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“Financial Rebellion”: Catherine Austin Fitts, Corey Lynn, Carolyn Betts, & Polly Tommey

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Published on: April 16, 2022

In Financial Rebellion’s 17th episode on Children’s Health Defense TV, Catherine Austin Fitts, Corey Lynn, Carolyn Betts and Polly Tommey engage in a discussion about how to fight back against the Beast system being put in place against us..

In this powerful, crucial episode of “Financial Rebellion,” guest Corey Lynn of Corey’s Digs discusses the push to use “major psychological obedience training” to control the population, “cradle to grave.” Corey breaks down the programs that utilize data mining and indoctrinate users to rely on digital currency. She also provides practical advice on how to push back and break off from this dangerous downhill slope.

According to Lynn, they “also discussed fintechs for kids, ditching smart phones, big tech brainwashing, where the future is headed and ways to thwart the deep state agenda.”

Don’t miss this episode!  Click below to watch.


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