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Facebook To “Secure” Itself During Elections – Whitewash and Censor More True News & Commentary

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Published on: May 2, 2019

Facebook has now put itself in a very dangerous and legally liable position, along with keeping the truth from the public that their paid propagandist “fact checkers” deem to be fake news.  I’ve written on one of those over the past two days here and here.  They have gone from being a platform for content to being determiners of content that they deem acceptable or not acceptable.  Now, there’s more in store as the 2020 elections approach and they want you to feel “safe” at Facebook because they are trying so hard to be your mom and dad.

“How are we working to secure Facebook during elections?” is the title of Facebook’s plan to force feed the masses who are on their platform their version of the truth despite the fact that content providers have paid a lot of money in many cases to acquire likes and to push their content out on Facebook.

“We’re committed to protecting legitimate political discussion within our community and fighting foreign interference in elections. That’s why we’re taking steps to increase Facebook’s transparency and security,” the article begins.

Watch and see, they will not be entirely transparent, and this is not about security.  It’s about censorship.

Take a look at the video.

The most important attacks on free speech by Facebook are in their “Supporting an Informed Community” Section.

  • Adding ContextAbout This Article helps provide background information about what you see on Facebook, so you can better decide what to read, trust and share.
  • Fighting false news: We’re committed to preventing the spread of false news by removing financial incentives for spammers, reducing the distribution of stories rated as false by third-party fact-checkers and helping people make more informed decisions about what to read, trust and share.
  • Reducing clickbait: We’ve made updates so that you see fewer inauthentic stories, such as clickbait, in your News Feed.

OK, look.  Everyone has a bias, including Facebook.  Every report you get has bias.  They include things and don’t include other things.  They spin realities to bend them to their agenda.  It happens all the time.  The question is, can they be objective with the reality of what is being reported?

With that in mind, exactly how will Facebook “add context“?   While some of the features of add context actually make sense, it’s some of their sourcing that can be problematic, such as referencing Wikipedia.  Yes, Wikipedia does often provide sourcing and material that is helpful, but it is also a platform used to attack and libel people, and it’s content can virtually be manipulated by anyone.  Basic information about a website is also not a huge deal, and I’m not even sure it’s necessarily helpful unless it specifically states that it is satirical.  Related articles can be helpful as well, since some things stated in an article may not be stated in others.

Now, the fighting false news strategy is purely a bias on Facebook’s part, as well as the self-proclaimed, and I might add, paid “fact checkers.”  As I have had to do already with Lead Stories, which Facebook partners with to illegitimately label stories “fake news” or “hoaxes,” the other sources they use are just as untrustworthy.

I’m not denying there is fake news and satire.  I just don’t believe it’s Facebook’s place to tell you what is or is not true of false.  Use your own mind.

Reducing clickbait sounds nice, but isn’t that really in the eye of the beholder and reader and isn’t that largely subjective?  I get it is you get a headline to get you to click and read and then they don’t deliver what’s in the headline.  I’ve had friends do that stuff and I don’t like it, but is that really Facebook’s job?  Nope.  They are a platform, not a content provider.  They can’t both be protected by law as a platform and then claim protection by law when they engage in libel against media outlets and content providers.

Additionally, they state that they are going to work hard to make sure that no one can interfere in the upcoming elections.  Here’s their plan.

Increasing Transparency
  • Making advertising more transparent: When ads with political content appear on Facebook, the advertiser is required to include information about who paid for them. An ad with political content on Facebook can be identified by the label: Sponsored – Paid for by. This label will be followed by the information about who paid for the ad. Ads that have political content and have appeared on Facebook on or after May 7, 2018 will also appear in the Ad Archive. We’re working closely with our newly-formed Election Commission and other stakeholders to launch an API for the archive.
  • Making Pages more authentic: People who manage Pages with high potential reach will need to go through an authorization process to confirm they are who they say they are. To give you more context on the ads and posts you see in News Feed, we’ll also start giving you more information about a Page, including if it has changed its name and when it was created.
  • Sharing if you liked or followed a Page or account created by the IRA: We’ve taken down fake accounts and Pages created by the foreign actors who attempted to interfere in the 2016 US Elections. You can log into Facebook on a computer to check if you liked or followed a Facebook Page or Instagram account created by the Internet Research Agency.
Strengthening Enforcement
  • Investing in operations: We’re doubling the number of people working on safety and security. This includes hiring 10,000 more people including ad reviewers, engineers and security experts.
  • Removing fake accounts: We remove millions of fake accounts every day, 98% of which we find before they’re reported. Bad actors use scripts or bots to create large numbers of fake accounts, but we use automation to detect and remove most of them within minutes of their creation.
  • Updating our policies: We’re updating our policy to block ads from Pages that repeatedly share stories marked as false by third-party fact-checking organizations.

Yes, we can all rest easy at night knowing that Mark Zuckerburg and company are looking out for our “safety and security,” right?  If you believe that is what they really are working on, perhaps it is too late for you to take the red pill.  Just continue on with your life and wait for the concentration camps that the late Justice Antonin Scalia warned us were coming.  However, if you see this for what it is, you know we are already finding work arounds to bypass Facebook’s fascism.  I would ask where ANTIFA is when it comes to Facebook, but they are fascists too.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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