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Forced Tolerance – Exactly How Does That Work?

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Published on: November 24, 2014

After reading a recent comment on Facebook by a person that was appalled after hearing a local official allegedly suggesting that “more Christians should be involved with/in Government,” (It was obvious that the person was not at the event, because I was there and the comment was not made.) I need to shed “light on the darkness.”

I find it amazing that people are running all around the place screaming “tolerance” and understanding about races, lifestyles and beliefs. However, this tolerance seems to exclude Christian beliefs.

I am a Christian man, taking a stand and giving a 110 percent effort to living a Christian lifestyle. I don’t get in people’s faces about having to “accept Christ or you’re going to Hell” because my Bible doesn’t tell me to do that. I cannot speak about what other Christians are doing. However, I can speak to how other Christians should be doing.

Christianity teaches tolerance, not acceptance. God gives everyone the right to choose and He tolerates their choices. He doesn’t accept them, but He tolerates them.

So I tolerate the ridiculous fashions our kids are wearing, the spiked hair, the tattooed 15 year olds, the young bodies that are being used as pin cushions to make a statement. Then there is the fact that young men advertise the brand of underwear they are wearing and the fact that young ladies are out to show you just how far they can get away with wearing their pants below their belly button.

Because of my beliefs, I tolerate these things. When I take a stand on a “lifestyle” issue, based on my Christian faith, I am labeled “intolerant” or “rigid.” Yet, when “alternative lifestyles” are presented at school and taught to our children in a “matter of fact” way or people swear at policemen, other adults and authority figures, I am to “tolerate” it. Otherwise, I am not being fair or open minded.

When I bring God or Jesus Christ into the conversation, then tolerance is gone. Can I pray? No, I might offend someone. However, you can recite the dirty language in a rap song out loud, even if it offends me. Can I tell young people that they should not have sex before marriage because God would like you to save yourself for your spouse? No, but I can show them how to put a condom on a banana.

I understand that a few years back a child in junior high wanted to present a science project that had “Creationism” as a theme. The student was turned down. However, when a school system up north has its children take a three-week course in which students take on an Islamic name, has to memorize a few verses of the Qur’an and chant religious sayings, I am asked to be tolerant.

Additionally, if a school teacher has a Bible opened on the desk and reading from it on their break, they can be reprimanded for it.

I am not asking for a pity party for Christians because God knows that there are some pretty dumb and ignorant Christians out there.

I just find it amazing that “Freedom of Speech” only applies to what is considered (even by “Atheists”) as vulgar music, vulgar dress, and the ability to say what you want, whenever you want, no matter how much it violates law. Unless, of course, GOD is in the conversation. Then I can’t exercise that freedom of speech on the off chance that it might offend someone. When does tolerance extend to me as a Christian?

No one can say there is no God because they just don’t know. Having said that, if you claim you don’t believe in God, then who has set up basic moral rules then what do you base right and wrong on? If it’s from your reasoning, then what about my reasoning when it differs from yours? Who decides what is right and wrong? And what gives you the right to force your logic of right and wrong on me?

In closing, our kids are confused because they have no foundation of God, love, marriage, right or wrong. We’re sending them out unprepared. It’s like expecting someone to take off in a plane without checking the fuel gauges.

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