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Fauci’s Fraud

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Published on: June 21, 2021

Ever since this fake pandemic began, we have been hearing from Dr. Fauci that this virus was very dangerous. First of all, this virus wasn’t as dangerous as a typical flu season. Yes, there are certain segments of society where this virus was specifically dangerous; the elderly eighty and over, those that had underlying health issues such as heart conditions, diabetes, and other situations. But those same people are susceptible to the regular flu as well. The H1N1 flu that hit in 2010-11 was much more dangerous than CV19. It had a mortality rate of 2.5% and 60 million Americans were affected by it.

COVI-19 is a much different story. In an article published in August of last year 1 there were 161,392 deaths from CV19 but we are finding that the vast majority of those deaths had underlying conditions. Some reports go as far as saying only 6% actually died as a result of CV19. This means that there is a high probability that only 9,683 actually died from CV19. We already had a survival rate of 99.98% which is better than the regular flu so why did we have shutdowns, quarantines, mask mandates?

Agenda is the only answer. The Democrats were desperate to find a way to discredit Trump because if they didn’t, he would win the 2020 election in a landslide just like Reagan did in 1984. I believe that he did win it with 84 million votes to Biden’s 66 million votes but they had planned a massive voter fraud scheme to win the election. Biden even stated that they had put together the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of America. 2

Another part of the agenda is to make the people fear this virus. They have succeeded with a large amount of the people. How many of you have seen a person alone in a car, windows up, wearing a mask? I’m sorry but that is as dumb as a rock. Masks are actually dangerous to wear all the time. An email Dr. Anthony Fauci sent in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic is reinvigorating outrage about face masks. In the email, first obtained by the Washington Post and BuzzFeed News via public records requests, Fauci said that masks “are not really effective” at keeping out COVID-19.

The longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases wrote, “Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection.”

Dr. Fauci added that a “typical mask you buy in the drug store” doesn’t really keep the virus out, because the particles pass through the material, but said it might “provide some slight benefit … if someone coughs or sneezes on you.” 3 The store-bought masks can stop a particle that is about 3 microns in size but the CV19 virus is about .012 microns in size so wearing the mask is like putting up a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitoes.

I believe that it was a test run to see just how far we could be pushed. Some people are not capable of critical thinking and will do whatever they are told. I’m sure that we will see people wearing masks at the drop of a hat in the future.

The liberals have pushed the envelope on violating a person’s rights. I know of no case where the government has the right to suspend our constitutional rights, except for Marshall Law, so to force us to accept medical treatment or procedures is illegal. The Nuremberg Code concerning medical experiments, and the CV19 ‘vaccine’ is an experiment, can only be used on consenting people: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential” 4 A business cannot demand customers or employees to get this ‘vaccine’.

These ‘vaccines’ are not really vaccines. First of all, these have been authorized under the Emergency Use Authorization and are NOT FDA approved. Consequentially, any negative side effects you may have, even death, will not be covered under your insurance. Some of these side effects are very dangerous. The mRNA can cause 21 severe side effects including stroke, anaphylaxis, autoimmune disease, thrombocytopenia, and even death.5

Here’s where critical thinking comes in handy. You can go to a restaurant for dinner but you have to have a mask to walk to your table but you can take it off to eat. That’s like having a peeing section in a swimming pool. How about basketball players have to wear a mask on the sidelines but when they get out on the court, they breathe on each other, handle the same ball, and sweat on each other for 48 minutes. Remember the peeing section? Even in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic most of the people that died wore masks and died of bronchial pneumonia caused by wearing the mask, not the Spanish Flu.

We say Democrat-controlled states overreach their power to try to take absolute control over the people. Banned churches from meeting but allowed strip joints to stay open. California just lost a case where a church sued them and won. Think about it, big box stores could stay open, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and grocery store could stay open but not a church. Call me a conspiracy theorist but this was done for a reason. Control!

The masks that Fauci told us were a must are totally ineffective: The existing scientific evidences challenge the safety and efficacy of wearing facemask as preventive intervention for COVID-19. The data suggest that both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, supporting against the usage of facemasks.

Wearing facemasks has been demonstrated to have substantial adverse physiological and psychological effects. These include hypoxia, hypercapnia, shortness of breath, increased acidity and toxicity, activation of fear and stress response, rise in stress hormones, immunosuppression, fatigue, headaches, decline in cognitive performance, predisposition for

viral and infectious illnesses, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Long-term consequences of wearing facemask can cause health deterioration, developing and progression of chronic diseases and premature death. Governments, policy makers and health organizations should utilize prosper and scientific evidence-based approach with respect to wearing facemasks, when the latter is considered as preventive intervention
for public health.6

There is a picture of Fauci, Melinda Gates, and Obama at the Wuhan Lab. Fauci’s National Institute of Health gave the Wuhan lab millions for research into ‘bat viruses’. Is he at the least partially responsible for this worldwide catastrophe? I would have to say yes. The emails that have come out will take some time to study to find out just how much he was involved and just what he is guilty of. I’m sure it will be a lot.

This cannot be allowed to be swept under the rug. The people that died must be given justice.

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