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Ferguson, Missouri – There is No Side

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Published on: August 19, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri. Black young adult shot by white cop. Instantly, there is an emotional reaction. Sides are taken. The cop was at fault. The black guy was at fault. Who’s right and who’s wrong?

The black guy is not instantly guilty for being black. Neither is the black guy instantly innocent because he’s black. The young adult is not instantly to be mourned because he was young. Neither is the young adult instantly to be insulted because he was young. The “kid” was high. He was stoned, maybe even on the sizzurp. That doesn’t make him a target. Neither does it make him a martyr. The black guy had just committed a larceny, a shoplift combined with threatening. That doesn’t mean he needed to be shot. Neither does it mean that he didn’t need to be shot.

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The cop is not instantly innocent because he serves and protects. Neither is the cop instantly guilty because he was white. Nor is he instantly guilty because the cops in general are militarized. He is not guilty because he didn’t want his name released. Neither is he innocent because he was persecuted in the press.

In fact, there is no good side here. In all likelihood, Michael Brown was a small-time punk who used his size to get things he wanted. The videotape shows him in action. Photographs in the press showing him as a young lad are worse than misleading, they are lies. The press, the media, is unbearably in the corner of the black guy. Why? This is not 1862, and Michael Brown was not shot during a slave uprising. The cop is not a plantation owner. The only slavery the black man has today is to the government, which trades welfare as reparation, but reaps only ingratitude.

In fact, we are all slaves to the government. They tax us even as they print money endlessly. Why do they need our tax income if they’re going to print it? To remind us that we are their slaves. The federal government rolls over our states’ rights regarding guns, borders, and militias. They hand our “civil rights” to groups as “special rights” and demand that we not react in anger. They send us to war, but we seek not victory, only parity, as if we exist in the NFL.

Michael Brown was a hedonist and a small-time criminal. That was his evil. Whether or not he was a nice young man is not my concern, only whether or not to defend him. I cannot. The “shrine” built to him by his “brethren” in Ferguson is comprised of liquor, cough syrup, and pill bottles. Really? That’s the paean to his life well-lived? The videotape showing his petty larceny has become taboo to discuss, as if it poisons the well of truth. This is because they wish not to see the truth of his evil, but only his smiling chubby face.

Darren Wilson is part of the New (Old) World Order. That is his evil. Whether he knows it or not, he’s part of the militarization of American cops. In the world we live in, where we trade “safety” for liberty every day, Darren Wilson is just a cog. An expendable part of the machine that swallows us. Do I exaggerate? Only in that I don’t know Darren Wilson’s thoughts. But if we take the side of the police instantly, without reservation, it means we buy into the “safety” principle. If so, we are willing to trade liberty for security. But we deserve neither.

Michael Brown doesn’t represent liberty. He represents hedonistic freedom for angry blacks and guilt-ridden whites. The freedom to take what you want by force. The freedom to numb the mind and walk the streets with no sense of purpose other than to feel good. Is that a crime? The first one is. The second one could be, depending what state you live in. Is it immoral? The first one is. The second one is not.

Darren Wilson doesn’t represent security. He represents power of the elite over the helpless. He reminds us that ownership of guns by citizens is imperative. He reminds us that the Third Amendment, as well as the Second, is profound. Darren Wilson represents what we believe to be scary about cops. But we cannot crucify, or vindicate, Darren Wilson merely because he is a cop. We need to make that conclusion in a court of law.

If Darren Wilson goes to trial, it is imperative that the jury of his peers have not taken any sides. We don’t want a juror to be overwhelmingly pro-cop. We don’t want a juror to be injuriously pro-black. We don’t need militants on our juries. We need rational people who can make decisions. Not side-taking radicals. Not namby-pamby know-nothings.

In the same vein, I am sick to death of hearing that only blacks get the short end of the cop bludgeon. In New Mexico, only a few months ago, a homeless white man was shot in the back by cops. The incident was filmed. The film is on YouTube. There is no doubt that the homeless man was not attacking the police. There is no doubt the cops shot up this white man with no provocation. Was there an uproar? Yes, from the citizens. Was there a riot or looting? No, there was an angry town hall meeting where politicians had to flee from their fear of the crowd. Good! And the media? Well, you’re not hearing about this assassination anymore, are you? This shows me that the media takes sides based on color. The killing of the homeless man couldn’t have been more brutal, telling, or clear. But the media shrugs.

When the Arabs lob bombs at Israel, the media says, “Oh well, you know how them crazy A-rabs are!” When the Israelis fight back, it is suddenly a crime against humanity to lob bombs. Sides have been taken.

We are supposed to worry about the quarantine of the Ebola-infected in Liberia. But if we say we don’t want Ebola in America, the media believes that’s code for “I hate blacks.” How about, “I hate Ebola!” How about, “I hate the side-taking media!”

Yes, we must take sides. Against evil. That means against corruption, savagery, statism, crime, and hedonism. These are known to destroy empires, and incur the wrath of God. Give the Muslims credit for acting on their beliefs with passion.

But give them all the blame for being murderers who justify murder by calling it war. And give us all the blame for not taking them at their word- WE ARE AT WAR.

But where it concerns Michael Brown and Darren Wilson, there are no sides to take. Michael Brown was making trouble. Darren Wilson was responding to that trouble. Michael Brown became belligerent. Darren Wilson went military. Michael Brown went forceful. Darren Wilson went lethal. It’s hard to see how you can fault the cop here. It’s hard to see how you can’t sympathize with the black guy here. Not two heroes. Not two villains. Two people participating in the “lesser-of-two-evils” game. That is not a choice. There is no side to take.

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