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First They Killed The Babies – Now, They Have Taught The Babies to Kill themselves!

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Published on: August 1, 2020

You can learn a lot working in an ambulance. One of the things you learn is what the country is doing wrong. I could also say that you see the results of what our culture is doing. If the culture is drinking and driving, you see the mangled bodies from the car wrecks. If the culture is eating wrong, you see diabetes and heart disease. If the culture is pushing fear and hopelessness, you see the suicides. Even if you know this, some things still will surprise you. I do not know how to teach people to prepare for when children want to kill themselves. 

No matter how experienced you are at keeping someone alive medically, you still walk away wondering how you could help them emotionally. You want to convince them not to try and kill themselves after they get out of the hospital. You see, children are supposed to be riding their bikes and enjoying life, not taking bottles of pills to end their life. It is a messed up world listening to kids explain why they want to kill themselves.    

I have written multiple articles about how our culture of death, which murders babies before they are born, would bring more harm than just the murder itself. I also have written articles about how we need to not let fear destroy us by the response to COVID-19. Unfortunately, our country is doubling down on pushing fear and death to the point that the children are starting to kill themselves. Do you really think if we push a culture of killing babies before they are born, that the babies will think it is important for them to stay alive after they are born? Look around, the media and government are pushing fear endlessly. What hope is there for young people today? 

Hope that wearing a mask will keep them alive? Hope that they can go back to the way things were before the shutdown. The media and government have screamed a big no “Not now!” and maybe never to living normally again. Well, now, the children are responding to the media and government by choosing to not live at all. If you will not let them live normal, then how are you going to stop them from trading not living normal to not living at all? 

No matter how much our political people claim there are no consequences for their actions, there are. They just keep denying the consequences and we are the ones that have to try and stop the damage. At a time when governments are trying to take away the police departments, those same governments are doing things to make us need the police more than ever. After the George Floyd death, I heard a lot of people critique the ambulance people and say, “Why didn’t they do this? Why didn’t he do that?” My question for you is, what have you done to make things better?

Have you put on your face diaper and helped prove to the children they should be afraid and give up hope? Have you stayed quiet as President Trump’s CDC pushed phony COVID numbers that the media regurgitated endlessly? Have you made excuses for President Trump as the people he appointed did extreme harm to this country? Have you continued to watch the media that is getting rich pushing the fear? Have you accepted the Republicans blaming the Democrats, and supported them because you are too afraid of the Democrats to make the Republicans do what is right? 

What should I tell the other kids that try to kill themselves? Should I tell them to trust God? Well, I do trust God, and I know God is in control. The problem is that if I take the kids into most churches, they are going to see all kinds of faces covered with masks, showing that even if they say God is in control, they really believe life and death are up to them. That mask says way more than their words do. That mask shows that they are afraid of death and that the Church really does not trust God. 

It is really sad that there are children just as afraid of living as the members of the Church are afraid of dying. These kids listened to the country’s actions because they know the country’s words should not be believed. 

I refuse to participate in a culture of fear. If a store will not let me in without a mask, I will take my business elsewhere. If the government arrests me for refusing to be afraid, I will stand tall, as the Army and Air Force taught me to do. I served my country for these rights, and I will not give them up willingly. The government is going to have to take my rights by force. I will not cower in fear. The government can order me to give up my rights, but I will not obey. It is our duty to God and country to not obey unconstitutional orders. 

The next generation needs to learn boldness and bravery.  Talk will not teach it, only actions will. What are you going to do? Children are watching.  What are you teaching?        

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