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Former Lee County Sheriff to FDLE: Sheriff Carmine Marceno Has Engaged In “The Biggest Fraud Perpetrated On Police Officer Standards & Training I Have Ever Seen”

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Published on: September 14, 2019

As we continue to provide coverage of what is sure to be a national story very soon concerning Deanna Williams and the corruption and criminal actions of former Governor Rick Scott-appointed Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, another letter has been issued by former Lee County Sheriff Rodney Shoap to Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) concerning the “clear fraud” that Marceno has perpetrated not just on the residents of Lee County, but on the State of Florida and FDLE itself.

In a letter dated September 14, 2019, from former Lee County Sheriff Rod Shoap to FDLE, he writes:

“In August of 2019 I sent you a letter requesting an Ethics investigation into the conduct of Sheriff Carmine Marceno,” Shoap wrote.  “I am now writing to request a further investigation into the Florida Law Enforcement Certification of Sheriff Marceno.”

Shoap added that in his investigation of the documents, Marceno had engaged in “the biggest fraud perpetrated on Police Officer Standards & Training (POST) that I have ever seen.”

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Sheriff Shoap spoke about the evidence on a special Saturday edition of Setting Brushfires, but also included the information in his letter.

Shoap listed the following:

  1. Carmine Marceno’s CJSTC form 76.  The highlighted areas point out that Marceno was employed by the Suffolk County Police as a Police Officer for (1) full year.
  2. Carmine Marceno’s Article 15 membership registration into the New York Retirement System.  This clearly shows Marceno was a “Part-Time Seasonal” employee;
  3. Carmine Marceno’s payroll sheet for the time period: 5/26/99 thru 12/08-/00.  On line 09/01/99 it is marked “Remains of P/T Money 3742.  Obviously a part time employee paid out of that line item; and.
  4. Carmine Marceno’s Lee County, Florida Sheriff’s Office employment application “Employment History” page.  Notice 6 entries for previous employment for previous employment and on 5 of the entries Marceno makes a check in the box full or part time.  However, in the box for Suffolk County Park Police Marceno leaves the box blank.

Additionally, Shoap, as a seasoned investigator with over 30 years in public safety experience, including being a former sheriff of Lee County, a former Police Chief for the City of Crossville, Tennessee, and a former Magistrate for the General Sessions Court in Maury County, Tennessee, he has seen his share of crimes, including fraud.

However, in his opinion, Sheriff Shoap wrote, “…this, in my opinion, FRAUD is the most blatant, rub it in the face of the system I have ever seen.”

He goes on to write that John Brown from the St. Petersburg Junior College has acknowledged that his signature is on Form 76, but that he does not recall Carmine Marceno nor the documents provided, which is understandable considering it happened 20 years ago.  That was confirmed by FOX4’s Jane Monreal.

However, the Police Academy only retains the records for five years while other agencies and documents are retained for 25 or even 50 years.

“We do know that Marceno knew the rules which is why he was at the Police Academy texting,” wrote Shoap.  “So regardless of the correctness of this form Marceno’s use of the form 76 to gain certification is a clear fraud.”

Shoap also pointed to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office application submitted by Marceno as the “most telling piece of evidence,” since he clearly left the part-time/full-time box unanswered while all the others were.

“In my opinion,” writes Shoap, “Marceno clearly knew if he marked the full-time box himself he would be subject to Perjury charges and not hired.  If he marked the part-time box he knew he would be subject to losing his certification.”

“This evidence is overwhelming against Sheriff Marceno and I am writing on behalf of myself and every law enforcement officer in the United States of America who has worked diligently to follow the rules and always do the right thing,” Shoap concludes.  “This is a slap in the face and a sure case of Perjury, Fraud, Theft and the list goes on.  Knowing that his certification is a fraud, every time Marceno wears the uniform and gun he commits the crime of “impersonating an Officer.”

That is the very conclusion I came to in the middle of my reports as well.

Finally, Shoap called on FDLE to investigate Marceno further and remove his certificate immediately and refer him for criminal investigation.

Absolutely!  Now, we’ll see if FDLE actually does their job in this matter unlike they previously failed to do in the complaint filed by Deanna Williams.

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