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Florida Judge Removes Children From Moms Who Don’t Wear Masks & Commit No Crime

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Published on: March 4, 2021

America, you had better wake up and pay attention! This story out of Florida carried by National File should signal to you that something is very wrong in this country.

Broward County Circuit Court Judge Dale Cohen has repeatedly suspended parental timesharing arrangements for mothers who have been caught not wearing masks, according to interviews with parents and stunning audio and court documents obtained by NATIONAL FILE.

Cohen, who was originally appointed by Jeb Bush, indefinitely suspended parental timesharing for Melanie Joseph when he heard that she was seen in a photograph on social media not wearing a mask. Joseph said that she was merely trying to take a break from the mask. Joseph later made an agreement with heavy restrictions (including mandatory vaccinations and a mandate that her asthmatic 14-year old son must wear a mask) to get limited timesharing back. Judge Cohen also completely cut off timesharing for a mother of a less than 2-year-old child when a court filing accused the mom of consistently not wearing a mask and photo evidence showed her not social distancing at the beach.

Listen to the interview.

My attorney said the judge already made it clear to my friend you will not see your son, just to stick it to me even more,” Melanie Joseph told NATIONAL FILE after she finally signed an agreement to get limited time with her 14-year old son who has asthma but still must wear a mask during visits.

The judge hates me. He feels that I am a COVID denier, and an anti-masker,” Joseph said. “My four other children have been suffering from not being able to see their brother,” Joseph added. “They’ve been mourning him all year.”

Judge Dale Cohen also completely cut off parental timesharing for another mother who was accused in court of consistently not wearing a mask, and photographed not social distancing at the beach. That mother eventually made an agreement that came with a gag order.

Ms. Joseph committed no crime. Yet, she is being punished as though she is a criminal by having her parental rights to her child curtailed because of an out-of-control man sitting on a judicial bench. Moreover, her son, who has asthma that would prevent him from wearing a mask due to health reasons, is being “ordered” to don a face diaper, potentially jeopardizing his health, just to be able to visit with his mother. Judge Dale Cohen also “ordered” both to get an experimental injection that has been shown to injure and kill individuals receiving the jab. Moreover, he has placed a hardship on the mother to even visit with her child. Is this just over failing to file papers when moving? Based on the judge’s response, not hardly.

Does anyone see what is going on here? First, individuals and fathers are using the court system to “sanction” these mothers for exercising their own good judgment where their own children are concerned. Second, these individuals are jeopardizing children’s mental, physical, emotional and social well-being by having a judge separate them from their mothers. To separate an almost 2-year-old child from its mother is cruel and thoughtless. Third, this judge is abusing his power by usurping the law. Neither of these mothers committed a crime or endangered their child. Executive orders on masks, social distancing and experimental injections are not law. Judge Dale Cohen imposed his personal preferences upon others when he should be adjudicating according to the law. To add insult to injury, this is a judge appointed by the “party” of Donald Trump – you know, the man that most Americans in that party idolize.

This type of activity goes back to June of 2020. In Los Angeles, the Department of Family and Children’s Services is recommending a child be removed from the parents because the parent “tested positive for coronavirus” – whatever that means these days since these tests are not diagnostic in nature, are fatally flawed, and produce a high number of false-positive results. According to National File, “This case is not unusual as government agencies nationwide seek to strip rights from law-abiding citizens during the Coronavirus pandemic.”

The lawyer for this parent, Christopher Arash Borzi, tweeted:

Remember hair salon owner Lindsey Graham in Salem, Oregon? She accused Child Protective Services of “questioning her children in a politically motivated targeting operation”.

Meanwhile, Washington State is advertising for Child Protective Service workers to volunteer to “supervise children in quarantine centers during the coronavirus outbreak”.

Washington state’s Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCFY, also known as “CPS” for “Child Protective Services”) posted a job listing for existing CPS workers to volunteer to supervise children in quarantine centers during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The job posting states: “DCYF is seeking current DCYF employees in King, Snohomish, and Benton counties to volunteer to supervise and support children and youth in Emergency Quarantine Centers. While this is a voluntary effort, you will be compensated four ranges (approximately 20%) above you current base salary while performing these duties, and return to your normal position and salary once concluded. We are looking for current DCYF Social Service Specialist 3’s to care for children who are either COVID-19 positive, or who may have been exposed to COVID-19. There are three locations…”

One of the listed locations, Cedar Springs Camp, clarified that they were falsely listed by the state of Washington as a quarantine center, and they asked the state to remove them. The job posting closed on May 11.

Responding to social media uproar, the Washington state’s DCYF put out a clarifying statement that the ad was only referring to children currently in the system. But their clarifying statement contradicts itself, at first stating that the quarantined children will be kids who have tested positive, and then stating that quarantined children will also be kids who may have been exposed to Coronavirus.

DCYF’s clarifying statement reads: “In light of some concerns from the public regarding two recent job postings by the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF), the agency would like to clarify the intent of these job listings and address misinformation spreading as a result of the job description.

The job postings targeted current staff interested in Social Service Specialist 3 and Social Service Specialist 5 positions. The post prematurely included sites of potential locations in the community where we could house children in our legal care and authority who’ve tested positive for COVID-19 in the event that a placement home was not available. The facilities listed are not affiliated with DCYF and had not signed off on this job listing.

The listings have since been taken down to avoid further confusion.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, DCYF began internal recruitment of social service specialists to care for foster children who are either COVID-19 positive or may have been exposed to COVID-19 in the event a placement home was not available.

To clarify, those facilities that ultimately open their doors to this effort would only house State-dependent children and youth in out-of-home care who due to being COVID positive or COVID exposed do not currently have a foster home available. These facilities are for this limited scope and not considered quarantine centers or intended for the general public.”

There are other cases reported during the same time in South Florida and Oklahoma. It is well known that Child Protective Services under the Department of Family and Children Services engage in nefarious activities regarding children, including removing children from homes because of “political targeting”. Reports have surfaced regarding sexual abuse of children, child trafficking, money incentivizing for “rapid adoptions” out from under the parents, as well as other infringements detrimental to children. CONvid-19 is affording these agencies more opportunities to expand the system.

Guess what, friends? These are some of the consequences of unquestioning compliance. It is the consequences of misplaced trust, failing to do your own research, and surrendering to fear, intimidation, and veiled threats. It’s past time to end this.

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