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The Faked Hate Muslim Attack on a US Mosque is no different that what We have come to expect from Islam

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Published on: January 5, 2015

A mosque in Fresno, California, was vandalized on Christmas Day. The vandal broke windows and poured bleach on an American flag. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer immediately labeled the vandalism a “hate crime.” But the perpetrator was actually a Muslim named Asif Mohammad Khan, who, according to PJ Media, “used to attend the mosque and did the attack in response to bullying by some in the mosque.”

More faked hate. And still no media mea culpa.

How many times have I reported on mosque attacks that the mainstream media decried as “Islamophobia,” but were, in fact, either Muslim hoaxes (committed by Muslims) or actual accidents? Faked hate is an industry of Islamic supremacists like Hamas-CAIR, ISNA, MAS, et al. There is no such thing as “Islamophobia,” so they have to manufacture it.

This kind of thing happens all the time. In wake of the jihad beheading in Oklahoma City, Muslim leaders in that city demanded security protection from “Islamophobia.” U.K. Islamic supremacist Fiyaz Mughal complained of “Islamophobia” after a Muslim convert beheaded a woman in her garden. Hamas-CAIR exploited the race card in Ferguson to further divide Americans and destroy our free society.

A Muslim leader in Canada said after the October jihad murders there that “the main victims, other than the people who died yesterday, are Muslims themselves.” At the same time, a viral video showing an NYPD cop profiling Muslims turned out to have been staged by Muslims to smear police and stop counter-terror efforts. A week before that, a Muslim in Germany confessed to committing an arson attack at a mosque. A Muslim confessed to burning Qurans in front of a Dearborn mosque. In California, a Muslim husband got 25 years for honor-killing his wife in a case first characterized as a “hate crime” and blamed on “Islamophobes.”

This was made clear again last week when the latest FBI released the latest hate crime stats: Enemedia claims about “Islamophobia” are false. The statistics prove yet again what a myth “Islamophobia” really is. Islamist Watch reported that “of the 5,928 incidents of hate crime tabulated in 2013, 135 (2.3 percent) were anti-Islamic, an increase of five over the prior year but still slightly below the annual average of 139 from 2002 to 2011.”

Most religiously motivated hate crimes were anti-Jewish, and Muslims suffered fewer total incidents than many groups and fewer per capita than gays or Jews. Look at the contrast: “There were 1,031 incidents inspired by religion last year, 625 (60.6 percent) of which were anti-Jewish. Anti-Islamic ones constituted just 13.1 percent.”

That’s not all: “Anti-Islamic incidents were also outnumbered by those targeting blacks (1,856), whites (653), gay men (750), lesbians (160), LGBTs in general (277), Hispanics (331), and people of other ethnicities (324). Anti-Asian incidents (135) equaled anti-Islamic ones.”

The fact is that the charge of “Islamophobia” is a device designed to crush any criticism of Islam. It is the knee-jerk response to jihad carnage – victimizing the victim. Islamic supremacists and their leftist shills now decry “Islamophobia” during Islamic terror attacks. While the terror-stricken hostages in the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney were forced to hold up an Islamic flag, Muslim leaders and enemedia outlets were decrying “fear of reprisals.” It is a vicious, ugly lie.

It’s too bad that the FBI doesn’t break down how many of the few “anti-Muslim” hate crimes are committed by Muslims. We often find that Muslims do some of these acts of vandalism to give proof to the “Islamophobia” lie.

The myth of “Islamophobia” is an industry, the big lie, to silence critics of jihad and Islam. And every time another mosque is “attacked,” media heads explode with cries of racism (Islam is not a race) and hate. They never report the follow-up story – the kicker – that the perp is Muslim. More often than not, the attacker is Muslim, so as to give proof to the lie of Islamofauxbia.

The mosque attack in California this week is not any different from what we have come to expect. It was done by a Muslim. And this was the second time last month that an attack on a mosque was discovered to be committed by a Muslim or Muslims.

Algemeiner reported on Dec. 16 that “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has described a fire that broke out in a mosque in the West Bank village of Mughayer, near Ramallah, on November 12 as an “indefensible price tag attack” carried out by Jewish settlers, despite the conclusion reached by an Israeli firefighters investigation that the cause of the blaze was an electrical fault.”

And, of course, the Washington Post hasn’t reported the follow-up story at all. Neither has NBC News, Reuters or United Press International, which was blasting this mosque attack by “Jews” and the attendant “Islamophobia.” They haven’t had the decency even to say, “Never mind.” That wouldn’t fit in with their overall strategy of aiding and abetting the advance of the global jihad.

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