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Facebook “Fact Checker” Lead Stories Does Face Plant, Again – Claims Arizona Murderer Was Not Muslim – Questions If He Was Christian

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Published on: May 1, 2019

So, a 26-year veteran of the least trusted name in news, Alan Duke, has started a site and I assume is paid big bucks to “fact check” trending stories, but so far, at least where stories are concerned, he is 0 for 2.  On Tuesday, his story that Edinburgh Mayor Richard Molina was not a Democrat was debunked.  In fact, Duke can’t even tell anyone what party affiliation Molina has.  Now, he’s claiming, “None of the other reporting includes any details suggesting that Smith is Muslim” but the very report he took his picture from did just that!

While Duke did take the time to cite for his report.  However, he wrongly claimed the story “originated” at a site I own, The Washington Standard, but that is not true.

The truth is I reposted the article from Robert Spencer, but the bulk of the report itself is from FOX10 in Arizona.  So, he’s completely wrong in one of the first things he writes.  One would think he would have at least read the report at The Washington Standard to discover where it came from before he launched into his paid propaganda.  More on that in a moment.

Yes, the report from FOX debunks Duke’s claims that no other reports include details suggesting that Austin Smith was a Muslim.  In fact, it gets worse for Duke.

The real journalism was done by FOX 10’s Danielle Miller.  Note her tweets.

“Woman, 29 years old & her two daughters 5 and 7 years old found dead in their home. Police say the husband & father killed them before going to another location & killing a 46 yr old man he said was having an affair with his wife.

Note that she says police claimed they did not know what Smith’s religion is, not that it was not Islam.

“The couples 3 year old was not hurt. She was found hiding under the bed when police arrived. Police say the suspect said because of his religion he felt it was ok to do what he did. Police are unsure what his religion is.

She then interviewed a member of the family of the victim.

“Just spoke with a man who says he’s the cousin of the 29 yr-old mother who police say was killed by her husband. Police say he told them his wife was having an affair & for religious reasons it was ok to do what he did. The cousin of the victim says he was Muslim.

And here is that video interview.

“We spoke with the victims cousin who police say was killed by her husband, Austin Smith after claims of adultery. He says he doesn’t believe the allegations. Police say Smith said the shooting was justified based on his religious beliefs. Her cousin says Smith is Muslim.

Now, aint’ that something?  “Duuukee,” as I’m going to now refer to Alan Duke, is clearly unqualified to be a “fact checker.”  In fact, when I called him out and told him I would be speaking to my attorney today about his libel, he responded by email stating:

Mr. Brown,
Please refer to the Facebook guidelines on how to appeal our rating. It is a specific process that does not include threats of libel or odd stories published on your site.
I have contacted the Phoenix reporter about what information she may have.
Our false rating is based on the official police statement that he is not Muslim.

Alan Duke

He’s referring to the fact that Facebook immediately killed distribution of the story based on Duke’s unfounded and unresearched claims.  However, Facebook doesn’t have any easily accessible means of appealing his rating.  Now, why do you think that is?  And has anyone actually ever heard back from Facebook when you do appeal their ruling?  Usually not.

But I digress.

Duke then went on to suggest that Smith might be Christian by implying it in asking “If.”

“If he is a Christian, Smith had his Old Testiment [sic] teaching backward. Rev. Michael Reeves, with Georgia’s Open Range Cowboy Church Ministries and a longtime Bible scholar told Lead Stories that “We are told in scriptures to weep for the wicked.” Rev. Reeves referenced Jeremiah 9:1, in which Jeremiah wept over the wicked in Jerusalem.”

Well, yeah, Christians should weep over the wicked and seek to call them to repentance.  Of course, they should, but to act like you are a fact checker and deny that the man is Muslim, claiming there are no reports indicating he was when the very report he is attempting to debunk cites FOX 10 and their interview above is either negligent or dishonest.  Remember, this guy worked at CNN for decades.

To even ask the question if he was a Christian is without warrant, don’t you think?  After all, wasn’t he attempting, and failing miserably I might add, to debunk the fact that Smith was a Muslim?  Yep, he sure was.

The problem comes in that Facebook is now using propagandists like Duke to shut down any reporting that goes against what they want you to think, especially running up to the 2020 elections.  I’ll be writing on that in my next article.

Lead Stories touts the slogan, “Just Because It’s Trending Doesn’t Mean It’s True,” and I say just because a former CNN propagandist writes that it’s fake news, doesn’t mean it’s fake news.  In fact, the very opposite is more likely to be true.

UPDATE: Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson returned a call from The Washington Standard and indicated that police do not clearly know the religion.  He did state that there was an indication that it seemed that he was some form of “jewish sect,” but they were not sure.  When asked about FOX10’s report that family members said he was Muslim, Thompson replied that they would know better what the religion of the man is.

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