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Florida: As Cops Tell Residents To Shoot Suspect In Manhunt, Police Mistake Man For Suspect, Put Him In Hospital

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Published on: September 28, 2021

Callahan, FL — Currently in Florida, there is a $54,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Patrick McDowell, an ex-Marine who is on the run after allegedly killing a sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop. The area is on high alert as Nassau County sheriff Bill Leeper urged them on Monday to kill McDowell if he comes near their home.

“Blow him out the door,” Leeper told residents of the “rabid animal” who shot deputy Joshua Moyers on Sunday.

Mr Leeper said: “If you’re in a home, and he breaks in your home and you have a gun, blow him out the door. Because he’s like a rabid animal. He will kill you.”

McDowell, according to the Florida Times-Union, has a history of depression, seizures and post-traumatic stress syndrome, and had previously been committed for psychiatric help. Described as a weapons and survival expert, locals who know him, agree that he is extremely dangerous.

“He’s very much a survivalist and he’s been military trained on survival and weapons use. So he’s very accomplished at survival and being unrecognized,” Del Angelo, a weapons instructor who trained McDowell when he worked as a security guard told WJXT News.

Hundreds of officers from surrounding departments have joined in on the search and like previous manhunts in which cops are looking for a cop killer, many of these officers have disregarded the safety of innocent citizens in the heat of the moment.

Matthew Thompson, an innocent man who lives in the search area, found this out the hard way on Sunday when he was beaten within an inch of his life and hospitalized. Thompson, who like other residents is on alert that there is a killer loose in his town, had been on the look out for McDowell when he and his uncle were burning yard debris.

Thompson says he went outside to check the fire Sunday evening, when he was swarmed by cops and savagely beaten. For good measure the 10 cops who pounced on Thompson also released a dog that mauled the innocent man’s arm.

“Next thing I know I had a dog on my arm and about 10 cops beating me up,” Thompson told First Coast News.

After they beat him, Thompson was kidnapped but he was so badly injured that police could not bring him to jail. He was brought to the hospital instead where he would stay for the next two days. His ear was torn during the beating. He also suffered multiple lacerations to his face and has multiple broken ribs.

Instead of apologizing to Thompson and his family, Nassau County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Ashley Spicer released a statement claiming Thompson “fit the description” of McDowell — a white man with a beard and tattoos — so deputies attacked him when they thought they saw him run and hide in a van.

“They accused me of being in the van and stuff,” Thompson said. “Then they finally found out the truth and turned me loose at the hospital. They took the handcuffs off me and told me to leave.”

Amazingly enough, Thompson is still rooting for the cops.

“I hope they catch the guy to be honest with you because he will hurt more people, innocent people. It don’t matter. I believe he will hurt anybody,” said Thompson.

As stated above, cops in a manhunt often times disregard innocent lives in search of someone who’d dare attack police. As we reported before, at 5 am on February 27, 2013, Emma Hernandez and her daughter, Margie Carranza, narrowly escaped with their lives as a gang of thugs fired over 100 bullets into their vehicle without warning. As glass flew, cutting into Carranza, Hernandez instinctively used her body as a shield to protect her daughter from the unexpected hail of bullets — suffering two gunshot wounds to her back, one of which narrowly missed the woman’s spine in the process.

When gunfire finally ceased, the shocked and traumatized women were ordered to exit their pickup truck by their would-be murderers — eight Los Angeles Police officers.

“Why did you shoot at us?” Hernandez demanded. Rather than offer an apology — or even render first aid — the officers who had just peppered the women’s vehicle and the Torrance neighborhood with 107 bullets refused any explanation and simply summoned paramedics.

Without provocation or even bothering with verifying the identities of the vehicle’s occupants — just like they did with Thompson — those LAPD officers inexplicably assumed the two Hispanic women, 71-year-old Hernandez and her daughter, were actually one 33-year-old African-American male — Christopher Dorner.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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