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Fake News, Fake Government, & The Fake Economy

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Published on: March 4, 2019

There is a lot of talk about the country’s low unemployment levels and as with most things reported by our fake government and the fake news they are misleading you. I use the term fake government because people think they are voting for the government to take care of them. However, the government constantly sells us out for their own gain. As long as they can use us they pretend to care about us but the minute they think they are losing control over us, watch out.

The unemployment levels are an example of this. They claim unemployment is so low that they need to bring immigrants in to do the jobs. Many people who do not understand this are in favor of it.  It’s probably because they really have not given it the thought they should and because they have been deceived so much.

Use your own life as an example. Let’s say you have a lot of work around your house that you need to do. Then, you have someone move in to be a full time live-in worker. Would it increase your economy? I am referring to the resources that you live on in your home. If you look at this little picture, it will help to explain the big picture. Your new worker may get a lot of work done that you needed to do.  However, you would need to produce the additional amount of food the worker would need to consume. Is the grocery store going to give you additional food just because someone mowed your lawn?  If you have a producing economy and your new worker grows food, you would have a growing economy, but if you had a service-based economy and they only cut your grass, someone somewhere would have to produce the additional food your new worker would eat in your economy. You cannot assume just because your worker is working that you will automatically have more. In reality, you may only be needing more, not having more.

People keep calling our economy a capitalist economy, and some even call it a free market. This is untrue and we need to understand this so that we, as a country, can demand that they stop robbing the public for their own gain. Go back to our example of your new worker.  If you could run a national debt and promise to pay the grocery store in the future for the food your new worker needs for today, would you have a sound economy? You may think so, but you need to think about it.

Constantly printing pieces of paper promising to pay everyone in town something in the future for what you and your worker need today only gets you what you need today. It does not give you anything in the future. What it really does is take your future away from you by pretending to give it to you now. Calling your pieces of paper money and people accepting them does not become a reality of you ever giving anyone anything. What happens if the people who gave you something for your promise to give them something come to collect what you promised? If you do not produce something to give them no one has anything.

The American economy is no different. Running up huge amounts of national debt to pay government workers does not make a strong economy. Bringing in immigrants to do the work those government workers are not doing is not full employment. Everyone may appear to be working, but if they are consuming resources instead of producing resources, eventually, we no longer have resources. If we bring in outside resources we have a national debt we cannot pay.

We do not need immigrants to move here to do the work. We need Americans to do real work instead of fake work. Most of the work done by government bureaucrats is fake work that produces nothing. If you want to know how never-ending debt works, try it in your own home. Every time you go into the kitchen, print a promise to buy food and write the value of the food on it. If you write it on your smartphone or print it on an actual piece of paper, it does the same thing, you are just creating your own national debt. You are consuming today and promising to replace it at some other time. As the amount of your debt increases, sell that debt to another member of your household. As an example, if you say you have consumed $200.00 of food, sell that promise to replace the food paper to the other person in your home for $180.00 of lawn mowing. This way, they profit from your promise to pay. Are you seeing the problem with the debt-based economy?

If everyone promises to do things in the future for what they consume today, eventually, you have nothing to consume. People may say, “That’s different, we live in a world economy.” Ask yourself, how is the world doing? Debt levels are huge worldwide. Look at Venezuela.  I heard a report that the average citizen has lost 18 pounds in the last year. They used to produce a majority of what they eat, but now they import a majority of what they eat. No one wants to give Venezuela food today for Venezuela’s promise to pay at some other time. People losing 18 pounds in a year sounds like a lot of hunger.

Go back to our original example of you bringing a new worker into your home.  Now, let’s say you brought in ten new workers.  You have a multi-skilled economy. The news person will report how smart you are and how great your economy is. One person will keep track of your promises to pay and will be the banker. Two people will have guns and make sure no one challenges your authority. One person will be an economist and will say that consuming really is as good as producing and will say your promises to pay are stimulating your economy and that you are super wealthy. One person will make rules for everyone to follow. These six people will be your professionals. The other four people will prepare the food the professionals eat and clean up the mess the professionals make, they will be the service part of your economy. Will all these people make you run out of food faster or slower. You did not give them the job of producing food. Remember we are told professionals are more important than producers. Will the people you hire say what you want to here? What would it look like if you had ten people producing food and things you need?

A debt-base economy allows the non-producers to use what the producers produce. It lets them take and not give by promising to pay it in the future. When government does it, they hide what really happened. They took what was produced now by printing money that is just a promise to pay in the future. In the future, they take what is produced by someone to pretend to pay the debt. The reality is they take what is produced twice and never give anything. Ponder what our country would look like if the government workers had tools in their hands fixing roads and things, instead of having criticisms on their tongs telling us how to live. That is why we have a fake economy. No one realizes how bad they are being taken. Look at all the small towns that are falling apart and then look at Washington D.C. That should show you where what was produced went. The only thing they produce there for us is misery.

I deliberately did not include any producers in your home economy. I wanted you to see that if anyone such as Venezuela forgets to have producers producing in their economy you run out of what you are consuming. It is as simple as that. The problem comes from making it complex.

One last example, at my house our chickens produce 12 eggs a day. My wife and I eat 4 eggs a day. Do we have a problem having an extra 8 eggs we do not eat? The same is true for our garden. When our garden gives us more food than we can eat in a day, we put the extra food in the root cellar and promise to eat it in the future. This is a savings based economy. Ask yourself, is it better to have more food than you need and to promise to eat it in the future, or have someone give you food and you promise to give them something in the future? Look at the national debt. Look at the world debt. Look at what the news media says about the debt and the government. Are they saying what the people that pay them want to hear? Would they have a job if they reported the truth?

That’s right, Fake News, Fake Government and a Fake Economy, until reality eventually comes home.

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