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Fast & Furious Update – Murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s Mom: Eric Holder Called My Son “Collateral Damage”

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Published on: February 6, 2020

Fast and Furious was happening just as I started writing, and I’ve had several strokes since, so my recollection may not be as vivid as many of yours.

Here are a couple of archived articles about Brian Terry if you need to refresh your memory(they will open in new window):

If you don’t remember, Border Agent Brian Terry was killed by a Fast and Furious gun supplied by Eric Holder’s DOJ.

Here is an interview with Josephine Terry, Brian’s Mother, which will be followed by some additional commentary.

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Warning: The podcast uses some explicit language

From TruePundit:

In a disturbing and shocking interview, the mother of Brian Terry, the federal border agent murdered by the DOJ & Eric Holder’s illegal Fast and Furious Mexican gun-running scheme, said her son feared for his life before his murder and knew the government was engaged in a wayward scheme.

On the Thomas Paine Podcast, Josephine Terry detailed many shocking revelations surrounding her son’s murder. Terry, a U.S. Border patrol Agent was gunned down by Mexican cartel members with one gun of thousands supplied by the Justice Department to Mexican criminals as part of the DOJ’s deadly and illegal Fast & Furious scheme. Terry’s mother said her son detailed parts of the scheme in a private journal that the FBI did not find when it raided his house after his murder.

“There are so many troubling and disturbing things in this interview that the public has never heard before,” said True Pundit’s Thomas Paine. “You have to wonder why no one in the Justice Department is in federal prison. And it was shocking to learn that Brian Terry not only feared for his life, but tipped off his superiors that something very wrong was going on at the border before his murder.

“Why hasn’t the mainstream or right-wing media reported on this on a large scale? It should be all over the news. They’re afraid to tell the truth.”


The Fast and Furious story has died down in recent years and it appears that Eric Holder is just another corrupt politician who was let off the hook.

Brian Terry was killed by a gun that Eric Holder’s DOJ supplied.

We’ve heard in recent months about Sandy Hook families being allowed to sue Remington.

Though I disagree with Remington’s responsibility for Sandy Hook, Eric Holder was directly responsible so, why shouldn’t Eric Holder receive the same treatment?

Isn’t it quite ironic that the man who led the Department of Justice has been allowed to escape it?

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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