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Fauci Appears On Meet The Press Pulling Information Out Of Thin Air (Video)

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Published on: May 12, 2021

It’s funny how Dr. Anthony Fauci can appear all across the Operation Mockingbird media (H/T Tim Brown) pulling all sorts of numbers out of his backside while providing zero evidence of those numbers and it becomes the truth. However, let someone quote government documents from various three letter agencies that have been circulated ad nauseum all over the truth media and one is basically accused of being a liar. Once again, Fauci appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press with presstitute Chuck Todd to throw out numbers, statements, and data the gullible, cowardly sheeple will repeat as fact without having any substantiation.

In this episode of “Hamner It Out”, Fauci’s interview by Chuck Todd is examined and his statements questioned that many will accept as fact, all the while, Fauci has pulled these out of his backside. Without providing any documentation, Fauci has made claims without pointing to his sources or references. No wonder the “numbers” keep changing and statements are contradictory. Likewise, Chuck Todd cites a study out of the University of Washington without providing a reference to the study, which is provided in the sources list, because the methodology is faulty due to certain variables being omitted.

All information referenced in this episode have been provided for your perusal.

Stay vigilant. Do your own research. Catch you on the flip side!


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