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Former Clinton US Attorney Loretta Lynch Tapped as next Attorney General

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Published on: November 8, 2014

Loretta Lynch, a former US Attorney under President Bill Clinton and currently serving in that capacity under Barack Obama, has been tapped as the replacement for Attorney General Eric “We must brainwash people on guns” Holder.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week:

President Barack Obama’s leading choice to be the next attorney general is Loretta Lynch, the top federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, N.Y., as the White House looks to tap someone who could pass muster with the new Republican-controlled Senate, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Ms. Lynch, who is known within the Justice Department as an aggressive prosecutor and has a good relationship with departing Attorney General Eric Holder, has moved to the pole position in recent weeks, these people said. Ms. Lynch’s stock rose during the selection process, particularly after her interview with the president, these people said.

An announcement isn’t likely until the president returns from a trip to Asia in mid-November, meaning a final decision on the nomination has yet to be made, these people said. The timing indicates the White House doesn’t plan to try and get a new attorney general confirmed during the lame duck session of Congress, while Democrats still control the U.S. Senate, these people said.

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Today, the Washington Times confirmed that Obama has named her as Holder’s replacement, reporting:

President Obama on Saturday praised U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, whom he officially nominated to be the nation’s next Attorney General during a ceremony at the White House.

“It’s pretty hard to be more qualified for this job than Loretta,” Mr. Obama said. “She’s established herself as tough, fair…she has spent years in the trenches as a prosecutor.”

So, we know that she has worked closely with Eric Holder. In 2013, she was also added to Holder’s advisory committee.

At that time, she was involved in the shakedown of Citigroup by the Justice Department to the tune of $7 billion in fines for allegedly helping to trigger the 2008 financial crisis.

At that time, Lynch said, After collecting nearly 25 million documents relating to every residential mortgage-backed security issued or underwritten by Citigroup in 2006 and 2007, our teams found that the misconduct in Citigroup’s deals devastated the nation and the world’s economies, touching everyone.”

She failed to acknowledge federal government policies that “required banks to knowingly lend money to underqualified borrowers,” particularly nonwhite minorities, namely the Community Reinvestment Act.

Discover the Networks provides some additional history for Loretta Lynch:

From 1984-90, Lynch was a litigation associate for the New York-based firm of Cahill, Gordon & Reindel. From 1990-2001 she worked in various capacities for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. In 1999 President Bill Clinton appointed her as U.S. Attorney for that District, a position she held until 2001. 

In 2000, Lynch was a member of the trial team in the highly publicized United States v. Volpe civil-rights case against a New York City police officer who had brutalized a black Haitian immigrant named Abner Louima. Also during her years in the U.S. Attorney’s office, Lynch was a frequent instructor in the Justice Department’s Criminal Trial Advocacy Program, and she worked as an adjunct professor at the St. John’s University School of Law during the fall 2000 semester.

From October 1994 to January 1998, Lynch was a partner with the Connecticut-based Ujamaa Investment Group. “Ujamaa” is a Swahili term signifying a commitment to the practice of “shared wealth” and a repudiation of economic inequality. 

In 2002 Lynch began an eight-year stint as a partner with the New York law firm of Hogan & Hartson, where her practice focused on commercial litigation, white-collar criminal defense, and corporate compliance issues. From 2003-05 she served on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. 

Lynch believes that the American criminal-justice system is filled with discrimination against nonwhite minorities. In August of 2014, Lynch wrote, “The department has made great progress in reforming America’s criminal justice system. Our focus is not just on the prosecution of crime, but on eradicating its root causes as well as providing support for those re-entering society after having paid their debt to it.”

So what is her solution of “eradicating” the “root cause” of crime? Is it the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to change the wicked heart of the criminal? No. From Lynch’s perspective, an enforcement of critical race theory is what is needed. In case you have forgotten, critical race theory was developed by none other than Obama’s Harvard professor Derrick Bell. Harvard is also where Lynch graduated.

“There is, of course, much work still to be done,” she continued. “Currently our country imprisons approximately 2.2 million people, disproportionately people of color. This situation is a drain on both precious resources and human capital. The Attorney General is committed to reform of this aspect of our criminal justice system.”

Lynch has also advanced alternatives to incarceration for nonviolent offenders, as well as a restoration of voting rights for convicted felons who have served their prison sentences.

Certainly our prison system and justice system needs reform, but it should not be handled by a person that has intimate ties with a man that oversaw the violation of the Bill of Rights regarding guns in the Fast and Furious scandal, freedom of speech against Islam, freedom of the press with regards to the Associated Press and James Rosen, as well as a multitude of other criminal acts by the ironically named Justice Department. It seems like Lynch has had her hand in every cookie jar that spews forth corruption, from the Clintons to Obama to the Federal Reserve to Harvard and the promotion of critical race theory. Would anyone expect anything less from an appointee of Barack Hussein Obama?

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