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Florida Road Rage between Driver and Motorcyclist Turns to a Fist Fight and a Woman Pulling a Gun! (Video)

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Published on: April 25, 2016

In a recent video that is going viral on social media, a helmet cam from a Florida motorcyclist captures the moment when a BMW changed lanes without signaling, almost crashing into a motorcyclist who was riding with friends. The motorcyclist appears to hit the BMW with his fist as it comes over in his lane. However, the driver of the BMW caught up with him and that’s when things turned ugly.

The driver of a BMW confronted several riders at a stop light near Tampa Bay last week. It was not a smart thing to do.

Attempting to tell the motorcycle riders to stay where they were, apparently so that he could call the police, the riders climbed back on their bikes telling him, “No.” He then stood in front of the bike in order to prevent the man from driving away.

That’s when the video captures another motorcyclist who parked his bike on the side of the road and was walking back to see what was going on. He confronts the driver and then pushes him. Two other motorcycle riders then got off their bikes and surrounded the man as well.

The driver continued to mouth off at the motorcyclists and that’s when one of the men hit him in the face, followed by another blow from another man.

Once they knocked him to the ground on the busy street, a woman emerges from inside the car screaming and pointing a gun at the three men. However, they turn and get on their bikes to leave, but the man just doesn’t learn his lesson and gets up and continues to try and stand in front of the bike.

As one who has been a motorcycle owner, I can tell the riders were simply out for a nice day riding together. Sure, they may have been driving faster than the speed limit, but the driver of the BMW obviously was not looking at what he was doing and failed to signal. He could have injured or killed the motorcyclist. Smacking the car actually seems appropriate given his time to respond. This is a huge problem for motorcyclists and people just don’t take the extra time to look for motorcycles. Therefore, those who ride have to pay far more attention to traffic than a person driving a car.

However, the driver of the BMW speeding up in order to pursue the motorcyclist would also put him further in trouble and then being so stupid as to confront three riders, well, what can I say? It was just a dumb move that wasn’t thought out because he was acting out of anger.

As for the woman getting out of the vehicle and pointing the gun, while many states will not allow another person to assume the rights of someone else, in my home state we are allowed to do that. The fact that there was three against one would also be a factor for the use of deadly force. However, it doesn’t seem this woman was really in control and appeared to be hysterical.

Clearly, this incident should have ended with the pounding of the BMW by the motorcyclist for the error of the driver. It didn’t, and the driver just didn’t know when to quit.

The video above was posted by a YouTuber who claims that it was submitted to him anonymously.

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