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Former Indiana Clerk Suing After being fired for not issuing Sodomite “Marriage” Licenses

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Published on: July 29, 2015

There has always been the question of whose rights are more important.  If you have a person that tells you that almost any action is a right, when does that person’s rights stop when infringing on another’s rights?  It seems to have gotten to this impasse in our nation.  We have those who believe any desire they can come up with is a right, even if it removes the rights of others.  This is the situation in Indiana.

Christian News reports:

An Indiana woman who states she was fired for refusing to issue same-sex “marriage” licenses despite her Christian convictions has filed a lawsuit in federal court against her former employer.

So, how does this work?  The issue, of course, is the question of priority.  Whose rights are right?  Does the County employee have the right to refuse to obey the law because they believe such action is sin?  And now that the Supreme Court found sodomite unions are lawful and a right, whose right should be upheld over the other?

Christian News continues:    

According to a complaint filed in federal court, County Clerk Sally Whitis sent an email to employees last October after the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of a lower court ruling declaring that the state must recognize same-sex nuptials. The correspondence advised workers that the clerk’s office must now process applications for homosexuals.

“Even though it may be against your personal beliefs, we are required by state law to process their applications,” it also said. “We are only doing the paperwork and not performing their ceremony.”

Now, here is the point that she is making.  Even though we are giving the legal paperwork required to make this union a “marriage” in the eyes of the state, Christians would not be doing anything wrong.  But, is that true?  Is this simply an innocent act?  No, it is taking part in a system that has called sin righteousness.

Christian News continues:

In December, Summers was asked to process an application for a same-sex twosome, and in turn, wrote a letter to Whitis requesting a religious accommodation. She pointed to the biblical law in the Book of Leviticus and said that not only is homosexual behavior a sin, but she herself would be sinning if she processed the paperwork. Summers also advised that other co-workers had offered to process those particular documents for her.

The following day, Summers was terminated for insubordination.

And what we see in this is that there was no discussion.  Summers was not asked to comply, but after one inquiry was terminated from her position.  She was fired for insubordination, for asking to allow someone else to do the thing she felt was sin.  And here is the answer to our question.  It is the right of the unrighteous that is placed over the right of the Christian.

We are in this situation simply because we have left the true definition of law and God-given human rights.  If we leave the Law of God and His definition of right and wrong, then we have no other arbiter for recourse.  This is why the Church must once again turn back to God’s Law.  This subject I take up in my book, An Eternal Covenant Buy it at Amazon today.


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