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Fireworks Stand Robbery Ends in Clerk’s Own Pyrotechnic Display from His Gun

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Published on: January 1, 2015

An unnamed employee of Best Fireworks Stand (which sells the popular Black Cat Fireworks) near Houston, Texas put on a little fireworks display for a couple of would be robbers after one of them pulled a gun on him.

According to local ABC affiliate KATY, police were called around 9:30pm on Tuesday.

As the clerk was closing up for the night two men pulled up in a green Ford Mustang. One of the men exited the car, approached the clerk, pulled out a gun and pointed it at him and demanded money.

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According to owner Richard Treichel, “They told him we want the money and he tried to talk him out of it, so he said ‘I have to go to this little room and get the money’.”

Apparently this is where the music for “Crooks are stupid, crooks are really dumb!” is played, as the clerk retrieved his own gun and began firing at the robber.

According Sgt. Scott Ashmore, the robber was hit multiple times in the face, wrist and back. He was rushed to the hospital via airlift and was in critical condition.

Ashmore also said that he believes the men had been involved in other robberies.

“I understand he robbed at least two other places tonight and shot at the complainants,” said Sgt. Scott Ashmore. “Tonight, he robbed this fireworks stand… and the owner of the establishment was armed and got into a shootout with the suspect.”

The second man was able to escape the scene and police are searching for him. Harris County Sheriff’s Office ask you to contact them if you have any information on this individual.

Once again, a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. These stories rarely make it in the main stream media during gun confiscation (yes, that is really what “gun control” is all about) debates, but they should. These are the kinds of stories on a local level that build up to those on the national level.

Defending one’s self, family and neighbors against criminals is the first step to understanding that when governments become criminal and tyrannical, it is important that the people be armed in order to stave off such tyranny. Additionally, our Constitution speaks of the militia which is armed for the repelling and invasion from a foreign enemy is a proper use of arms, along with putting down insurrections. Our founders didn’t have a problem with citizens being armed to the teeth, but that’s because they desired liberty. Tyrants are the ones that despise free men bearing arms. Keep that in mind the next time a politician wants to restrict your ability to obtain weapons.

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