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FOIA Email Requests Expose Fraud, Criminality & Corruption Of Fauci, But Not For The Right Reasons

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Published on: June 2, 2021

Whether he realizes it or not, Anthony S. Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), has maneuvered himself into being designated as “America’s biggest liar”, rivaling Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah. While Hussein Soebarkah told lots of lies, the big whoppers belong to Anthony “Falsie” Fauci. According to an article at NOQ Report, an Freedom of Information Act request revealed Fauci as inept, corrupt, and willing to ignore Chinese Communist Party “coverup”.

JD Rucker reported for NOQ Report:

Dr. Anthony Fauci is heralded by most on the left and even many on the right as a hero, a brilliant medical mind who saved this nation from a much worse fate than we’ve experienced so far from Covid-19. The reality that some have known for a while is that we have persevered through the pandemic and associated lockdowns in spite of Fauci’s unambiguous ineptitude.

A Freedom of Information Act request and separate lawsuit have revealed damning information about Fauci’s handling of the pandemic. It’s unfortunate that they were first revealed by the Washington Post and Buzzfeed because these leftist organizations are part of the progressive cult that has placed and kept Fauci on a pedestal. They continue to do so even in the face of clear corruption and absolute failures on Fauci’s part. They both take whatever shots they can at President Trump while downplaying just how poorly Fauci handled his own role. Nevertheless, even their fawning cannot save Fauci from the truth.

We’ll start with a discover by The National Pulse. As Natalie Winter reported, Fauci thought a detailed warning from a respected PhD physicist was too long for him to read:

Private emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request reveal him ignoring warnings from a PhD physicist about trusting the Chinese Communist Party’s COVID-19 data.

Too long for me to read,” Fauci wrote in response to an email from Dr. Erik Nilsen, a published PhD physicist and CEO of neuroscience research company Bio-Signal.

And while Fauci may not have had time to read the email outlining Chinese Communist Party (CCP) manipulation of COVID-19 data, he has found time to author a book about his “life philosophy”, promote children’s books pushing COVID-19 vaccines, and even deliver commencement addresses at controversial universities conducting gain-of-function research.

A copy of the email can be viewed at the source article, while the entire FOIA request documents can be viewed here. Currently, there are over 3200 emails to analyze.

Dr. Eric Nilson revealed the COVID-19 death counts China was reporting to the world were in fact fraudulent. Nilsen wrote:

I’m confident that China stop counting dead COVID-19 infected bodies since —January 7 2020. They’ve been adding fabricated data daily to show (to save face) the world and their own people an impressive flattening of China outbreak curve. It’s easy to prove this via data analysis because, for example, improbable coincidences occurred in much of the data. My suspicions were eventually confirmed by at least two of my sources in China [REDACTED]. The data posted by China is not only garbage, it has misled the world into a false sense of security wrt death rate, age vs death, and other things; that is, if people analyzed the world’s data including China, the results are heavily biased towards nonsense, because China’s number of cases accounted for the majority of cases worldwide (until a day or so ago).

The number of body bags my contacts told me about about, even after short 15-minutes walk to/from grocery stores in one city during CCP-authorized time slots, suggest the number of deaths is several orders of magnitude larger than what China’s posted data indicates. Also, everyone I know in China continues to be in lock down (-6+ weeks now), and several went “silent” since about a week ago. This greatly troubles me because those who went silent live in Wuhan. And, yesterday, the CCP revoked permits/license for several Foreign reporters who were trying to learn about about the situation in Wuhan and other parts of China. Several of my sources have told me, in coded language, that the situation in at least Wuhan is not under control at all.

We can probably agree the numbers coming out of China were fraudulent, but not in the way Nilsen indicated to Fauci. China’s reports, courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party, to the world were in all probability fraudulent. It was discovered the “virus” has never been purified, isolated or proven to exist, the genome was coded on a computer, the gold standard methods for scientific investigation – Koch’s and Rivers’ postulates – were abandoned, treatment plans for the still unidentified illness were never developed, death counts and cases were inflated according to guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control, and cases were defined based on an inappropriate non-diagnostic test that positive results could be easily manipulated, having one symptom, or coming in contact with someone diagnosed using one of the other two methods without the contact individual having any symptoms. Has China ever been known to be truthful, honest, and/or reliable?

So, Fauci’s ineptitude, corruption and criminality centered around engaging in a conspiracy to perpetrate a false pandemic to drive profits of Big Pharma, himself, and others while negating actual treatments for an unidentified illness or misinterpreted illness by pushing the world’s population toward an experimental mRNA gene-altering therapy injection, which will be the driving technology for all “vaccines” going forward.

Nilsen’s email, dated March 18, 2020, went on to identify several “treatments” for what has been named COVID-19, including Hydroxychloroquine and Alvesco (ciclesonide). Nilsen also explained the actions of each. Yet, Fauci claimed his email was “too long to read” or TLDR (too long didn’t read). But, even before that Fauci was engaged in parroting the WHO narrative – COVID-19 was not transmissible between humans and risk to the American public was low. All the while, Fauci, through the National Institute of Health, NIAID office, was funding gain of function research at the Wuhan lab in China. So began the incessant string of lies coming from the mouth of “Falsie” Fauci, who was aiding and abetting the WHO, CDC, China, and other conspirators to foist a fake pandemic upon the people.

NOQ report did have this to say:

Journalists have been scouring the emails for additional bombshells and they’re clearly producing. We’re not just talking about the standard missteps that have created an atmosphere of destitution and fear across the country. What we’re finding is a willful attempt to do damage control at every turn, not for the sake of the nation but for the advancement of a cause. Fauci and others stoked fear to promote an agenda and took advantage of it whenever possible.

The damage control referenced was not covering the release of a man-made or man-altered virus either intentionally or accidentally from a lab in China conducting NIAID funded Frankenstein research. It was controlling the narrative set forth by the conspirators to convince the population to take an experimental mRNA gene-altering therapy injection based on fraud and lies.

Interventions initiated in China, adopted by the WHO and pushed by Fauci, were not based in any science by any stretch of the imagination. Those interventions, which many Americans chose to follow based on recommendations, lies, edicts, and deceit, were geared toward an agenda to destroy the united States of America, its people, its economy, and its currency. Look at the fallout and say that isn’t true. Whether people want to recognize it or not, these experimental mRNA gene-altering therapy injections are kill shots, but it will take some time for many to realize it. When the dead bodies start piling up, people in denial will realize the truth and fear will set in because of having taken the shot.

Fauci got everything wrong intentionally; yet, he is still employed, still paraded before the camera as some kind of expert, worshiped by idolators, and working feverishly to keep the scam going. It’s evident by his various nicknames – “flip flop Fauci”, “Fraudci”, and “Falsie” to name a few.

Read the emails obtained through the FOIA request at your leisure. Do analyze these documents through the lens that the “virus” has not been proven to exist since it has not been isolated, purified or verified to cause illness. Ask questions, particularly, surrounding the way the CDC changed the way of counting deaths and “cases”, just for this one illness; why inexpensive treatments for whatever illness this is was actively squashed and doctors censored/sanctioned for promoting those treatments; and, why actual scientific studies proving non-pharmaceutical measures do not work, are devastating due to associated consequences, and actually promote psychosis were stifled in favor of junk, fraudulent scientific studies. Ask why there has been a push toward experimental injections. While you may not like the answers, always remember, sometimes the truth is painful and inconvenient, but very necessary and essential.

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