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Feds: Phoenix Muslims Who Attempted Muhammad Cartoon Mass Murder Considered Super Bowl Attack

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Published on: June 18, 2015

Here is more proof of what I have stated all along: our Garland, Texas, art exhibit saved lives. With the arrest yesterday of Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem, a third jihadi in the Garland jihad terror attack, we learned that they had been plotting mass murder long before we announced our Muhammad art exhibit. If they had hit a softer target, the outcome would have been vastly different.

The indictment also says that others were involved, so expect more arrests. Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem met with the other Muslim terrorists involved in the Garland, Texas, shooting in his home beginning in January, and provided the guns they used in the May 3 shooting.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

We had security because we understood who and what we were dealing with. We always have security at our events. If the Obama administration and law enforcement studied the jihadic doctrine and acknowledged the ideology behind this war, we wouldn’t be in the fix we are in now. Groping five-year-old girls at airport security and the NSA surveillance of everyone comes from their unwillingness to acknowledge the real problem and surveil Muslims.

Calling him “off-the-charts dangerous,” authorities outlined the evidence Tuesday against the Phoenix Muslim who helped orchestrate a shootout on our free speech event in Texas and had aspirations to join the Islamic State terrorist organization and attack the Super Bowl.

The Phoenix Muslims were armed with three pistols, three assault rifles, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition when they attacked the AFDI art exhibit in Garland.

Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem attended the same mosque as the other two jihadists for at least four years, and, at times, volunteered to clean the carpets. On at least one occasion, Ibrahim Simpson, killed in the Garland jihad shooting, helped him with the carpets.  Usama Shami, president of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, has been caught lying on several occasions about their involvement in the mosque. The mosque should be investigated and shuddered. It has become a hub of jihad terror.

If we had a responsible media, they would report more of the positive developments in light of the Garland terror attack. Two jihadists were taken out before they could commit mass murder. By drawing them out, we exposed their network. We were able to expose the cell without getting anyone killed. The FBI are now going after the sources. More arrests of jihad killers are being made. We are gleaning intel from their computers.

We smoked out a terror structure.

In the wake of Garland, the FBI put more American terror suspects under constant surveillance. Every city across US had “subjects of concern.” Perhaps the would-be beheaders in Boston were under surveillance as a result of the Garland terror attack. Lives were saved in the Boston jihad takedown.

After Garland, the military took the threat seriously enough to raise the threat level to BRAVO, one of the highest levels it has reached since 911.

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“Feds: Phoenix suspect may have considered Super Bowl attack,” USA Today, June 17, 2015

PHOENIX — Federal officials have arrested a 43-year-old Phoenix man they believe played a key role in planning a failed gun attack on a controversial event in Garland, Texas, last month.

Our event was not controversial. Murdering Americans on American soil because of our freedom is …. “controversial.”

They say he may also have wanted to attack the Super Bowl, which was played in Glendale in February.

Two Phoenix roommates were shot dead almost instantly as they charged the Texas event with guns blazing on May 3.

Thursday’s arrest by the FBI of Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem marks the first public glimpse of a widening federal investigation into the attack.


Report: FBI may have missed chance to stop Texas shooters

Kareem, a Muslim convert who runs a Phoenix-area carpet-cleaning and moving business, appeared in U.S. District Court on Tuesday afternoon.

Kareem was charged in a federal indictment with conspiracy, transporting firearms across state lines with the intent to commit a felony, and providing false statements to federal agents.

According to the four-page, three-count federal grand-jury indictment, Kareem began conspiring with shooters Elton Francis Simpson and Nadir Hamid Soofi months before the shooting took place, and potentially as early as Jan. 7, when terrorists attacked the French publication Charlie Hebdo.


What drove Phoenix duo to murderous Texas plot?

Prosecutors believe Kareem invited Simpson, 31, and Soofi, 34, into his home to discuss the Garland event, where participants were asked to draw the prophet Mohammed, an act that is offensive to many Muslims.

This is the media misinforming again. Our event was not announced until late February. They were meeting plotting an attack in January. In retrospect, it was a good thing it was ours.

More than a week before the event in Garland, Simpson responded to a Somalia-based suspected terrorist’s social-media call for an attack on those who drew Mohammed. But the federal indictment handed down last week raises the prospect that the Phoenix men were plotting the attack well before the call to arms.

Federal prosecutors said Kareem, Simpson and Soofi discussed plans to travel from Phoenix to Texas to attack the event, according to the indictment.

The three men also “traveled to remote desert areas near Phoenix, Arizona, to practice shooting firearms,” the grand jury said.


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