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Five Evils – One Solution

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Published on: October 16, 2014

And so we have arrived: Five Evils careen forward at top speed.

CORRUPTION continues its spread among the human condition, from the most powerful men in the world to the least powerful.

The willingness to despoil has always been, but now it is on the grandest scale. Those who were willing to steal are now willing to commit mass murder for it, or to remove wealth for good, returning civilization to a medieval state of complete dependency. It’s not only that the rich grow richer, or that government continues to collude with corporation. It’s also that The Mark is being taken by many more every day. Good people are turning from goodness in order to keep buying and selling. They ignore corruption, so it grows. The elected are corrupt, but the voters keep reelecting them. There is no outcry for impeachment, no uprising of any magnitude. The sheep sleep, corrupted by the fake money and real luxuries.

SAVAGERY also continues its spread.

The Islamist becomes bolder—beheading, annexing. No mercy shall be gathered there, and it shall spread until they win or Torah wins. Savagery emboldens savagery.

In the civilized nations, radicalism grows daily. Not protests against injustice, but violence in the name of manufactured crises. Marches with Molotov cocktails in the name of slain hoodlums. In the name of unlived slavery, Twitter mobs enter stores to cause damage and harm. People are knocked out at bus stations because savage youth is bored. Fight clubs exist in formerly genteel communities. Road rage grows because driving is more aggressive, and driving is more aggressive because city planners nearly desire savagery. Bureaucrats of untold corruption manipulate society to their whim, either not understanding or not caring about human reaction.

STATISM also continues to spread.

The old guard, Russia, is on track to dominate through ideology once again. The new guard, China, has already dominated through capitalist expansion, but we know their ultimate plan is to pull out the rug from under. Communism is a ruse meant to exploit the idealism of youth and the emotions of the weak-minded. It is power coalescing from fear.

Likewise, the caliphate is at least a concept that has captured the imagination of Muslims and jihadists everywhere, including among disgruntled Christians and frightened atheists. Sharia is not for humanity, but is slavery to power under fear of the scimitar.

Naturally, only the statism of Torah is permissible under God, being the first Law, and indisputably the root of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But the ambitions of men have diluted, tortured, and perverted Torah so that Judaism is too weak and assimilative, Christianity is too arrogant and dismissive, and Islam is likewise arrogant in its implementation. Savagery and corruption cannot uphold statism.

CRIME continues to spread, as well.

The crimes of corruption, savagery, and statism are many, but there is also a growing mindset to join power. If not geopolitical power, many fatherless boys join gangs and cartels, eager for a little cash, and fun in exploitation. It matters not anymore for conscience. Sex slavery, drug mule, kidnapping – this and more has no effect on their heart. And, as always, mafias control several key industries, and power in government.

HEDONISM, too, continues to spread.

The culture of death expands daily. People enjoy not only their slow death in opiates, alcohol, and pills, but also their quick death in supporting assisted suicide, unnecessary wars, and open borders which are invitations for terrorists, criminals, and diseases. They smoke their herbs and sniff their aerosols while the other evils run rampant over them. They abort, then deny the life they snuffed for their own life. They don’t care that Monsanto admits to stealing land by permitting their trespassing seed to blow onto unsuspecting farms, or that the food grown from these seeds can transmute the body. They desire the transmutation from human to the unknown species which requires the altered food, water, air, light, and other things the elite demand be changed.

The human thus transmuted desires not Law, that bonding of society through mutual assent of boundaries, but every form of taboo. They desire unnatural sex, unnatural bodies, and the permission to be wicked. The strictness of religion is, to them, bad, but radical paganism and open witchery to them is, if not good, at least not wrong.

THE SOLUTION, TORAH, is ignored.

While Christians believe that the world hates Jesus Christ, the truth is the world hates Torah, the Law of God, which Jesus taught and lived. The homosexuals have no choice but to hate Torah, or to destroy the passages they hate, thus mutilating the law. The criminals have no choice but to hate the Law. Statists must oppose the Law of God in order to establish themselves as the lawgivers, as God. Savagery opposes Torah, the Law, because it reins in their murder and anarchy. Corruption must oppose Torah because it puts an end to injustice, unequal weights and measures, and other forms of slavery used against the people. The poor and weak do not realize that Torah is their salvation, for it compels the strong to act in ways that benefit all.

CHRISTIANS MUST ACCEPT TORAH if this world is to be saved.

There are not enough Jews, and certainly not enough Torah Jews, to make the difference. Only 2 billion Christians exerting the Law of God can reverse the complete takeover of the Beast. Acceptance of Jesus is a good start, and helps you to find your own salvation, but it does not save the world.

It is a shame that, from the start, Christians have been taught to avoid anything Jewish, as if Torah is harmful. If Torah is harmful, why did Jesus perform it completely? If Torah is harmful, why did Jesus say, “Whoever teaches the least commandment shall be called greatest in heaven”?

Christians who fight against Torah are mainly hedonists who fear giving up certain pleasures of food and relationship, hedonists who fight against Torah because they believe their freedom is more important than society, more important than the Word of God. Their idea of Jesus is someone who saves them from Torah, when in fact Jesus is someone who saves from sin, and sin is the breaking of Torah commandments, which is why the church teaches we are all sinners who cannot keep the whole Law. While that is true, it is not an excuse to give up trying, especially since Jesus was no example of such surrender, but completely lawful in Torah, for the doctrine says he was sinless.

If Jesus had the attitude of today’s Christian, he would have done as he pleased, teaching sin. In such case, he would not be worthy of praise, and the Pharisees wouldn’t have needed any false witnesses against him.

BUT ENOUGH PREACHING! The necessity of the world at this time is the perfection of Torah, God’s Law, the Law which Christ believed and lived. It is evident, and the time is come to bring that hegemony and kingdom to this planet.

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