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Fear : A Great Motivator Helps Keep Sheeple Under Wraps

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Published on: July 21, 2020

Watching what is happening in the united States today, I can’t help but surmise that the portion of the population complying with “mask recommendations” are doing so out of fear.  Whether it is fear of contracting the coronavirus, fear of government retaliation, aka law enforcement being called, fear of assault and battery by deranged individuals if you don’t wear a mask, or because the lamestream government-controlled entertainment propaganda media has bombarded the populace with fear porn, Americans are being ruled by fear – not knowledge, not facts, and certainly not scientific knowledge and facts.  What we are seeing is that fear is a great motivator and needs to be addressed among Americans.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  This goes back to the tendency for humans to take the path of least resistance.  Sometimes, it is easier to submit, alter one’s normal behavior, or do nothing than it is to fight for blessings bestowed upon one by God.  It also comes down to fear – fear of retaliation;  fear of losing one’s possessions;  fear of losing respect;  as well as other fears.  But, as President Harry S. Truman once said, “When even one American – who has done nothing wrong – is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth – then all Americans are in peril.”  It matters not what the fear is;  what matters is the reaction to that fear.  More importantly, the temperance of our fear should come from our belief and faith in Our Lord.

Fear is a powerful motivator.  It can cause otherwise good people to advocate for wrong-doing.  History abounds with examples – Nazi Germany, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Lenin and Stalin’s Russia, etc.  When people fear being denied something on the basis of standing up for their rights and/or the rights of others, they are prone to alter their behavior to avoid confronting those violating their rights in the belief they are retaining their rights. In reality, you are surrendering to fear using the illusion of retaining your rights to justify cowardice.  For example, if you cross the street to avoid an illegal search by police on one side of the street, you may believe that you have retained your rights;  however, you have not.  The violator continues to violate the law while you have condoned his behavior out of fear to confront the violator.  This is not the best example.  However, when one alters a normal behavior to avoid having a right infringed or unlawfully taken away, one is condoning the violation out of multiple fears that surround the possibility of punishment,  having that right infringed, and confronting the unlawful behavior.  Instead of continuing with your right to freedom of movement on the side of the street on which you are walking, you cross the street, altering your normal movement, to avoid having your movement restricted.  It’s the same as consenting to an illegal search to retain your right to exercise your freedom of movement.  In short, you are surrendering one right in order to preserve another.  For the government, one freedom/right is conditional on the surrender of another.  Either way, freedom is lost.

All across the united States, politicians are ramping up the fear over coronavirus once again.  In fact, several cities have enacted mandatory face mask-wearing in public for all residents or face an exorbitant fine.  This begs the question, “what are these politicians basing their ‘orders’ upon”?  Simple – plenty of misinformation peddled by quack scientists like the National Institute of Health’s Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the Center of Disease Control director Dr. Robert Redfield, and other government shills in order to fleece the public of money.  Ironically, many crank politicians want to defund the police while needing the police to write ordinance violations against the public and have police ignore actual crime.  Never mind the article in the New England Journal of Medicine authored by Fauci, Redfield, and Dr. Clifford Lane that indicated the mortality rate of COVID-19 is akin to that of influenza, 0.1%.

The premiere medical publication read by almost every doctor in the world printed an article, authored by two government entity heads, that contradicts everything being stated in public.  Which information is correct?  The current state of COVID-19, reports coming out indicating mortality rates for this “virus” have been manipulated to be worse than it is, suggest the NEJM article is correct and what is being portrayed to the public is propaganda to induce fear.  And, doctors are going along with the fear porn while ignoring the information in the prestigious NEJM.  The media is the gasoline on this fear fire.  Let’s not forget that “scientists” have not even been able to identify the virus as anything new or even isolate it.

The really sad part in all of this is the readily compliant people who follow without question, do without knowing why;  refuse to research outside the official narrative;  and, engage in ostracizing those who have done the research and attempt to communicate to the masses the truth regarding coronavirus.  We know the futility of wearing masks;  so does the medical profession.  We know the lies those in government are peddling.  Yet, the sheeple, some knowing the government is lying, will follow the instructions given by those in government.  Some law enforcement officers will issue citations to individuals who refuse to comply with a city’s “mask” ordinance.  And, with corporations like Walmart, Kroger and Home Depot demanding customers wear masks in order to shop inside the facility, individuals who have researched the subject of wearing masks and know they do not work will face discrimination in being asked to leave and face law enforcement officers if they don’t.  What a perfect storm for pseudo-legalized theft of the public and infringement upon individual rights as well as the law.  But, many cities are dismantling their police force or officers are resigning in mass so it’s possible those who base their decision to not wear a mask on the science might not be cited.  Instead, you might find your car stolen, your house burglarized, your business destroyed and looted all thanks to government that promoted such injustice.

These “masks” – those looking identical to those worn by medical professionals – the public is buying are made in less than “clean” conditions.  Do a YouTube search using “masks being made in unsanitary conditions” and your eyes will open.  Moreover, those “masks” won’t prevent this coronavirus and compliant people are wearing masks that were made on a dirty floor contaminated with only God knows what.  Oh, don’t forget to look at the warning on the side of the box of these masks that tells you they will not protect against coronavirus or influenza.  And, remember, a new mask has to be donned with each situation.  You cannot use the same mask over and over or even continuously daily because it gets contaminated.  Masks are one use only items.  Cloth masks don’t work either and the same applies.  Those pretty masks everyone is making using regular cloth don’t work and must be washed after each use.

Do another search on YouTube using “risk of wearing masks daily” and you will find a video that explains what happens to your lungs when you do, along with many others that provide valuable information.  It doesn’t matter what kind of mask it is;  it does damage.  One has to marvel at the sheeple who wear their masks in an enclosed vehicle when driving alone.  And, while political hacks have stifled church services and other gatherings because “coronavirus” and need for social distancing, riotous, violent, thieving mobs are allowed to damage businesses, take over entire city blocks, tear down public statues, and commit other atrocities without masks or social distancing.  

All this “science” being touted by Fauci, Redfield, Birx and supported by President Trump is dependent on “germ theory”.  Everyone has heard that term by now.  And, by now, everyone should realize that germ theory is still a theory just like Darwin’s theory of evolution – neither have been proven as factual.    Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”  Are you getting the picture yet?

What has made Americans so fearful?  This virus is no more fatal than the average influenza;  yet, the majority of the people, motivated out of fear, don masks that will not protect against the coronavirus.  Americans seem to fear the power of the government.  It isn’t difficult to figure out why either.  With the militarized police departments and the unconstitutional spying upon Americans and the hoovering of every piece of data the government can gather, plus the spreading of propaganda by the lamestream government-controlled entertainment propaganda enemedia, the steady diet of fear fed to the public is almost overwhelming.  The people fear the government so there can be no liberty.  It is when government fears the people that liberty abounds.

Corporations are not in the clear either.  Commercial after commercial reminds the public of the dangers of COVID-19 while providing “measures” one can implement to alleviate the exaggerated narrative.  The best yet has come from the Hallmark Channel, where celebrities who appear in their movies and weekly shows thank “essential” workers they name as doctors, nurses, first responders, store clerks, and those “keeping us safe” while they express their love for everyone then urging people to stay home with a final “we can do this, we are all in this together”.  If you have a business, a job and a family, you are essential.  But, while big box stores are allowed to stay open, small businesses and their employees are told to stay home.  Hallmark has not stopped making movies;  neither has Hollywood.  So, are we going to see all those actors on the big screen wearing masks in new upcoming movies?  Hardly.

But, we are still left with the question, what has made Americans so fearful to the point of being paralyzed?  The people of the country who kicked major Hitler bootie in World War II have shrunk into a paralyzed blob.  The only ones not paralyzed are the unconstitutional, progressive, lawless idiots supported by government and private donations from corporations and the wealthy elite – the individuals to which these rioters align because of the possession of the same ideology and those who seek to enslave us all.  So, where is the posterity of the people of a country who kicked major Hitler bootie to stand up against the bullies?

Well, there are a few of us scattered around the country – probably more than a few.  However, you wouldn’t know it from walking around in your local Walmart.  And, despite numerous conversations with medical professionals in various fields who state the masks don’t prevent coronavirus, these individuals continue to don masks to keep their job – fear of being fired and unemployed.

What would happen if Americans feared the Lord Almighty and Jesus Christ more than the government?  Well, these political hacks wouldn’t be in office.  There wouldn’t be any mask-wearing.  And, riotous, violent, thieving mobs would be sent packing to the barn to hide in the haystacks.  Law enforcement officers would soon understand that if they violate their oath to uphold the Constitution, the people will certainly make sure these oath violators are sent packing.  Unconstitutional spending would stop as well as spying on everyone within the borders of the US.  Illegal alien invasion would decrease drastically because no one would tolerate anyone violating the immigration law.  Illegal aliens would be requested to leave on their own or risk the just judgment of the people.  Ridiculous laws would be repealed and treaties non-compliant with the Constitution would be canceled.  The US would be out of the UN and the UN would be out of the US.  The IRS would be overhauled if not dismantled and the federal government would be back to asking States for money, having to justify the expenses, to cover the shortfall.

The list could continue but you get the point.  Freedom and liberty could be restored.  But, it takes courage, not fear to do so.  So, where are the people of the country who kicked major Hitler bootie?  Well, most of that generation is dead and gone.  But, their posterity are walking around wearing masks, jeopardizing their livelihood, the support of their family, and basic needs (food, clothing, shelter) because the government says the big bad coronavirus is gonna kill us all if we don’t cripple ourselves.


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