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Florida Commission On Ethics Receives Complaint Against Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno From Former Sheriff

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Published on: August 19, 2019

On Saturday, in an exclusive report, I informed the public that former sheriff of Lee County Rodney Shoap was scheduled to file a formal complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics against current then-Governor Rick Scott-appointed Sheriff Carmine Marceno, a man who fraudulently and feloniously presented himself as an officer of the law in the state of Florida for nearly 16 years.  However, the complaint was pursuant to Marceno’s abuse of power in the case of Deanna Williams and on behalf of other women in the state that Marceno has sought to pressure into sexual relationships.  On Monday, Sheriff Shoap filed the complaint via registered mail.

The complaint was mailed via registered mail to the Florida Commission on Ethics in reference to an investigation conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Office of Executive Investigations (OEI) against appointed Sheriff Carmine Marceno.

According to Shoap, “During (OEI)’s investigation the investigators took a statement from Ms. Deanna Williams in reference to the following:

1.  Ms. Williams went to the Sheriff’s Office Economic Crimes Unit to file a criminal complaint and request an investigation,
2.  While Ms. Williams was filing her complaint with LCSO Detectives Undersheriff Marceno interjected himself into the investigation,
3.  Undersheriff Marceno contacted Ms. Williams off duty and a subsequent relationship between Undersheriff Marceno and Ms. Williams came to be while she was still a reporting victim of a crime,
4.  In her statement, Ms. Williams gave information relating to her being dated by Undersheriff Marceno in his unmarked Lee County Sheriff’s Office police vehicle which automatically would place him in an on-duty status,
5.  In her statement, Ms. Williams gave information relating to her having sexual intercourse with Undersheriff Marceno in that unmarked Lee County Sheriff’s Office vehicle on multiple occasions,
6.  In her statement, Ms. Williams gave information that photographs and possible videos were taken of her and Undersheriff Marceno having sexual intercourse in the vehicle and at his residence, all while she was a reporting victim of a crime, and
7.  In her statement, Ms. Williams gave information that other women she knew had also dated Undersheriff Marceno and similar behaviors were discussed.”
The issue the former sheriff of Lee County has with what took place previously is the very issue that I had when I wrote on the issue and called out local news outlet WINK for failing to dig into the issue rather than simply rubber stamp the obvious laziness and corruption of FDLE.
Shoap says the issues he has in all of this are the following:
1.  This behavior, if true, is inappropriate and a violation of Florida State Statutes,
2.  Other law enforcement officers, including former members of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, have been disciplined and lost their law enforcement certificates for such an act,

3.  The FDLE (OEI)  investigators didn’t ask important questions to follow-up during the interview about pictures, videos, other victims and witnesses, etc.

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“It is my position to ask the Ethics Commission to intervene with a full and proper investigation and to prepare a report detailing all information readily available for public view,” Shoap said.  “And, if any violations are found of Florida law, refer them to a criminal agency having competent jurisdiction for prosecution. If not, clear the air so the citizens of this county can know the facts and move forward. As a former resident of Lee County, Florida; a person with friends and family that live in this jurisdiction; and, as a person who often visits this jurisdiction I feel compelled to make the area the safest it can be for all who live, work and visit Lee County, Florida. This wish for safety extends to reporting victims of crimes as well.”

Here is Sheriff Shoap’s accompanying letter to his complaint.

Complaint to FL Ethics Comm… by Tim Brown on Scribd

Here is Sheriff Shoap’s formal complaint to the Florida Commission on Ethics:

Formal Complaint filed agai… by Tim Brown on Scribd

Here’s Mr. Shoap’s 6-page report that will be accompanying his letter to the Florida Commission on Ethics.

Formal Complaint and Reques… by Tim Brown on Scribd

This is about to make headline news considering that “conservatives” such as Ted Nugent, Shaquille O’Neil, and Sean Hannity have supported Carmine Marceno in the office he is in. It isn’t going to be pretty, but it hasn’t been pretty for Deanna Williams and others.  Furthermore, Governor Ron DeSantis has distanced himself from Marceno but has failed to act according to the information provided concerning not only crimes against Ms. Williams but also violations of Florida state law by Marceno in his impersonating a police officer for over a decade in the state.

Meanwhile, Ms. Williams continues to need support via her GoFundMe page, which can by reach by clicking here.

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