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Fauci Supports Biden’s Mandatory Mask-Wearing In Violation Of The Law!

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Published on: October 26, 2020

Editor’s Note:  Both Biden and Fauci are talking about not just violating the law which protects from the tyranny they seek to impose, but criminalizing those who don’t go along with their tyranny.  Here’s the law, fellas!

If you are an employee, here is the law, according to Title VII of H.R. 7152, aka the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“Sec. 703. (a) It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer—
(1) To fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate
against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or
privileges of employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or
national origin; or
(2) To limit, segregate, or classify his employees in any way which would deprive or tend
to deprive any individual of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect
his status as an employee, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or
national origin.
(d) It shall be an unlawful employment practice for any employer, labor organization,
or joint labor-management committee controlling apprenticeship or other training or
retraining, including on-the-job training programs to discriminate against any
individual because of his race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in admission to, or
employment in, any program established to provide apprenticeship or other training.”

If you are a customer, here is the law, according to Title II of H.R. 7152, aka the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“Sec. 202. All persons shall be entitled to be free, at any establishment or place, from
discrimination or segregation of any kind on the ground of race, color, religion, or
national origin, if such discrimination or segregation is or purports to be required by any
law, statute, ordinance, regulation, rule, or order of a State or any agency or political
subdivision thereof.
Sec. 203. No person shall (a) withhold, deny or attempt to withhold or deny, or deprive or
attempt to deprive, any person of any right or privilege secured by section 201 or 202, or
(b) intimidate, threaten, or coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any
person with the purpose of interfering with any right or privilege secured by section 201
or 202, or (c) punish or attempt to punish any person for exercising or attempting to
exercise any right or privilege secured by section 201 or 202.”

If you are a citizen, you’re covered by these too!

It can be difficult watching a people who have enjoyed the bounty of freedom handed down to them by previous generations, who paid for that freedom with their blood, whiz it away in the wind by wearing masks, supporting mask mandates, urging devastating lockdowns, and practicing the ridiculous social distancing. All of this over a scam-demic because the majority get their information from the lamestream, government-controlled propaganda entertainment, enemedia and lying government stooges. Even when presented with the truth, the cognitive dissonance is so strong the information is refuted with media talking points, flawed scientific studies or false scientific studies, and an attack on the messenger. These are the types of people who will support and even lobby the government to violate innumerable God-given individual unalienable rights to “protect” society from an invisible enemy no scientist has proven to exist.

In fact, Dr. Anthony Fauci and presidential candidate Joe Biden support mandating the American people wear masks.

Appearing Friday on CNN, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said the United States may want to mandate wearing masks to combat the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

Here’s the video transcript.

ERIN BURNETT: I understand you don’t want to wade into politics, but masks are not political, right? They shouldn’t be political, right? We see the president at these rallies and people don’t wear masks. Joe Biden does have a really different plan, right? Today he talked about it and he specifically talked about making mask-wearing mandatory.

FORMER VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: First, all go to every governor to mandate mask-wearing in their states and if they refuse, I’ll go to the mayors and county executives and get local mask requirements in place nationwide.

ERIN BURNETT: He also wants to make masks mandatory in federal buildings, interstate transportation. Do you think this is a good idea? Is this what a President of the United States would be helpful if they were doing?

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI: One of the issues people talk about mandating not being a good idea, because then they’ll say they have to enforce it and there’s going to be a difficulty in enforcing it. But if everyone agrees that this is something that’s important and they mandate it and everybody pulls together and say we’re going to mandate it, but let’s just do it, I think that would be a great idea to have everybody do it uniformly. One of the issues, I get the argument, they say if you mandate a mask, then you’re going to have to enforce it and that will create more of a problem. Well, if people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it.

First of all, many in the medical community live in a bubble – an echo chamber of medical interventions to prevent, mitigate, or cure illness and/or disease. While the medical community recognizes certain universal patient rights and responsibilities, there are some who use what some would consider unethical methods to gain a patient’s compliance – shaming, threats of refusing to treat, claiming insurance won’t pay claims if certain interventions are refused, and/or guilting. These “techniques” amount to nothing more than medical bullying to coerce patients to comply with “orders” or recommendations. By engaging in these types of techniques, medical professionals damage the doctor-patient or nurse-patient relationship, instilling distrust onto the professional chosen to provide medical care. It also erodes mutual respect – the doctor/nurse does not respect the patient’s right to choose nor his/her decision and the patient loses respect for the doctor/nurse due to the use of coercive techniques. Not all medical professionals use these techniques; but, there are many that do, despite the patient’s right to choose their treatment, which includes no treatment at all.

The shift is occurring rapidly where the medical community wants to engage in tyranny by mandating certain activities or treatments under certain circumstances despite universal God-given individual unalienable rights and patients’ rights recognized by all in the medical community. This is being led by an individual who hasn’t seen a patient since residency – Dr. Anthony Fauci – and the political machine that has seen great success in using the medical community to enact tyranny. Moreover, the medical community would be supporting punitive measures enforced by the “state” should anyone refuse to follow “mandates”. Those punitive measures could mean strict house arrest, inability to work or shop, jail time, and/or fines. Any of these measures, individually or collectively, would cause more health problems, death, homelessness, domestic abuse, and economic devastation, not to mention the mental and emotional trauma that would accompany these unconstitutional, illegal, lawless actions.

Unfortunately, the vacuum within which the medical community operates, at least some of the community, cannot see the danger in aligning with government to infringe upon the rights of the people. In their minds, there can be no individual rights when the “good of society” is at stake. The question then becomes, “who determines what is considered the good of society”? When individual rights and freedoms are trampled for any reason, it is never good for society and breeds evil in a society.

Most of the general public is buying these draconian, tyrannical measures based on faulty information repeated by individuals like Dr. Anthony Fauci, even though new information has been available for quite some time to dispel all his recommendations. And, the medical community is pushing the same measures much like a drug dealer pushing crack. Not only is the medical community willing to trample a patient’s right to choose, it is willing to trample the freedom of religion and free exercise of that religion as well.

Much of the medical community is notorious for engaging in hypocrisy. Certain religious denominations do not support certain medical treatments – one example is blood transfusions. The medical community recognizes this religious practice and belief even when it is life-threatening while it will punish other religious beliefs – one example in the State of Georgia is the rejection of autopsy except under criminal circumstances. Doctors in the State of Georgia lobbied the legislature to require an autopsy upon a patient’s death when medical malpractice or negligence are in question. It matters not whether the doctor’s action caused the patient undue suffering before death from a terminal illness. Without an autopsy in conjunction with clear documentation to support the claim, no lawyer will touch it despite the State omitting a religious belief exception. Supposedly, this was to stem “frivolous” legal actions. Yet, if the patient does not die, one can proceed with a medical malpractice or negligence suit.

Now, the people are facing medical tyranny in the form of forced medical intervention concerning vaccines and/or mask mandates without any form of medical or religious exemption. The question is “why”? What has the medical community forgotten as far as ethics, law, and morality are concerned? Unfortunately, that is a question that can only be answered by doctors and nurses operating in the echo chamber vacuum. These are the same individuals who don the masks and recommend masks knowing the masks don’t work, but engage in the fantasy to keep jobs, leading the rest of society into believing a lie. Then, these same individuals support a tyranny of forced medical treatment in violation of ethics, morals, and law. They forget that any “law”, mandate or executive order in violation of the Constitution is null and void; and, in supporting any of those measures, they are supporting tyranny and assault and battery.

While there are brave doctors and nurses willing to stand up and refute all of the misinformation being plastered on the airwaves by Fauci and company. These brave men and women have researched the information, caught the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) updating information proving what many have said all along, and paid the price through censorship, sanctions, and defamation. Where is the rest of the medical community? They are working public health government jobs, following orders, gaining ego boosts from the “power” gained through “health emergency declarations”, and/or just going along to get along – working with their head down to avoid losing a license. They forget that mandates or mandatory anything always comes at the end of a gun barrel wielded by a government law enforcement agent.

Despite mandates, there will always be individuals who exercise their rights. Would the medical community recommend imprisonment, assault and battery, or government-sanctioned murder against those exercising their rights? Some would. There is no doubt about that. But, where do the others stand?

The tyranny starts with something simple like mask-wearing. If that gains momentum, other actions more horrid follow. Ignorance is no excuse. It’s past time for the medical community to leave the echo chamber vacuum and listen to their colleagues who have compiled massive amounts of information contradicting the “less than expert almost incompetent” Anthony Fauci; then, it’s time to stand up and be counted. If not, these members of the medical community deserve any and all legal action taken against them. There is no pandemic exception to the Constitution. It’s time the medical community got it right. The pharmaceutical companies have been given immunity from responsibility for damages incurred from the vaccine by Congress.

At this point, the confidence in the general medical community engaging in silence held by this writer is nil. It should with the majority of the public. It is by the silence of consensus that will result in the American public being harmed. And, that harm will be on the silent complicit members of the medical community. Shame on you all!

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