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Former Lee County Deputy Dumps The Entire Carmine Marceno Criminal File On Florida Governor, AG & FDLE In Stunning New Letter

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Published on: October 16, 2019

The heat is coming on in the midst of what appears to be three criminal and ethics investigations into the fraud, perjury, felony actions and unethical behavior of appointed Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno,  a former Lee County Deputy has dumped the entirety of documentation against Marceno to expose his corruption and criminal activity in violation of Flordia law to Governor Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody and Commissioner Rick Swearingen of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

In a letter dated October 14, 2019, which is to be mailed on Wednesday from Tallahassee, Dr. Lee C. Bushong provides a letter, including 84 pages of documents I have been providing to the public, as well as the above mentioned for months concerning the documented evidence that Carmine Marceno committed a felony for over a decade in the Sunshine State, along with perjury and fraud.

I’ll remind you that none of the people mentioned above did really anything concerning Marceno’s conduct or crimes except to sweep them under the rug and in large part, the Southwest Florida media has been complicity in government inaction and the crimes of Marceno due to their silence in reporting the truth the people.

I’ll also remind you that Bushong actually has a doctorate, unlike the fraudulent education being perpetrated on the people of Lee County at their expense by Marceno, who spent over 12 years in college, but didn’t even obtain an Associate’s degree.

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“The Lee County Sheriff, Carmine Marceno, as a police officer for the City of Naples, Florida, a deputy sheriff in and for Collier County, Florida, and as a deputy sheriff in and for Lee County, Florida, violated the below enumerated statutes and administrative codes of the State of Florida, between 1999 and the present day,” Bushong wrote.

Bushong then listed the following violations of law that Marceno committed.

  • Count 1. §837.012 Perjury not in an official proceeding:  Carmine Marceno did make a false statement(s), which he knew not to be true, under oath, in regard to a material matter by willfully executing a CJSTC Form 68 and 76 that contained fraudulent and/or misleading information.  Forme 68 contained an affirmation that was notarized.
  • Count 2. §943.13(9) Officers’ minimum qualifications for employment or appointment:  Carmine Marceno did not complete a commission-approved basic recruit training program for law enforcement officers for the State of Florida, and did not qualify for the equivalency of training exemption.
  • Count 3. §943.13(9)(a) Carmine Marceno may have completed a comparable basic recruit training program for the applicable criminal justice discipline in another state but Marceno did not serve as a full-time sworn officer in another state for at least 1 year.
  • Count 4. §943.131(2)(a) Carmine Marceno may have completed a comparable basic recruit training program foor the applicable criminal justice discipline in another state but Marceno did not serve as a full-time sworn officer in another state for at least 1 year.
  • Count 5. Florida Administrative Code Rule 11B-27.0011  Carmine Marceno provided false statements, inaccurate statements, and/or omitted information during the employment application process that if made known, would have precluded his ability to take the officer examination under §943.13(9)(a) and §943.131(2)(a).  These instances are found on his CJSTC Form 76 and the applications to Naples PD, collier Sheriff’s Office, and Lee Sheriff’s Office.

Dr. Bushong then provided a visual so that those investigating my be able to follow the timeline of Marceno’s crimes.

He goes on to list in detail Marceno’s crimes by date and statute.

The letter and documentation are one of the best comprehensive complaints against Marceno to date, and then Bushong adds the documents that I have provided over the course of my reporting.

It also comes in a long line of complaint letters filed by former Lee County Sheriff Rod Shoap, which have produced results and investigations.

Bushong’s 84-page letter and documentation can be read below.  Everyone don’t hold your breath for a response from Marceno or Southwest Florida media to report the facts here.

Marceno Complaint No Add1 by Tim Brown on Scribd

For more documentation into Marceno and the investigation that led to uncovering his fraud, crimes and corruption in my reporting of the story of Deanna Williams, visit these previous reports.

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