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FBI Informant Mark McConnell Gets Surprise Christmas Gift from Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

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Published on: December 26, 2016

If you recall, Mark McConnell was revealed to be an FBI informant in the case against the Bundys and other protesters at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. He also engaged in spreading propaganda following the murder of LaVoy Finicum, which would have never occurred if it were not for his playing Judas. However, on Christmas Eve morning, after nearly two months of attempts, McConnell was served an injunction against harassment restraining order by Sheriffs on behalf of Oregon protester Jon Ritzheimer.

Guerilla Media Network reports:

On Tuesday – October 11th, 2016 – Jon Ritzheimer was sitting at a outside table at Nana Tee’s restaurant in Phoenix Arizona with friends when he was suddenly assaulted by Mark McConnell and girlfriend Shannon Vita, who were armed and ready to fight.

Ritzheimer, who would eventually be arrested for his role during the possession of the Refuge, said he was minding his own business when McConnell came at him aggressively walking up to his table; Jon’s friends saw McConnell before he did.

“I stood up as I saw him approach the table – he said, and I remember thinking as he and his girlfriend flashed their weapons, this could get ugly.”

Witnesses say it was clear McConnell was spoiling for a fight and that he knew because of Jon’s court-ordered release conditions he would not be carrying a weapon and likely to break his pre-trial release agreement if he were to engaged in a public fight.  But it did not stop McConnell from approaching Ritzheimer using intimidation to coax him to react.

Friends say Jon stayed very calm and told McConnell that he wanted nothing to do with him.  Ritzheimer filed a police report the following day on October 12th, 2016.

Ritzheimer pleaded guilty to the same charges in which others, including the Bundy Brothers, were acquitted and has been seeking to reverse his plea deal.

Since October 18, 2016, Maricopa County Sheriffs have been attempting to serve McConnell with an Injunction against Harassment restraining order, but were unable to locate him. However, they received a tip early on Christmas Eve morning that he had been at home with a hangover and the injunction was served later that day.

“McConnell and members of the Arizona lll% Organization, Veterans On Patrol, and various groups who run operations on the border, have been critical of Mr. Ritzheimer and others who participated in the adverse possession of the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge, and that criticism took a sinister turn when McConnell approached an unsuspecting Jon Ritzheimer who was simply having dinner with his friends,” reported Deb Jordan of The Pete Santilli Show. “Even though some of McConnell’s friends were also present at the refuge, and are documented to have been reporting to the FBI on a daily basis, none played as clear a role as Mark McConnell did while there.”

“Fueled by internet rumor and speculation, many threats have been posted by McConnell and his followers on social media,” she added. “So much so, a Judge ruled clearly that Mark McConnell and anyone acting on his behalf, posed a real threat to Mr. Ritzheimer and his wife Rachel – and have been ordered to stop all harassment and have no contact including on-line.”

According to Jordan militia groups in Arizona and other Western States have apparently been infiltrated by Judases like McConnell. According to an unnamed source, “We heard a lot of talk coming out of Arizona before, during, and after the Occupation of Malhuer – that was, and continues to be pretty threatening. It has not gotten past us that much of that talk originated with Mark McConnell and his friend Melvin Lee – said one concerned activist — to think that good men would wrap their arms around informants and call them Brothers – to simply settle a vendetta is abhorrent to me – he said. It is clear they want some kind of turf war that will turn former allies into mortal enemies, and good organizations into gangs.”

Here’s a copy of the documents that are relevant to the injunction.

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