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Find Out How Your Voting Rights Are Now On The Chopping Block

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Published on: March 26, 2022

According to the US Gov. Voting Rights website, our right to vote can be traced back to the First Amendment (see:

Voting in federal elections is NOT a mandate, at least for now. Do you want someone “mandating” to you an action that is an individual choice?

You’ll find your State’s right to vote protection in its Constitution. (For example, we live in NC and GA. The right to vote is protected in the NC Constitution, Article 6: GA’s is protected under Article 2 of their Constitution:

You can use the following link to find your State’s Constitution and where your right to vote is protected –

However, what if, we, the Liberty Belles, were to show and tell you that your very right to vote (representative governing) is on the verge of extinction? Not via big government; rather it’s the ‘school choice’ fallacy.

With mid-term elections upon us, how many candidates will be spouting off support for ‘school choice’? How well do you know the truth about ‘school choice’?

How much does your candidate really know?

Based on the work and research of the late, great Charlotte Iserbyt, we, the Liberty Belles will expand upon her findings to present to America, the truth that education is being used as a tool to DESTROY your RIGHT to VOTE!

Charlotte showed us how ‘school choice’ is destroying the representative form of gov’t at the school board level. However, will the destruction and control of local school boards be the only victims of tyranny and the finality of voting?

As parents and residents of sovereign States, we cannot allow our right to vote at the local level to be usurped. Remember, unconstitutional education is woven into every issue facing us today. It is imperative we retain our sovereign control over local government. Without it, our representative form of government, our republic, is endangered and would begin the route to destruction of our Constitution.

Join Suzanne and Lynne, April 2, 2022, at 7pm for our live “Saturday Night Special”.

Space is limited to 100 people.

**We are especially seeking campaign managers or those key people who have a candidate’s ear on the issues**

To purchase a ticket ($5.00 each), go to the secure link below.

Use the comment “LB SC 42” and an email.

Once your ticket is purchased, the Zoom link will be emailed to you.

**INVITE your neighbors to watch the webinar with you!**

No one wants to lose their voice via their vote!

Deadline for purchase is 3/31/22

Ticket purchase link:

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