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Finally, Tucker Carlson Points Out The Republican Party Is Impotent When It Came To Civil Unrest: “They Are Weak” (Video)

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Published on: June 20, 2020

I have said it for years:  Democrats are the Socialists, Communists and Islamists with their masks off committing crimes against the people left and right, but the Republicans are the impotent little children who are at their best when they are not in power, pointing out the unconstitutional and lawless deeds of others.  Put them in power and what do you get?  Whining, complaining and vacillating… oh, and compliance.  In a recent Tucker Carlson, show he points out just how weak the Republican Party actually is, and it’s all by design.

Here’s Tucker’s rant on Friday night.

Apart from him calling representatives “leaders” and “protectors,” I think his comments were spot on in addressing the current civil unrest and insurrections in various cities across the country, and he laid the blame for the continuing of the mob at the feet of Republicans for failing to respond.

“Nobody stopped them, there was no opposition to their power grab.” said Carlson. “Millions of people regularly vote for the Republican Party precisely because they would like someone to protect this country from the crazed ideologues who seek to destroy it.”

“There’s not really another reason to vote Republican, unless you happen to be one of those rare people who wants more pointless foreign wars and enjoys sucking up to banks, most people don’t,” Carlson continued. “But when the moment of crisis came, Republicans ran away.”

The Marxist usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah was brought up and Carlson pointed out that if the same scenario played out with “right wingers” engaging in such behavior, he would have put the kibosh on it pronto.

However, it’s more than mere rioting and looting going on.

It’s the destruction of the country’s history via desecrating and tearing down monuments, something that Marxists readily engage in around the world.

In reporting on President Trump’s response to Carlson via Twitter, National File wrote:

At one point, Carlson compared the current administration’s response to the civil unrest to a hypothetical mirrored situation in the Obama administration, and noted that Americans would have expected more than vague statements on Twitter.

Later in his show, Carlson would note that Dr. Anthony Fauci recently seemed to believe he is now control of the country as he appeared to issue orders to Americans regarding the upcoming NFL season.

Within hours of the broadcast, President Trump wrote on Twitter that he “Informed Dr. Fauci this morning that he has nothing to do with NFL Football.”

The president continued, “Forced Democrat Minnesota to bring in the National Guard & end rioting & looting after seeing the destruction in Minneapolis.”

President Trump also reported that he is waiting to hear from “Dem run Washington State” regarding whether they need “help in taking back Seattle,” and that he is “Ready to move quickly!”

President Trump first attempted to tag Carlson’s Twitter account unsuccessfully, and then successfully tagged Carlson in a third tweet.

Now, I am more akin to the thinking of Dr. Edwin Vieira, one of the US’ most recognized and respected constitutional attorneys for his comments that President Trump encouraged governors to get a handle on the situation in their states before he would call in the National Guard to deal with the insurrections.

Dr. Edwin Vieira On The President’s Authority & Duty To Suppress Insurrections

Yet, honestly, when lawlessness tends to abound, the president seems more comfortable telling the equivalent of a “your mama” joke and saying people are violating the law than he does bringing any resolve in justice.  Take Hillary Clinton for example.

Carlson called it just right.  It’s not that the Republican Party doesn’t have a decent platform, it’s that most of those who wear that political jersey don’t uphold the law nor are they interested in anything more than keeping the paycheck and power.

It’s time that behavior and mindset was put to an end so that the people might have proper and lawful representation.

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