated by the accomplishments and example of their leader.

Historically, there are many martyrs among them, more so now than ever. And many more to come, even in America. In living they die, in dying they live. They are totally convinced it is better to die proclaiming the virtues of their Master than to live by being silent. Any price they have to pay is considered cheap in comparison to the price their leader has paid for them.

If you have not yet been recruited, you are now officially invited to join Him and them in furthering the cause. Be assured it’s no cake walk. It will cost you everything. It cost the Leader everything to make it possible for you to be enlisted in the ranks of this unique mission of extremism.

Bonhoeffer gives us a glimpse of part of the profile of a typical recruit: “Where the world exploits [they] will dispossess [themselves], and where they world oppresses, [they] will stoop down and raise up the oppressed. If the world refuses justice, [they] will pursue mercy, and if the world takes refuge in lies, [they] will open [their] mouth for the dumb, and bear testimony to the truth…for Jew or Greek, bond or free, strong or weak, noble or base.”

Although many see and dismiss this as a failed movement, its ultimate success is guaranteed by the blood of its Founder, the Lord Jesus Christ. Success in any other cause is failure.

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