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More Faked Hate – Another “Hate Crime” Against Muslims That Isn’t

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Published on: February 18, 2015

Another hate crime that wasn’t. Debunked and exposed. That’s two this week — major headlines across the nation and the world. The Texas Islamic Centre warehouse was an accidental fire.  But just like in the parking dispute shooting in North Carolina, the media ululated “how high?!” when terror group CAIR commanded they jump to report a fire in Texas as a hate crime.

A parking dispute shooting in North Carolina was just that — a long-standing parking dispute — not a hate crime against Muslims. But even Jihad Obama got into the myth-mongering on that case.

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CAIR (along with other terror groups) and their lapdogs in the media owe millions an enormous apology. People are getting fed up with the false accusations that accompany these acts of fake hate and Islamic supremacist grievance mongering.

A homeless man has confessed for accidentally setting a warehouse on fire at the site of an Islamic school and community center in Houston ablaze last week. The mosque and the school were untouched.

“Texas Islamic Center Fire Appears Not to be a Hate Crime,” KTRK-ABC13 Screenshot by Lana Shadwick, Breitbart, February 17, 2015

HOUSTON, Texas – An arrest was announced at 6 p.m. Monday night at the Houston Fire Department Arson Headquarters in connection with the February 13th Quba Islamic Institute fire. Darryl Ferguson, age 55 of Houston, has been charged with arson. It appears the fire is not a hate crime. Ferguson told reporters at the police station that he was just trying to keep warm and the fire was an accident.

Ferguson approached detectives who were investigating in the area around the Islamic Institute and asked to talk to them, according to
ABC13 News in Houston. He is reported to have voluntarily admitted to setting the fire.


Breitbart Texas reported on the day of the fire that Houston fire officials confirmed that an accelerant was used to start the blaze. The early morning fire destroyed a storage area at a southeast Houston Islamic community and education center. The fire began at about 5 a.m. last Friday morning. A warehouse used to store books, furniture and supplies was destroyed but the mosque and school were untouched.

The crime is a felony of the first degree. Fort Bend County court records (attached below) show that Ferguson was previously indicted for burglary of a building and unauthorized use of a vehicle, both state jail felonies. Ferguson pleaded guilty to the crime of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and was sentenced to one year in county jail. The burglary charge was dismissed as part of the plea bargain. According to ABC13 News, Ferguson also has a criminal history for credit card abuse, trespassing, possession of a controlled substance, and prostitution. His criminal history does not include arson.

Breitbart Texas journalist Bob Price reported after the fire that left-of-center media appeared to have jumped to conclusions about who may have started the inferno and that the fire was started intentionally and was a hate crime.


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