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Flashback: Trump Admin Seeks To Build “New Liberal Order” In “Traditions Of Our Great Democracy” To Prevent War & Achieve “Greater Prosperity” (Video)

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Published on: February 22, 2020

Two years ago, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke to the German Marshall Fund institute in Brussels and declared that the Trump administration was seeking to build a new global “liberal order” under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

However, so that the context is not lost, one must understand that Pompeo tipped his hat to the late President George H. W. Bush, who sought a New World Order.

Pompeo said he would “be enormously remiss” if he didn’t pay a “well-deserved tribute” to the 41st president.

A well-deserved tribute?  This is the man who said, “Read my lips, no new taxes,” and then proceeded to raise taxes.  This the man that called for a New World Order.  This is the man tied to Skull and Bones.  This is the man that some believe was tied to the JFK assassination and Mike Pompeo believes he needed to provide a “well-deserved tribute”?  Give me a break.

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But hey, take a look for yourself.

While Pompeo, at the time, then led into speaking about Trump, which obviously tied his next comments to Bush and his New World Order comments.

“The first two years of the Trump administration demonstrate President Trump is not undermining these institutions nor is he abandoning American leadership. Quite the opposite. In the finest traditions of our great democracy, we are rallying the noble nations of the world to build a new liberal order that prevents war and achieves greater prosperity for all.”

OK, so Trump is not abandoning the institutions of America nor American leadership, but the opposite?

And then Pompeo goes on to make the ridiculous claim that we have the “finest traditions of our great democracy.”

Where is he getting that from?

We are a republic and our Constitution guarantees a republican form of government, not a democracy!

However, notice the catch and tie into Bush with the rallying cry of the nations to  build “a new liberal order.”

“This American leadership allowed us to enjoy the greatest human flourishing in modern history,” the secretary of state said. “We won the cold war. We won the peace. With no small measure of George HW Bush’s effort, we reunited Germany. This is the type of leadership that President Trump is boldly reasserting.”

“After the cold war ended, we allowed this liberal order to begin to corrode,” he continued.  “Multilateralism has too often become viewed as an end unto itself. The more treaties we sign, the safer we supposedly are. The more bureaucrats we have, the better the job gets done.”

Of course, the claims are that there will be peace and prosperity, but there is no call to repentance.  There is no call to the foundations of America or the God who established us when the Pilgrims arrived and established government.  There is just a call for a liberal order.

The call is Marxist to the core in that it is not founded upon morality, which is based upon God’s moral law, but rather upon economies.

Justice is the one thing that continues to allude this administration:  From not prosecuting corrupt politicians to releasing convicted criminals, the American people are simply not being given justice which would re-establish our finest tradition, which is upholding the law.

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